Shy by ItsWayPastMyBedtimee
Shyby •Tasha•
"She's shy," Brooke shrugged and looked at Indianna. "Well, come on, I don't bite," Greyson urged and Indianna stiffened, just like before. "Don...
  • pack
  • mates
  • kidnapped
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The Snake Queen by XxHollywood_UndeadXx
The Snake Queenby Dizzy
Everybody knows King Cobras are the most dangerous species of snakes. But it's a little interesting when their venom can give you magical powers. Sixteen-year-old Mag Pa...
  • queens
  • highschool
  • relationships
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Bitten (Harry Styles Vampire) by RainWriter
Bitten (Harry Styles Vampire)by Inez
Who would've thought vampires existed? When they reveal themselves in the year 2137 the war breaks out. All the vampires want is freedom but the humans are too scared to...
  • harry
  • fcition
  • one
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Before Sunrise (On Hold) by LaurenDodge
Before Sunrise (On Hold)by Lauren Dodge 🦇
One wrong turn could be her last... The moment Lena Gray awakes, she realizes three things: She is not where she belonged. She is not alone. She is definitely not...
  • bitten
  • wattpad
  • sun
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Bitten {Book 1} ✔ by J_Quinonez91
Bitten {Book 1} ✔by Judith Quiñónez
[COMPLETE] Abigail Williams' life changes the day she is ambushed and bitten by a vampire. Being the only known person to have C negative blood type, it drives the vampi...
  • death
  • love
  • lamiavenator
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Protect Me, Alpha/E D I T I N G/ by valina_marie
Protect Me, Alpha/E D I T I N G/by ☁️ N I N A ☁️
|Disclaimer: This book was written when I was about 13 y/o so its most likely poorly written and just cringe galore, so please don't judge too harshly :). I'm going to b...
  • human
  • bitten
  • alpha
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Lawfully Bitten  by rebelwithacxuse
Lawfully Bitten by ѕαgє
Every four years, the eighteen-year-old human females would swarm at the Cresonation Square, silently praying they weren't late. There was always a terrified fear in the...
  • shea
  • vampire-romance
  • vampire
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Silvia Academy by moonchix
Silvia Academyby Monica Saavedra Janiola
One word to described this school is Dangerous. Vampires are everywhere in this school. So, Be careful when it's dark.
  • magic
  • demons
  • neck
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I Shoot Webs Too (Spiderman/Peter Parker X reader) by XenaArrow
I Shoot Webs Too (Spiderman/ Xena Arrow
When your a girl that is in love with superheros, and you go from living in a city with no supers to moving to another city with no supers, plus that are extremely far a...
  • peterparker
  • crime
  • superhero
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Bitten (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)  by WiseWolf826
Bitten (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by Mary-Kate
Percy gets bitten by a werewolf, and has to follow a lot of new rules, something he has never been very good at. New marks. Flashing eyes. Amazing power. What will hap...
  • percy
  • artemis
  • moon
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CHOSEN by DoloraMaeOfficial
CHOSENby Dolora Mae
"No one can love you forever but I can."
  • fan
  • mystery
  • mysterious
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Blood Club by moongall
Blood Clubby moongall
When Freya Smith meets Axel Denvers, together they discover that not everything in their town is as it seems. Teenagers begin to show up brutally attacked and murdered...
  • wolf
  • alpha
  • turned
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Oc Book by Dildo_Faggins
Oc Bookby 😙RYLIN💨
my book of Oc's....ENJOY
  • supernatural
  • marvel
  • beinghuman
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Red Wine ||KTH by _kissaholic_
Red Wine ||KTHby ♡
" don't trust, don't talk, don't fall in love"
  • heartbeat
  • blood
  • bitten
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Bite by Jemsjems
Biteby Jemma Warriner
"What did you say?" My voiced started to shake with the look of disbelief across my face, thinking that my friends had grown two heads. "Lucy, we were b...
  • friends
  • alpha
  • love
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Different Worlds  by HysteriaDominion
Different Worlds by HysteriaDominion
Naruto Uzumaki- Vampire Ninja Sasuke Uchiha- Ninja Vampire Hunter Sakura Haruno- Normal Ninja Girl Kakashi Hatake- Famous Vampire Hunter also known as Copycat Kakashi. ...
  • fanfiction
  • vampirhunter
  • team7
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The New Witch ~ Nick Sorrentino {Book 2} by MelissaJames22
The New Witch ~ Nick Sorrentino { MelissaJames22
*Sequel to The Lone Wolf* A few weeks after the pack fought the war of the mutts, the pack finds themselves facing a new enemy with some new allies; witches. However, af...
  • ruthwinterbourne
  • claydanvers
  • jeremydanvers
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A new life// aiden❤️book 1 by jessabxtch
A new life// aiden❤️book 1by jessabxtch
Bitchesss You are new to beacon hills high school and you were bitten by derek But you're not any normal werewolf... Find out what happens when you become a alpha and g...
  • jacksonwhittemore
  • aiden
  • alphapack
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The Female Wolf Nick Sorrentino by KiannMariee
The Female Wolf Nick Sorrentinoby Kiannmariee
Two sisters both want the same thing; to escape. After seeing how things work out at home, the sisters move to Toronto Canada. What happens when they're pulled back to B...
  • jeremy
  • sorrentino
  • antonio
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