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Her Wrath ✔️ by Mi-M-Ab
Her Wrath ✔️by Author H Ab
HIGHEST RANKINGS: #3 in Suspense. #47 in Chicklit. #1 in Company. #8 in Hatred. #1 in Payback. #8 in Ex. #11 in Mystery-thriller After getting thrown out of her house...
  • crime
  • independentwoman
  • suspense
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Someone Like You (Completed) by KirstieH
Someone Like You (Completed)by Kirstie H
He's a player, he's hot and he's stubborn. Everyone knows it- especially him. Shes never been kissed, she's unnoticed and she's shy- no one knows her. They've never met...
  • payback
  • disloyal
  • watty
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Mated to my teacher! by LuvIzOverRated
Mated to my teacher!by Nena Rivera
Stacie Gonzalez is a seventeen year old senior in her high school. on her first day of school she meets her hot new math teacher Mr. Lorenzo who happens to be her mate. ...
  • triplets
  • takeover
  • babies
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ex trainee I kpop ff  [EDITING] by ohmyjiminlove
ex trainee I kpop ff [EDITING]by 、soyou。
"I said I would make something of myself, and so I did." ©️ ohmyjiminlove 【 UNDERGOING EDITING AND REPUBLISHING CHAPTERS 】 「 features other groups = kpop x re...
  • kpop
  • sing
  • rap
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Mixed emotions by Playmaker_12
Mixed emotionsby Playmaker_12
[COMPLETED] Eren is a new transfer student and he is sent to live with a Girl named Mikasa. At first they don't see eye to eye but what happens when they open up to each...
  • attackontitan
  • transferstudent
  • sashabraus
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The New Life (Bruno Mars FanFic) by ToxicSkinnyLove
The New Life (Bruno Mars FanFic)by Andi
Anaissa is forced to start over when an accident at her idol's, Bruno Mars, concert leaves her with no memory of her past life. Bruno wants to help her on her journey, b...
  • revenge
  • payback
  • love
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Arshi SS Payback Time by rabiha01
Arshi SS Payback Timeby rabiha01
This story start after Basketball match. In this story Khushi will be totally different. (Some dialogues are in Hindi with English translation) * Highest RANK #211 in...
  • angry
  • arnav
  • arshi
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You will regret  by user70028487
You will regret by The world of Shivika
When anika will fight back for further u have to peep in 😉
  • payback
  • shivay
  • anika
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Entwined by Fate( a swasan short story) Completed by rabia83279
Entwined by Fate( a swasan short Rabia Sayyed
she starts searching her mobile like a mad person. After around 15 minutes, she found it in her room. She with shivering hands went through her contact list; one number...
  • manan
  • healing
  • payback
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Pills and potions  by destinywade02
Pills and potions by Destiny
Meet Gillian , she has everything she wanted a loving family , Gillian, Geo, George,Gianna. She's the youngest of the family 18 years old her older brother geo is 20. ...
  • damaged
  • heartbreak
  • misstress
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Payback Hurts (MAJOR EDITING CONSTRUCTION)(Completed) by NonnieBonnie97
Payback Hurts (MAJOR EDITING 🌸Leilani🌸
*JAN 2019, EDITING this story. Will be completed by JAN 11 2019) Cassie has always been a big girl all her life, and she still hates herself for that. On Cassie's sixtee...
  • rated
  • werewolf
  • end
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Bad Girls | SAMPLE by twelvewonderingstars
Bad Girls | SAMPLEby 𝔞𝔲𝔯𝔬𝔯𝔞
**SAMPLE** NOW PUBLISHED AS PAPERBACK & EBOOK ON AMAZON. (link in bio) Finally, the "villain" gets to tell her version of the story. At first glance, Avery C...
  • avery
  • bee
  • projectbadassgirls
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The Present & Flashbacks by QueenShay_4Life
The Present & Flashbacksby Slay Queen
This is about a gurl named Bridget Hilton. She's in prison for supposedly killing her stepfather and "boyfriend". She goes on a journey by telling ha cellmates...
  • love
  • payback
  • prison
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Howl Silently My Love by dandan101
Howl Silently My Loveby Danielle
On the night of the harvest moon the Crimson Maire Pack was destroyed by the rivalling Cerulean Mist. Or atleast that's what was believed until Damen, the new leader of...
  • plans
  • birth
  • hell
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Destined to be a Rogue (Alphas and Rogues#1) {Will be Edited Soon} by donadee
Destined to be a Rogue (Alphas ᴅσηα
| C O M P L E T E D | "I am an Alpha, an Alpha without a pack, an Alpha who was betrayed by none but her own flesh. But I shall avenge my dishonor and I shall ret...
  • fighter
  • alphalove
  • evil
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Forever Yours (A Nigerian Hausa Love Story) by arummees
Forever Yours (A Nigerian Hausa arummees
Abubakar Aliyu his parents puppet. They make all the decisions in his life for him due to their social standards. But he escapes using his arranged marriage. He gain...
  • pain
  • enemies
  • law
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Ride or Die by iamoglia
Ride or Dieby Lia
Lia was a 23 year old African American woman with pretty dark skin. She was in a current relationship with her boyfriend Cory who was 24 and they have been together sinc...
  • hurt
  • brave
  • love
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Lost Girls by twelvewonderingstars
Lost Girlsby 𝔞𝔲𝔯𝔬𝔯𝔞
Evangeline Macbeth doesn't believe in love anymore. The last time she did, she fell for her best friend just like any other cliche love story, but it didn't turn out we...
  • bad
  • love
  • karma
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Rejected Big Mistake by ethnich0e
Rejected Big Mistakeby Your favorite tumblr chic
Cynthia Rose Firestone is the beta's youngest daughter Emerald Stone pack . After her parents died everyone takes their anger out on her. The Omega has more power then...
  • 2mate
  • mate
  • betadaughter
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Payback (BNHA fanfic) by Craptchy
Payback (BNHA fanfic)by Craptchy
•CHARACTERS ARE NOT MINE! •Cover art by @/hatironpa on Twitter •Edited by yours truly. •Katsudeku •Villain Deku •Izuku turns into a villain after All Might and his moth...
  • payback
  • mha
  • bakugokatsuki
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