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The Other Element by AwkwardWriterWorker
The Other Elementby AwkwardWriterWorker
Growing up in a world were everyone has elemental powers in not easy. Everyones eye color is showing their Element, people that have red eyes is the Element of Fire, peo...
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Element of the Heart - A Lord of the Rings/Legolas Fanfiction by moralfantasy
Element of the Heart - A Lord of t...by Reese C.
WATTYS SHORTLIST 2018 The heart desires the unreachable. A rare creature born of Middle Earth must undo the damage of her predecessor, who helped forge the Dark Lord's R...
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Element by KateeSmurfette
Elementby Katlego 'Katee' Moncho
I turned around the corner of the building, testing to see if they would follow me, and they did. I headed all the way up to my room. The twins had just walked in, leavi...
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Argent Eye by ArtsyB
Argent Eyeby ArtsyB
Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Lightening, Ice and Metal. An Argent Eye is chosen by only one. Two? A rarity. Three? Unheard of. All seven? Impossible. Or is it? After being s...
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His Abused Queen by Des-tiny368
His Abused Queenby Des-tiny368
Your nothing without me. My father spat "I bet you don't even have a mate and if you do then he will leave you once he see's the life you live. Who would want you...
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| TAGLISH | Chazandra Miracle is a special girl who was being trained by her Master Almada in the restricted areas of Zonadia. She doesn't know anything about her past o...
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Mystic Academy: The Long Lost Elemental Princess [On Going]  by The_Mythical
Mystic Academy: The Long Lost Elem...by The_Mythical
A girl named Trinity Blythe Avery is brought to another dimension that she thought it never existed, a school where she can handle and train how to use her magic that is...
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It's A Disastrous Life|| Saiki K Various X Reader (COMPLETED) by 1FanfictionS1
It's A Disastrous Life|| Saiki K V...by Ayla
In which an emotionless psychic somehow falls for a seemingly normal girl. Key word; SEEMINGLY
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Air Born by juniormint94
Air Bornby Cristina Macari
Would you betray your loved ones for a cause you believe in? Seventeen-year-old Orion Candor has always struggled with the strange, unexplainable abilities she was born...
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Encantar la Selva (Enchanted Forest)-/ENCHANTED SERIES #1/ by Beverllily
Encantar la Selva (Enchanted Fores...by Beverly Joy
Enchanted Forest Ang malasalamancang mundo ng mga diwata, engkantado, lambana at mga tambal. Matiwasay na namuhay ang lahat ng mga nilalang hanggang sa may nangyaring m...
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Master of the Mind by Pennator
Master of the Mindby Caleb McLean
Dragons live in fear, hidden away from the world around them in their desparation to survive. Secret dragon havens are spread all over the world as safe places for these...
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Sigma by KateeSmurfette
Sigmaby Katlego 'Katee' Moncho
"They're here," Izzy announced. I walked over to the edge to see what he was talking about, and my eyes immediately found him. He was standing at the door, no...
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AcademyX- School For Gifted Children by TannerSSmith
AcademyX- School For Gifted Childr...by XTannerSmithX
Joel Collins, a young man of only 16 has his life changed from ordinary to extraordinary after an incident that made him use powers he didn't even know he had. Suddenly...
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Crossfire by noturaveragegoldfish
Crossfireby Avery Knight
In a world where elements mean something and monsters are real Gwen Reed finds herself trapped in the crossfire of two opposing teams. With her brother dead and a boy th...
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Eltaire by museofhistory
Eltaireby bobbie
In the lone surviving elemental nation of Eltaire, air stands for intelligence, water for medicine, earth for agriculture, and fire for the military. When nihilistic 15...
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Elements by Silver-Foxx
Elementsby Lost-At-Sea
Madilyn Evans is a middle school girl. She is a very non-social person. She doesn't even try to make friends, let alone talk to anyone. The reason is, she has a big secr...
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Beasts of Elements by AquariusElfDemigod
Beasts of Elementsby Moonlark
4 kids. 4 legendary beasts. 1 war. These 4 kids have summoned the legendary beasts of the elements. Zalop, the pegasus of the air. Minbor, the griffin of Earth. Sactom...
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ONSE ELEMENTOS by BisayangAuthor1
(Story Completed) Our universe composes of different elements. Earth, Air, Water and Fire are the first four elements, but in the world of Bramandah it has twelve elemen...
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Our Mutant Love Stories (Alicia & Aurora) by Argy_Si
Our Mutant Love Stories (Alicia...by
Alicia and Aurora's lives were difficult, and then everything changed. They discovered their hidden identities and found their better halves! (There aren't descriptions...
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Of Ocean's Cry by CrystallizedPearls
Of Ocean's Cryby ( ^ Roselle_Elizabeth ^ )
---ONGOING--- °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Corinne, a young teenage girl who cherished her belief of sirens...
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