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The Devils' Redemption (Redemption #1) |  ✔ by Storiezz_by_angeL
The Devils' Redemption ( ❤Angel_writes❤
Book 1 in the Redemption series. Life is cruel. This was no secret to 15-year-old Winter Lombardi. Kidnapped by her mother at the mere age of 3 from a life of happiness...
Treasure Hunt (boyxboy) [Rewrite] by cheyennnemarie
Treasure Hunt (boyxboy) [Rewrite]by Cheyenne Marie
- rewrite - Dalton McKnight can only remember bits and pieces of the most horrific night of his life, the night that left him traumatized and forced with a future he was...
KNOTTED  by shirleen_anrose
KNOTTED by sнιвαηgι
Shirleen's family is murdered by her biological father and she is captured and tortured until she escapes into the wild. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ RAPE ASSAULT S*X TRAFFICKING KIDNAPPING F...
Unwanted (Short-story) by raelinnrivers
Unwanted (Short-story)by RainRain
Contains man-to-man sex, violence, sexual assault, male pregnancy, bullying. Work of fiction. Circumstances, names, places mentioned in this stories are purely products...
Living With My Stepbrothers by fayhatepage
Living With My Stepbrothersby fayhatepage
13 year old Charli Chanel King is a pretty closed off girl. A few unfortunate events lead to her moving in with her 5 step brothers. Will they get along? Wait and see. A...
Untouchable by ElspethGordie
Untouchableby ElspethGordie
Cate, broken and hurting, has escaped to Phoenix to live with her father and start anew. Lakebay at one time was her home and safe haven. She lead a simple yet privilege...
It Happened Last Year by TheSydneyMarie
It Happened Last Yearby Sydney
(Complete) After a terrible encounter at a party, one year later, Hailey Fonte is ready to return to her hometown. With everyone against her because of last year's event...
Fight Like a Girl | ✔️ by tayxwriter
Fight Like a Girl | ✔️by Tay
Lucy Lahey trusted the man she was dating, and it turned out to be her biggest mistake. Reeling in the aftermath of a rape that stole not only her virginity, but her con...
Killing Me Softly by beastlykisses
Killing Me Softlyby jenna
She was the light, no longer glowing ever since she was demoted to an Omega after an incident. Betrayed by her sister and disowned by her father, she began to kill herse...
Taunt  by meepsahir
Taunt by Meep
"Can we stop feeling guilty, Amelia? Guilty for all the things that weren't our fault." "We can Leo. Maybe someday." "That day isn't far off Ame...
Choking on Diamonds by AmeliaGreyson
Choking on Diamondsby Amelia Greyson
Everyone has something that kills them inside. The only difference is some people have the illusion of family while others don't even have that anymore.
WHY ?! My rape story. by 0riv3r
WHY ?! My rape 🤷‍♀️
Not looking for a pity party. Just sharing my story, ignore the mistakes and how badly it's written. Please share your story in the comments or tag me in yours and PLEA...
Secrets & Slytherins by booksbybecca4
Secrets & Slytherinsby booksbybecca4
Grace Parker has a secret. It's written on her arms and legs (and stomach, and collarbone, and third rib on the left...). Words? No. Stories? Sort of. The black and blue...
𝐔𝐍𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐈𝐍 𝐌𝐘 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐓 by Sheewholoved
_____________________________ "I solemnly pronounce you as husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride." I froze the moment I felt him lift up my veil. My hea...
Bughead/Sprousehart Oneshots by buggies_sprousehart
Bughead/Sprousehart Oneshotsby Buggies_sprousehart
Achievements: #48 - Book Bughead and Sprousehart oneshots! Please comment ideasssss
Behind the Mask || Draco Malfoy by wheezingweasleys
Behind the Mask || Draco Malfoyby feet off the table
Aria Kane, daughter of a pureblood and a half-blood. She hides her pain behind a smile, never allowing herself to be seen as weak. Draco Malfoy, heir of the Malfoy line...
Cute but Psycho by xn2303x
Cute but Psychoby <3
He thought he was bad. She was the worst. He had family issues. She was the centre of her family issues. He thought she was weak. That was his first mistake. When 16 yea...
"He's The Tastiest Guy" (Completed)  by lunamagines
"He's The Tastiest Guy" ( Luna
"He's The Tastiest Guy" Highest ranking no. 1 Story written by: Luna🌜 Started: December 3, 2020 Ended: January 4, 2021 EXCERPT Mew POV I'm a playboy, I love...
Beautiful Disasters [complete] by floaters
Beautiful Disasters [complete]by m
Sebastian, the bad boy with the damaged past. Chanel, the quiet girl with the damaged past. Two teenagers paired to work together don't realize just how interlinked thei...
Give Him Back by Clover543isBored
Give Him Backby xXCLOVERXx
When Karma and Gakushū's only son Youta is stolen away from them by a mysterious criminal, it's up to them to track down their child's location, save Youta, and make the...