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I take a seat on the office chair in front of his table, looking down at my blank sketchbook before looking up at him. "That took a while, the toilet's just out there. Didn't know Daddy made you so wet." He jokes. "Oh, ha ha. I went downstairs and it's not my fault. I couldn't help but eavesdrop on the disgusting staff talking about my boyfriend." I bite back before thinking about it. My cheeks burn pink before looking down, boyfriend. He chuckles and doesn't say anything else which automatically makes my mind race with thoughts.

"I have my music lesson in 20 minutes." I look down at my half finish drawing of him though it's all messy because he wouldn't stay still. "I'll drop you off. We can go get ice-cream too." He smiles at me. I give a small smile back. I don't think he heard me call him my boyfriend. Was he my boyfriend? We've done things that people in relationships do but he hasn't asked me out.. maybe British people don't ask people out? But maybe he's just scared to?

I stop making excuses to keep my mind sane, I'm not stupid. It's funny to think that such an academically smart girl can get so stupid when liking someone. (A/n, honestly me. i get dumber than i already am when i like a boy. sound like you or nah?)

I look up to see him focused on his work, he looks so handsome, his jawline sharp enough to cut me open, his green emerald eyes making my simplistic brown iris jealous, his brown locks hanging lose, his tattoos screaming beautiful from his exposed button up.  I continue to draw him, completely forgetting about my music lesson. Completely captivated by him.

Soon the sunset peers through the windows and I look down to see a light flash in my bag. I dig inside it, going through the pockets of the bag. I pick up my phone under the pair of jeans I previously took off before seeing Harry. I look at the caller ID and see it was my piano teacher. I stand up and walk to the end of Harry's large office.


I place my phone on Harry's table, "Who was that?" he asks. "Oh- just my piano teacher saying she won't be able to make it but we won't either so no biggy." I unlock my phone and ask him for the internet password.

"You're so cute." He smiles looking down at my phone. "Harry, I asked for the internet not for you to go through my phone." "Who's this ?" He asks turning my phone around to show me the photo. "My mum. " I roll my eyes, quickly grabbing his phone. I ask him to unlock it but he won't. "Please Harry.." I try to snatch my phone back. "Nope." He smirks. "Please.. Daddy?" I bat my eyelashes. "Fine, but- just put your number on it and give it back."

He unlocks his phone before handing it to me. I type my number onto a new contact before looking at him scroll through my phone. I roll my eyes at the amount of attention he's giving me. So I decide to stand up and sit on his lap making him lightly groan. 

"Can I look t your photos?" I beg. "Nope." He keeps his eyes fixated on my phone. So since my access is restricted, I tap the camera app to take a photo of us. I cross my eyes and poke my tongue out before snapping a photo of catching him off guard. I laugh looking at the photo, he looked up just in time but his eyebrows furrowed like the serious business man he is. "You're so serious." I look at him resting is chin on my shoulder.

"Smiling doesn't make you a billionaire." He simply states. "But it makes you an approachable person." I roll my eyes at his serious reply. "Fine." He pulls a long cheesy smile, his eyes crinkling and dimples popping. I laugh at his stupidity before kissing his cheeks. 

"Let's go on an adventure." I ponder at the beautiful city lights outside. "I'll take you on an adventure.... in my house...on my bed." He smirks making my stomach flip.

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Thank you for 1.2k reads?!?! I can't bare scrolling through Instagram and watching harry perform and go crazy during Kiwi. OMG H AND MITCH got me dead on the ground. He's honestly an angel and I'm so happy to be living in a time he is. I feel like my dad who's into The Beatles ;P but H is just perfect.

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