Tempting The Bond (1)

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Chapter 13

The following Saturday I was out by the creek practicing my routine for the big game that was only two weeks away. Only two weeks . . . . I didn’t have much time left and that made me feel guilty and idiotic. In the time I used to practice some stupid routine I could have been more constructive. What I should have been doing was learning to fight . . . or atleast how to go wolf. Teri had been trying to give me some pointers but nothing seemed to work; nothing except extreme lust after my mate apparently. The worst part was that I couldn’t even use it. For the entire week I had made out with atleast 12 guys and for no less than a minute then I kept running right back here just to get my ‘quick fix’ as Ryder called it. Please, he made it sound like I was on drugs. Though I guess that was how it was seeing as how I couldn’t stop. I had literally gotten addicted to the peace that Nala could give me.

When I asked Teri how Damen was doing I got exactly the answer I was hoping for. He was beyond miserable and he was suffering. According to her he could barely think straight and he was shaking occasional. After I heard that I gave myself my mad props because I never knew that doing such simple things really added up like that. I mean I imagined he would have experienced some discomfort but just looking at him during school I could tell that he was starting to shrivel on the inside from all the pain. Now I wasn’t a heartless person or anything like that but he had gone too far. He took my virginity then planned to let me die for his own selfish gain.

“I thought you weren’t supposed to flip until after the tuck jump.” Ryder said. I rolled my eyes. He was starting to get to me. He commented on everything! “Hey, you’re the one who wanted my advice and I’m giving it to you; you suck so just quit this cheerleader foolishness so we can begin training.”

“Ryder’s right Maia.” Teri said. I looked at her with bugling eyes. How could she take his side? “I don’t mean he’s right about you sucking I mean he’s right about the training. You have no hope of holding up against the pack if you can’t even turn into a wolf. They’d snap you in two before you could even blink. What you fail to understand is that on that night their senses are heightened. They’ll be able to do things that you’ve never seen.”

“Wow, you sure know how to make a girl feel great.” I muttered, turning my back to them and starting over the routine. I had a plan. If I could keep Damen in that same desperate state until that night they’ll be without an alpha which even if it only helps alittle will still be a lot. They say revenge is sweet but I doubt anyone knew just how true that was.


I fell to my knees as a string of pain rippled through me. What the hell . . . was that . . .? It subsided just as quickly as it came and by then both Teri and Ryder, who she had convinced to stay human for the afternoon, where kneeling by my side. I looked to Teri hoping for an explanation.  As she opened her mouth to speak another pang of pain ran through me. I cringed but didn’t scream this time. Never had I felt anything like this.

“What’s happening?” I whispered trying to ignore the pain.

“Um . . . uh . . . I’m not sure. Ryder, get her home, I have to check something.” With that she jumped up then went wolf. If I wasn’t in such pain I would have been pissed. I hated seeing how easily she could morph. She looked at me one last time, licked my face then bolted towards her settlement on the other side of the lake. I watched her go.

“How are you feeling?” Ryder asked, panic in his eyes.

“I think I’m getting weaker. . .” I said, feeling the energy literally draining out of me. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I still had a week before I had to start experiencing the side effects of the harvest moon. I should have still be perfectly fine and even if it was the harvest moon, the pain wasn’t supposed to be sharp it was more subtle and came with less energy. Something else was up.

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