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It Happened Last Year  by Sydney724
It Happened Last Year by Sydney
(Complete) After a terrible encounter at a party, one year later, Hailey Fonte is ready to return to her home town. With everyone against her because of last years event...
  • highschool
  • depression
  • teenromance
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Cry For Me by That_Girl_T
Cry For Meby That_Girl_T
18 year old Lyric O'ryan was tired of the life she was forced to live, tired of the weak person that she believed she was so, she tried to killing her self. Key word tr...
  • kingpin
  • suicide
  • urban
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The Things That We Don't Talk About by selmacogo
The Things That We Don't Talk Aboutby Selma
Diana isn't a slut. She's not. But after a night of fun goes terribly wrong, Diana comes back to school with taunts echoing in the hallways. At first, she doesn't bel...
  • court
  • lostlove
  • bullying
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Dailight by niggatrash
Dailightby niggatrash.exe
This is about a bunch of High School. As they go through there teenage years and progress. This story is mainly about Daisuke and Moonlight. To lovers that just dont k...
  • fiction
  • love
  • stories
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Dear Aunt Adelaine by GraceParker101
Dear Aunt Adelaineby Grace Parker
All her life, Hazel's been a victim. She's been a victim of her mother's abuse, poverty, and the strange men who come in and out of her home. In an unimaginable situatio...
  • domesticabuse
  • prostitution
  • bullying
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Raura:Blind love by R5_fabulous4
Raura:Blind loveby R5_fabulous4
Laura is your average 16 year old teenager,But that is until.she is kidnapped,Everything takes a turn on Laura's life...But it's out for the best our for the worst?Find...
  • kidnapped
  • laura
  • love
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Bathroom Breaks: The Tale of Beth and Ashley by ShawnaBertin
Bathroom Breaks: The Tale of S.G. Bertin
Beth and Ashley have been friends forever, but can Ashley's crazy antics during a party ruin their friendship? As told through their bathroom conversations.
  • age
  • summer
  • alcohol
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Seven Silver Keys by AudreyMSchultz
Seven Silver Keysby AudreyMSchultz
An archeologist, Jane suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Though a lunch date with her colleague Nate will reveal that Jane's obsession with cleanliness and ord...
  • ocd
  • archeology
  • sexual
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My Dearest Fareeha 1 by DrA7mad
My Dearest Fareeha 1by DrA7mad
A story based on Overwatch characters, an attempt to raid one of Talon's headquarters.
  • doomfist
  • assault
  • attack
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Room by BrokeTheLights
Roomby BrokeTheLights
When political opponents Martin Hall and Theodore Mercury are taken from their homes in the dead of night and placed in a small, barren white room, the pair do everythin...
  • triggers
  • original
  • horror
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The Boy Who Stares by RoseInWhite
The Boy Who Staresby Rose
I had never been more afraid in my life, and now no one even believes that it happened. When the waitress took our orders, that was the last time that I didn't feel his...
  • escape
  • wattys2016
  • harrassment
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Clarence oneshots by furry_chan666
Clarence oneshotsby furry_chan666
Clarence is a fat little dude
  • cake
  • assault
  • sumo
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Dreaming by jinxalice
Dreamingby jinxalice
An image of the tight and horrific grasp of heroin on ones life. A series of short stories and poems about my run-in with the dope game.
  • heroin
  • assault
  • addiction
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save by Ryedun
saveby •The Vulture•
If it weren't for the silly store clerk, Tyler would probably be dead. ***MAJOR WARNINGS*** This story contains sexual assault, please seriously don't read if you're sen...
  • assault
  • tylerjoseph
  • twentyonepilots
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That Damn, Damned Girl by mylanhaa
That Damn, Damned Girlby Layla W.
*Trigger Warnings⚠️* Sakura Chiyo Nomura is a Teacher in Tokyo. On her way to her job and drop off her daughter she accidentally bumps a Yakuza member. She starts to fre...
  • japan
  • action
  • sad
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In Their Favor by overanalyzed
In Their Favorby overanalyzed
In the small town of Canton, Indiana, football is a gift sent from God. They value football players more than anyone else. They're invincible. But that doesn't mean they...
  • regret
  • isolated
  • drama
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The Poem That Will Always Be Unfinished by thefaultingstar___
The Poem That Will Always Be thefaultingstar___
I needed to write this to heal.
  • assault
  • healing
  • poetry
All the World's a Stage by Sharibrady
All the World's a Stageby Shari Brady
  • family
  • crisis
  • fiction
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