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It's a beautiful Friday night and I've finally adjusted to my host family. I'm sort of comfortable being my bubbly and funny self. But not completely because I've only spent a couple of days here. 

It's dinner time and I'm helping Mila's mum in the kitchen getting the food ready. She's a tall, black haired woman with a clean white complexion. She shines with a personality that matched her. Mrs. Malik would be the type of women my mum hated because she was everything she could ask for. Married, rich and beautiful.  Mila is extremely lucky to have a great family with great genes.

"Mrs. M-" she interrupts me before I can finish "Clem, sweetie, please don't call me that!" She laughs rubbing my back and I join in  trying to avoid being awkward. "For the next months, I'll be a mother figure to you so actually, call me mom or Svana." Her eyes lit up and in a long time, I finally felt a mother figure in my life. 

"Okay Svana." I smiled feeling like I'd betray my real mother if I called another woman mum. But I could feel my heart jump around in a wave of excitement.  So I follow behind Svana, carrying the plate of roasted vegetables with oven muffs in both hands.  She stops in her tracks and thankfully I stopped just in time or else dinner would be nothing but salad and a glass of water.  "Oh my goodness, welcome back Zayn!" Her tall figure rushes to the table, placing the dish of chicken down. I still couldn't see what all the fuss was about but after a couple of steps she's taken in her black high heels I see an extremely handsome guy.

His skin is like glowing honey, differentiating from Mila and Svana but similar to Mr. Malik's. "Come meet Mila's brother!" Svana cheerfully smiles. I tighten my gripping hold on the plate, my stomach taming butterflies waiting to burst out into the open.

He is...fu.cking hot.

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I'm editing this right now (21/12/17) and honestly it's so shi.tty and short af like wtf...

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