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I wish she wore a skirt, it would've turned me on even more but having her here right now is already so good. I need to release stress from work and other shi.t. I lay her on the bed, kissing her pretty pink lips. I harshly grab her ass making her shriek. My hands wonder around her thighs, my hands slipping into her pants, rubbing her sweet core making her moan out loud. She tugs at my hair before pulling away from the kiss and panting heavily.

"Kitten" I focus on her lips, her beautiful mouth. "Yes Harry?" she replies, loosening her grip on my hair. "Can you go on your knees for me?" I ask caressing the side of her thighs. We look into each other's eyes before she kisses me, getting off the bed and onto her knees. I don't know why I'm being so gentle on her, the others freely sucked me off. Without me even saying anything -- in fact, I fu.cked them straight away, not cautious of scaring them away, not pleasuring them like what I did to Clementine last night. I walk over to her and look down at my innocent angel on her knees. I unbuckle my belt, throwing it on the floor while she pulls my jeans down.

I could feel my member getting harder and harder by the second. "Have you done this before, Kitten?" I asked tucking her hair behind her ears. "N-no but I know wh-what to do." she answers shyly. Naughty naughty little girl. She pulls my boxers down, her eyes widening at the view of my member. Her cheeks burn pink before opening her mouth and licking the tip of my length. I moan loudly, throwing my head back as she slowly licks the tip before sucking them bobbing her head slowly. I could feel her eyes look up at me but the pleasure kept my eyes shut tightly.

I start to doubt that she's innocent after all as she takes a majority of my length, choking a little bit. She pumps the rest that she can't take, making me moan. I grab a fistful of her hair, rocking my hips as she continues her magic. She fastens her movements making me groan " fuc.k, ye-yes Kitten."

"I'm gonna cu.m, baby." I moan loudly before she continues but even faster. She sends me over the edge before I come in her mouth.  I look down at her, spurts of dripping from the bridge of her nose. "Swallow." I command. She swallows making me smirk, I wipe the cu.m from her face with my index finger, before she opens her mouth and sucks my finger, her hazel brown eyes never leaving mines. 

"Good girl."

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My internet suggested to write this update so thanks to her. I hope you enjoyed it, please vote and comment. 

q: What continent are you from?

a: I'm from Europe :)

- eleanor and ingrid 

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