The Beta's Unwanted Mate  by Love_Yourself_10_x
The Beta's Unwanted Mate by anshita
#1 werewolf #1 teenfiction "That night meant nothing to me Olivia." "You were just like another girl to me." He smirked, "and you KNOW how I do...
  • supernatural
  • alpha
  • wattys2018
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Aries by DreamCatchher
Ariesby Hanan Sobhii
Bloodthirsty, cold, and power-hungry. He rules with shrewd claws and scythe-like fangs. He is the most powerful and ruthless Alpha. The Alpha of the Blood Prowlers, the...
  • mating
  • packs
  • mates
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The Werewolf's Mermaid  by cori2426
The Werewolf's Mermaid by cori
**unedited, there are errors** "Oh I'm yours?" I mocked. His whole mood changed, I felt like his shoulders got broader and his muscles all over flexed and tigh...
  • teenagers
  • badboy
  • beta
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Rising From The Ashes #wattys2018 by MidnightCrush
Rising From The Ashes #wattys2018by Sheen
"SOLD!" His voice boomed throughout our territory and my eyes widened in shock and betrayal as reality begin to sink in. I looked to my mother, his wife, his m...
  • luna
  • lukasarteta
  • naturallycan
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My Mate Is Daddy  by loyallyric
My Mate Is Daddy by JO
It was the most delightful smell I could ever smell right there behind that door. Suddenly everything stops and the only thing that I can see is that door. I swiftly ope...
  • past
  • rogue
  • mates
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My Monster Mate by Mbalii
My Monster Mateby al.
"Look at me." He demands. "No." I whisper. "Look at me or I swear, I will do it! " He shouts. I slowly remove my hands from my face and...
  • possessive
  • protective
  • humour
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Rejected & A Baby by loriavg
Rejected & A Babyby Lori Vang
"I, Xaiver Black, reject you, Stella Whites as my mate." He says with a blank expression. I stood in the room, alone. I was confused, broken, and drained yet h...
  • alpha
  • mate
  • beta
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My Seven Older Brothers by JustAnotherWolf0_0
My Seven Older Brothersby WolfieGirl0_0
How would you feel being the youngest? And a girl? In Highschool? Yeah well that's me. Hi my name is Hayley , Hayley Lopez. Now the Eldest is Carlos. Second Oldest is...
  • beta
  • mate
  • twins
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The Bloodlust Alpha by Youre_My_Sanctuary
The Bloodlust Alphaby 🌹
Highest in Werewolf: #44 "Selene, my daughter, please hear us out. I know we don't deserve it, but your sister is pregnant and-" I held up my hand to stop the...
  • pack
  • badass
  • bloodlustalpha
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Silent Deception by mistandfuryy
Silent Deceptionby Rida
Previously titled Alpha's Bargain ⚡️ "It's in the bargain that you are required to stay in the Alpha's house." I scoffed. My heartbeat suddenly increased, both...
  • beta
  • newadult
  • werewolves
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Me And A Rejection (#myyouth)  ✔ by Deep_Dreamer1
Me And A Rejection (#myyouth) ✔by Madiha R
One more step and my whole life changes. I'll become a rogue, all the connections I have with the pack will be lost. Do I really want to do that? Do I just want to walk...
  • wattys2016
  • romance
  • rejected
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The Broken Mates ✔ by KartierKlass
The Broken Mates ✔by Sinister Sociopath
#6 Highest Ranking In Werewolf 8/22/2016 *Previously titled "Theseus" *Short Chapters ~~~~~~~~~~ A soul who brought dread to others at the thought of his name...
  • werewolf
  • theseus
  • beatrix
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Alpha Damian (boyxboy) by blazey_waffle
Alpha Damian (boyxboy)by ғᴜᴄᴋᴇᴅ™
"Mate." His words had me frozen. His eyes seared into mine and I felt weak. Even my wolf said it, but I couldn't really believe him either. This wasn't right. ...
  • humour
  • property
  • mostgaystoryever
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Wrongfully His by G_xoxo
Wrongfully Hisby G.M.
Mated to a Beta and marked by his Alpha. A unique twist on the clichéd possessive Alpha stories. "W-what are you doing?" I stuttered helplessly as he stepped c...
  • fantasty
  • alpha
  • abuse
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Her Beta by euphoric_
Her Betaby Emily
*CURRENTLY UNDERGOING RE-WRITE* Redwood is just like any average small town in the backwoods of Vancouver, but with one twist; the entire population are shifters, an adv...
  • lovestory
  • werewolf
  • beta
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The Shy Alpha by PenguinAlien
The Shy Alphaby ~Penguin Alien~
Everyone thinks that Alphas are strong and fearless leaders who have no emotions, but in Trey's case he doesn't think that he can handle being the Alpha or handle being...
  • gaylove
  • lgbt
  • lgbtq
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Alpha's Baby Girl | ✓ by barbiedriver
Alpha's Baby Girl | ✓by a :)
I go to make my way back to my room but before I can even reach the steps, I hear a small cry, followed by the best smell of vanilla and mint. A pack member I've never...
  • werewolf
  • boyxgirl
  • matebond
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My Woodland Alpha by hvvvv_k
My Woodland Alphaby Hvv_k
For a smallest second Alaia paused to admire the seething man that stood before her. His bare chest rose and fell heavily, glistening beguilingly with sweat. She couldn'...
  • beta
  • hot
  • alaska
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Primal | #Wattys2018 by MaybeManhattan
Primal | #Wattys2018by MaybeManhattan
COMPLETED - To Evelyn Schubert the thought of having a predetermined soulmate seemed a bit far-fetched. Lucky for her, this was an old practice amongst her kind thousand...
  • featured
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  • mate
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Little Red by 7cticetch
Little Redby michelle
This is not your typical werewolf book. Little Red is a coming-of-age story of a human girl and a werewolf royalty. // After being banished from his pack with his fathe...
  • romance
  • pack
  • wolves
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