Visit From Beyond

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Chapter 21

We pulled into my driveway at a little past 2: 30 and, as expected, Dad was on the front porch waiting. I sighed when Dame killed the engine. At the moment I couldn’t bother. He was more than likely going to wonder what I was doing coming home at this hour then it would lead to some lecture that would, without the shadow of a doubt, lead back to the whole ‘none virgin’ conversation all over again. I had to stall.

“Damen . . . ?”

“Yeah?” He answered, sounding more alert now than on the ride back.

“Do you know if a little spring or stream ever ran through the forest near where you found me?” if there really was then what I saw would really have been a flashback. But why would I have seen that . . . ? It wasn’t very relevant from what I could tell because I already knew that the Crimson Maire were all wiped out because of an ambush closer to the other end of the forest that led back to the main road. When I thought about it I realized that I had never seen any of those wolves in any of my dreams, so, who were they . . . ?

“Um yeah,  it wasn’t anything big but the water there was very refreshing and was the preferred choice for drinking whether by the humans or my ancestors. Why?”

“Nothing—wait did you say your ancestors? Like how far down in the generation was that?”

He shrugged, failing to see the importance of my question. I didn’t see the importance either but something about it compelled me to ask more. “I don’t know really but I think that at that point my grandfather was a boy . . . maybe a pup.”

“Oh . . .” My voice sounded distant as I answered. Somewhere in my subconscious I knew that it all meant something but I kept drawing a blank.

“Alex, if there’s something wrong then you need to tell me.” 

“It’s nothing really I just—“ A bright light flashed before me. It was so bright that I couldn’t see anything outside of it. I tired reaching my hand up to block the light but my hands had apparently gone numb. It was then that I realized that my body had gone numb. The light dulled down a bit but it didn’t disappear. In the distance I could hear Damen calling my name. I looked to either side, trying to get my bearing but I still couldn’t see anything.  Slowly the silhouettes of wolves began darkening around me. They surrounded me.

---Damen’s POV---

“Alex? Alex this isn’t funny!”

When she still didn’t respond I threw open my door and ran to her side. “Alex!” I shouted again as I threw her door open and tried shaking her from whatever trance she had fallen into. Her head turned to me and she stared up at me but her eyes were empty. I was about to call to her again when her eyes rolled over. I drew back to get her father but he was already on his way. He got to us in seconds.

“What’s wrong with her?!” He demanded as he scoped her into his eyes.

“Um, are you sure we should move her? What if she’s having a seizure or something?” I didn’t mean to panic but she was left under my care, I should have been watching her! What if all that drinking did this to her? This was all my fault! I just knew she would have gotten some kind of brain damage and now she was seizes up! Damn it! Damn it man! Ugh! I was so stupid!

He dismissed what I had said and hurried her into the house. I followed dutifully behind hoping she would snap out of it and tell us that she was just messing around in an attempt to get me to care more. Yes! I would have loved that. If this was all an act to get my attention it would be perfect because it would mean that she was her old self just trying to pull one over me and that would mean that there was nothing wrong with her. She had to be alright. I didn’t know what I would have done if she got hurt or worse—no I wouldn’t think about that because she was strong. She was a fighter. I had never seen anyone more determined than her and I knew she would pull through. She had to . . .

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