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One Big Happy Vampire Family by HahaYouFoundMe
One Big Happy Vampire Familyby My name isn't important
One day Riley is walking home from school when she's attacked by a vampire who later on brings her home. Whether she likes it or not, she soon becomes part of the family...
The Vampires New Toy by RavenWhite99
The Vampires New Toyby RavenWhite99
A girl is kidnapped and sold. To a vampire?? Will she survive in a house full of bloodthristy monsters? ((Complete, sequel in progress))
The Snake Queen by kushkween_dizzy
The Snake Queenby Dizzy
Everybody knows King Cobras are one of the most dangerous species of snakes. But it's a little interesting when their venom can give you magical powers. Sixteen-year-old...
Bitten by heymurl
Bittenby Faith Murley
After learning that she has been lied to about her parentage and past, Lorena Harlow must make a decision to reject her newfound powers or to save all werewolves.
King Of The Night: The New Servant by ChocolateBluZ
King Of The Night: The New Servantby ლζ*♡ε♡*ζლThe Queen of BLლζ*♡ε...
It was so cold, I could feel the bits of snow covering my body, as I laid captive in the cold. Sheet of soft, white blankets camouflaged the bushes and trees in the wond...
This Animal I am Becoming (A Bitten fanfic) by Queso0317
This Animal I am Becoming (A Queso0317
A prequel spin-off to my other cross over series, This Animal I Have Become. You don't have to read my other story to know what is going on and if you like Bitten then t...
Lawfully Bitten  by lizzygrantpisslord
Lawfully Bitten by Lizzy Grant stan
Every four years, the eighteen-year-old human females would swarm at the Cresonation Square, silently praying they weren't late. There was always a terrified fear in the...
Howling Beauty by Immortality-to-go
Howling Beautyby ༒༺ 𝔾igi ༻༒
❝Most species bare their teeth as a threat, as a display of aggression, of leadership. It is a reminder that these clenched jaws can and will open your yielding throat. ...
Maybe by HappiLi
Maybeby Li Dang
He was afraid of the storms in her eyes, but somehow, they were meant to be. [ warning: my writing was a complete disaster in 2013. read at your own risk. ]
Biting Wild: Lycans of Grayville by BrettHicks
Biting Wild: Lycans of Grayvilleby Brett Hicks
After the death of my father I moved to a secluded Canadian town called Grayville. It has under 15,000 residence and a good vet school, so I could finish my last year o...
Bitten Witch by Shannah_Couper
Bitten Witchby Nic
First in the Witch's Blood Trilogy Alex is a normal everyday nerd, she likes to read and play games. At least that's what she thought but before she knows it she believe...
Turned by JasmineTheDreamer
Turnedby Jasmine
Grace Montgomery travels across the country to take up residence in the cabin she inherited, searching for answers about a family that she never knew. But Rowan, Colorad...
Bitten (Harry Styles Vampire) by RainWriter
Bitten (Harry Styles Vampire)by Inez
Who would've thought vampires existed? When they reveal themselves in the year 2137 the war breaks out. All the vampires want is freedom but the humans are too scared to...
Prey Drive by PossumTears
Prey Driveby PossumTears
Things are different now. The world is better. Shifters live in peace. Quinn is a rabbit shifter, the weakest species of all. Her life gets turned upside down when sh...
The Lone Wolf ~ Nick Sorrentino {Book 1} by MelissaJames22
The Lone Wolf ~ Nick Sorrentino { MelissaJames22
Katherine (Kat) Hale has come to Bear Valley alone, searching for Jeremy's pack for her to join. However, after joining the pack, it seems there is another threat that s...
Fated Souls[COMPLETED] by darkest112
Fated Souls[COMPLETED]by FSDay
When Freya is bitten by a rabid wolf on her way home, her life would never be the same again. ••••• Freya did not expect to turn into a wolf two weeks after being b...
Mr. Vampire  by DarkRoyallty
Mr. Vampire by DarkRoyalty Books™
Laurier Fotifyv awakens from an overdue slumber and attacks the first human he could sink his fangs into. Lost an unable to find his way back to where his little lies, h...
Percy Jackson the Werewolf by KatieMossman
Percy Jackson the Werewolfby Katie Mossman
Percy and Annabeth are drifting apart, what will happen when their Relationship ends and Percy gets bitten by a werewolf?
This Animal I Have Become (A Negan/Bitten Fanfic) by Queso0317
This Animal I Have Become (A Queso0317
A crossover/alt. universe story about a girl named Bree Danvers who is a werewolf that gets stuck in her wolf form during the Zombie apocalypse. She meets Negan and the...
A new life// aiden❤️book 1 by kolissac
A new life// aiden❤️book 1by Mikaelsons wife🤤💋
Evie is new to beacon hills high school and was bitten by derek hale. But she's not any normal werewolf... Find out what happens when you become a alpha and get a true p...