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She screams at the top of her lungs, half her body sticking out of the sunroof. The strong breeze blows at her skirt, exposing her beautiful thighs. "WOOOHOOO!" she yells, her hands up in the air. I laugh at her sense of freedom, glancing up at her beauty to which the sunset could never compare to.

She sits back down, her seat belt strapped on like the good girl she is. She turns the volume up, singing along to the song on the radio. Each word escaping her beautiful lips filling me with goosebumps and serenity. Soon, I pull my car to a stop. Stepping out with the box of pizza as she hops down the black Jeep with her pin decorated maroon bag.


She rests her head on my lap, watching the big flat-screen t.v. The quiet moment reminding me of the first time we watched a movie together... before I laid her in my bed and stole a bit of her innocence. Her sweet, sweet innocence."Harry, can I have a hot pack?" She asks keeping her eyes on the t.v - a habit of hers that I've discovered. "You're gonna have to ask properly kitten." I caress her smooth thighs, waiting for her respectful request. "Harry, may I please have a hot pack?" She rolls her eyes at me before turning back to the t.v. "I won't tolerate that behavior Kitten, ask properly." She's testing my patience, and God knows how much I want to bend her tiny frame over my lap and spank that pretty arse of hers.

"Just get the damn hot pack!"She snaps making me chuckle deeply. What a brave but dumb thing to do. "I'm going to say it once more Clementine. I'm not putting up wit this shit. Apologize and ask properly." I stop caressing her thigh. She remains quite making me pick her up and lay her on my lap. "I'll give you another warning. Now, Kitten are you going to be a good girl? Or do you want to be punished until your pretty little arse is as red as your panties?" I wait for her response, taking my watch off and throwing it on the table.

She tries to slip out of my hold but I spank her perfect bum, making her scream. She continues to wriggle and move around. "Count and if you fuck up,we're back to zero. Understand baby girl?" I ask caressing her now pink behind. She looks at me with teary eyes and nods. "Speak!" I spank her once more making her scream yes.

Spank "O-one." She grasps the end of the sofa, sparking the dominant power in me.

Spank "Ug-ugh..two" she screams.

"I don't recall number two having an 'ugh'. Back to zero baby girl." I shake my head.

Spank "One!"

Spank "T-TWO!"

Spank "ST-STOP! IT HU-RTS" She whimpers under the contact of my large hand.

Spank "What was that Kitten?" I test her.

"P-PLEASE DADDY!!" She cries out loud.

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I had to re-write it but I'm happier with this version. Sorry for not updating yesterday, for this short chapter and for any errors because it's unedited. I've been busy and writing this was so hard, I had a writers block but enough bantering. Thank you so much for 1.5k views and 24 followers.

- elea

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