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Chapter 32

---Damen’s POV---

“Alright we have to find her before the others do.” I said, quickly making my way down the hall. I didn’t have much time and I already wasted a good amount of it just trying to get my cousins on my side. I turned my head sharply to look at them again while we continued walking. “Where are the others?”

“They should be out on the field or already in the forest.” Austin told me.

“What?!” That only meant that I had even less time than I thought. I needed to find her or the rest of my pack. I would have preferred to find my pack though because I needed them to call off the hunt; they had to. I also needed to find my grandfather. I needed him to tell me that everything Ryder had said was a lie and that he was a good man—maybe I could get him to change everyone’s mind and call off the hunt. I didn’t care what anyone said; he was a good man. “Spread out—tell anyone that you find to stop the chase before I get the time to get through with them.” I ordered before hastening my step. Soon we were on the field again and everyone ran off in their own direction.

I made my way to the forest. If I was going to find my grandfather he would more than likely be in the forest.

The howl that came from somewhere in the forest alerted me to his exact location. I broke through the trees and hurried. The howl I heard sounded too confident. I didn’t like the sound of it.

I got to the clearing in time to see my grandfather, my father and four other pack members all closing in . . . but on what.

“Damen!” Came her terrified yet somehow weaker voice.

My eyes shot to the centre of their focus and I saw Alex, on the floor, staring over at me with wild eyes. From where I stood I could see her shivering slightly and there was a deep red stain that was almost completely hidden by her hands that she had pressed to her side.

I growled instinctively. If they had hurt her then they were going to regret it. I was going to make them pay—especially for dragging my grandfather into all this.

They each turned to me and I made my way over to her, taking on a defensive stance. They wouldn’t get the chance to hurt her again; not while I was alive. “What happened to your side?” I asked her, only half turning to look at her.

“One of them got a bite out of me.” She muttered before sighing.

I turned to face them again, this time glaring. “Stay away from her, do you hear me?! I don’t want any of you near her again. She’s my mate and I plan to protect her with my life.”

“Damen, stop this rubbish and get out of the way.” Granddad ordered.

“No! And how can you agree with them on something so cold hearted and low? They can’t defend themselves—they can’t fight—“

“It’s best to strike while the iron is hot! You think I care about how fair this fight is; this will be my chance to rid the forest of them and not even you will get in the way. They deserve to die; they’re too weak and have no purpose except to use up the valuable oxygen that seems so scarce now.”

“You don’t really feel that way.”

“Yes I do, they should die—they should all die and if I could I would burn them alive and watch them burn into nothingness while I enjoy their pitiful screams of terror.”

“But that’s cruel!” I couldn’t believe that he was saying all this. He wasn’t supposed to be in anyway cruel so what was with all the insensitive talk? What had happened to the old man I knew? The docile old man who treated everyone kindly.

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