Nature's Plot Unfolds

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Chapter 25

After running through another thicket of trees I had to stop. I didn’t remember coming this way and I had no idea where I was. I spun in a circle trying to catch my bearing but when that didn’t work I started walking again. Eventually I would have gotten to another end of the forest or maybe even the main road.

The silence as I walked made me almost question what I had just seen; a hidden portion of the forest where nature ran free . . . undisturbed and unperturbed by the things around it. How long had it been there, holding onto the little it still had? Why hadn’t I ever come across it before? Then again I had never gone this far into the forest which proved a detriment to me because now I was hopelessly lost and I had come to understand that that was the worst thing to be in a place where nature itself wanted you dead. I continued walking until a hit what I guessed was the main road. I stepped out unto it and looked out in both directions. From what I could tell I was close to the hospital but that was pretty far from home.

I sighed.

This would be a long walk I just knew it.

While I walked on I tried to organize my thoughts. According to nature I was not going to die on Saturday but probably some date roughly about nine months later . . . I was going to die giving birth to a daughter that I would never see. . . . But . . . I had taken the test . . . the doctor assured me that I wasn’t pregnant and I made sure to not sleep with Damen again. There was no opportunity for me to have gotten pregnant. Let’s see . . . after I found out I scared the hell out of Damen and nothing much happened after except Amber’s party were he didn’t sleep with me but Amber then now . . . I wasn’t sure how bad my memory was but I couldn’t remember any time at all where we even so much as thought of doing that—well except for when I teased him but even then I stopped and the last time I checked you couldn’t conceive by kissing. Maybe Nature was trying to scare me. Maybe she thought it would have been funny to see me unravel for a bit then when my guard was fully lowered she would still kill me on the night of the harvest moon. . . . Yeah . . .

If you don’t believe me then see for yourself. . .

I whipped around when I heard that familiar voice that I had just pleaded with. My heart nearly stopped. If I had to see her again for today I don’t know what I would have done. No matter where I looked she wasn’t in sight. It wasn’t until I turned to face forward again that I realized the clinic was right across the road.

Hmm . . .

I guess it would have settled my nerves to prove her wrong. She was good but not that good. As far as I was concerned only the Virgin Mary was able to pull off that whole Immaculate Conception thing and I was neither her nor a virgin so it wasn’t possible.

Are you sure?

She was in my thoughts!

I shook my mind straight then made my way inside. Virtually the same scene as the last time greeted me with scared girls and crying mothers. Why did this place have to be so depressing . . . ? Without taking too much of it in I headed straight for the reception desk and asked to speak the doctor form my last visit here. If I had to go through it all again then I at least wanted to have the same doctor to save myself any further unnecessary embarrassment. She barely looked at me before putting in the request then she sent me to take a seat.  I would have taken her indifference personally but I had other things pushing towards the front of my mind and it left room for little else that might have tried plaguing my mind. My fingers kept drumming against the seat of my chair and the heat in the waiting room didn’t help either. At one point I let out a sigh. I was a nervous wreck.

The creaking of the door made me jump. My heart only pounded faster when I realized that it was only the doctor that I wanted to see. He looked around the door for a few seconds before his eyes rested on me. He was definitely curious as to why I was back and I couldn’t even manage a weak smile to reassure him; I needed reassurance myself.

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