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Chapter 18

That Friday I stood in my closest trying to figure out what I would wear. I needed to look hot for the moment when he would finally kick that bitch to the curve; something that said ‘yeah, he’s getting better somewhere else’ though not too flashy; something that would put her in her place for sure.

“Why don’t you just wear your blue dress?” Ryder asked after watching me throw half my clothes out of the closest. I was about to turn and tell him off for mocking me at a time like this but then I paused. Hm . . . I had gotten that dress just a couple months ago and it did fit nicely. It was one of those dresses that clung in the right places and it fell just above my knee with a fairly deep cut at the chest. Mom had gotten it for me and Dad didn’t even know that it existed; he would have flipped if he did. Yeah . . . it could work I guess . . . definitely!

“Ryder you’re a fashion genius!” I said hopping from the closest. I walked over to the rack behind my door and began going through my shoes. “Now help me with the shoes—“

“Well that’s where I draw my invisible line that gets crossed all the time.” He said getting up from the bed and heading to the door. “Goodnight Maia, let me know how it goes.” He said before leaving the room.

“Where are you going?!” I called after him before he could get very far.

“Out to meet Teri, we’re going bowling!” He shouted back.

“But you don’t even have clothes!” I complained.

“That’s why she’s getting some for me!”


“Bye Maia, I hope you patch things over with your so-called mate then maybe you can get a life and leave me alone.”

“I love you too!”

“I never said that!”

I rolled my eyes and continued searching through my shoes, there must have been something that would have been rockin’ with the dress. In the end I found my silver sandals that would have looked great with my silver purse that Dad had actually gotten me for Christmas; he had use every now and then.

“Sweetheart who are you talking to?” Mom asked, leaning against the door post.

“Just Ryder.” I answered innocently without bothering to look at her.

“Of course.” She said , not surprised in the least bit. “Anyway, there’s a gentleman downstairs waiting to take you to a party so . . .—“

“Damen’s here?!” I asked, now looking at her with bulging eyes. I wasn’t ready! I didn’t have a bath as yet, my hair was a mess and then there was the makeup—wait, scratch that, I hated makeup, but I still wasn’t ready! Why was he even so early . . .oh . . . it was after nine . . .okay but he could have called first. I grabbed my phone from the dresser and saw eleven missed calls. Damn it, Ryder must have put my phone on silent again; he hated the sound it made and I refused to change the ringtone so whenever he had a chance he would put it on silent. I sighed and rolled my eyes, no wonder he left so suddenly. I was going to kill him.

Mom looked at me expectantly. “Well?”

“Um . . . tell him I’ll be right there.” I said grabbing some stuff and literally running off to the bathroom. I would only be able to take a quick bath then run my fingers through my hair a few times.

With the water running down my face and the rest of me I was almost starting to relax which was bad because then I would have taken forever. I caught a handful of water and splashed it over my face to get rid of the soap. Suddenly I heard the door swing open. What the  . . .?

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