The Alpha's Human Mate by eryherd23
The Alpha's Human Mateby Emily Ryherd
Ember heard a knock on her door, and opened it. Five tall muscular men stood in front of her. One day Ember's normal life is twisted into a world she never thought excis...
  • loss
  • fiction
  • heartbreak
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Descent  ↠ Nick Sorrentino (1) by yourstrulynix
Descent ↠ Nick Sorrentino (1)by World of Fiction
"She's powerful and fierce but she's also impulsive. She makes mistakes and if anyone makes the wrong move - she'll destroy everything and everyone." [SEASON 1...
  • fanfiction
  • bitten
  • nicksorrentino
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The New Witch ~ Nick Sorrentino {Book 2} by MelissaJames22
The New Witch ~ Nick Sorrentino { MelissaJames22
*Sequel to The Lone Wolf* A few weeks after the pack fought the war of the mutts, the pack finds themselves facing a new enemy with some new allies; witches. However, af...
  • loganjonsen
  • claydanvers
  • ruthwinterbourne
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The Blue-eyed Wolf (Jeremy Danvers) by alpha_hybrid
The Blue-eyed Wolf (Jeremy Danvers)by alpha_hybrid
Being a werewolf isn't all that its cracked up to be. Well being the only female is what sucks. That was until Elena Micheals was bitten and survived. Most of our kind i...
  • bittentheseries
  • bitten
  • jeremy
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Whirl | book one by New_Improved_Kate
Whirl | book oneby The New & Improved
~the story of how the moon found the sun~ She couldn't stop. He couldn't begin. And in the stillness they created a whirlpool. And in the whirlpool they created stilln...
  • sun
  • death
  • highschool
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Sorrentino Girl by PinkRoseWhite
Sorrentino Girlby ✨Shitty Author✨
Nick Sorrentino has a sister. She's in no way normal. She's also a werewolf. She started to be neglected by her father and brother so she left. When they convinced her t...
  • danvers
  • beta
  • alpha
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The Perfect Mate by Chocolate013001
The Perfect Mateby Chocolate013001
Book One in Mate Trilogy Sorenson was adopted at a young age, into a family that was abusive. His 'parents' would adopt more and more children and dump them on Sorenson...
  • purebreed
  • werewolf
  • malexmale
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VEUX by saviorselves
VEUXby Emjae
Rejection is at an all time high in werewolf culture. Females are tired of overbearing, and possessive mates, so they've found a loophole: rejection. Yet when Saoirse is...
  • alpha
  • mates
  • rejection
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Bitten (Harry Styles Vampire) by RainWriter
Bitten (Harry Styles Vampire)by Inez
Who would've thought vampires existed? When they reveal themselves in the year 2137 the war breaks out. All the vampires want is freedom but the humans are too scared to...
  • war
  • one
  • onedirection
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Bitten // Grayson Dolan // Dolan Twins // Finished - Completed by RaekenFireXo
Bitten // Grayson Dolan // Dolan RaekenFireXo
FINISHED || I'm one of them people who are very loud at school and with my friends, but really I'm not. Something strange is happening to me after something bit me in th...
  • spn
  • werewolvesandvampires
  • bitten
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CHOSEN by DoloraMaeOfficial
CHOSENby Dolora Mae
"No one can love you forever but I can."
  • mystery
  • romance
  • jessicastrother
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The Bitten Assassin by Hello789101
The Bitten Assassinby Hello789101
At night, when the moon rises above the horizon, horror awakes and powerful beings are free to roam the earth. Relatives go to work in the morning, yet fail to return th...
  • murder
  • bite
  • smoke
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Without Soul ▷ Nick Sorrentino [1] by Skye_Johnson_
Without Soul ▷ Nick Sorrentino [1]by Skye Johnson
Werewolves. All males except for two, Emma and Elena. They both have impacted the lycanthrope history. Elena Michaels being the first woman bitten to survive the transfo...
  • werewolves
  • jeremydanvers
  • emma
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I'm Adopted By Vampires?! (MxBxMxM) by _AngelFeathers_
I'm Adopted By Vampires?! (MxBxMxM)by 💙Mya Panda💙
Jayson is a 17 year old, boy who's parents died in an accident. When his parents died he was forced to live in an orphanage, where someday he'll be adopted. His dream co...
  • bite
  • boyxboy
  • mpreg
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Percy Jackson Lost and Alone Wattys2018 by KatieMossman
Percy Jackson Lost and Alone Katie Mossman
Percy and Annabeth are drifting apart, what will happen when their Relationship ends and Percy gets bitten by a werewolf?
  • heartbreak
  • percyxoc
  • artemis
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Bitten (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)  by WiseWolf826
Bitten (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by Mary-Kate
Percy gets bitten by a werewolf, and has to follow a lot of new rules, something he has never been very good at. New marks. Flashing eyes. Amazing power. What will hap...
  • pjo
  • percyxannabeth
  • wolf
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Xavier The First (SLOW UPDATES) by agirlinthedarknesss
Xavier The First (SLOW UPDATES)by someoneonEarth
The name's Xaferia DeSanchez. She's an average girl, you could call her a nerd, and a cat lover. Until she met DO, or Dylan O'Brien-no, Derrick O'Connor in the middle of...
  • vampire
  • bite
  • vampires
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Protect me, Alpha|Slowly Editing, Also Rewriting| by valina_marie
Protect me, Alpha|Slowly ♛Nina♛
|Disclaimer: This book was written when I was about 13 y/o so its most likely poorly written. I'm going to be doing some major editing. And by major I mean MAJOR editing...
  • secrets
  • human
  • misunderstandings
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Piercing Fangs of Guilt (Vampire x Reader) by kkrosie123
Piercing Fangs of Guilt (Vampire Briar Young
This is a vampire novel. BECAUSE WHY NOT?!! Also I wanted to another (Character x Reader.)
  • bitten
  • yandere
  • bat
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Blood siblings by bluetrident03
Blood siblingsby bluetrident03
No matter what happened they had rules: 1) They keep nothing from each other-no matter what it is. 2)Always have each others back no matter what. 3)It doesn't matter if...
  • beaconhills
  • pjo
  • tw
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