Julius Caesar  by IAmVeryLoud001
Julius Caesar by F. A.
Updates every Friday *** ¡ Winner of the Readers Choice Awards 2018- Hidden Gems ¡ Genre Winner (first place) of World Of Champions Awards¡ ▪▪▪ "I know there is not...
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My Unique Love (Swasan OS) by riya_thewand
My Unique Love (Swasan OS)by Riya Mehta
Our First OS is of Swasan... What Will happen if Swara help her sister in achieving her dream? but helping from running from her own marriage? what Will happen top busi...
  • fault
  • love
  • marragie
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Invisible by andreaellyce
Invisibleby Andrea Ellyce
When 18-year-old Emma Dawson was raped after her junior year in high school, her entire world fell apart. Especially when her egocentric father didn't believe a word she...
  • suicide
  • teenfiction
  • manipulate
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Fault [bxb] by wick3d_guy
Fault [bxb]by gayfag96
His first day at a new school didn't go as well as Zack planned. He's had many problems in the past, due to his sexuality. He thought they would accept him the way he is...
  • homosexual
  • gaylove
  • love
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Why She Almost Ended It All. by JunelleBridges
Why She Almost Ended It All.by ~~~LOGIC~~~
This is about Scarlett an 11th grader. She never meant for everything that happened to happen. She thinks everything is her fault. Teacher. Crush. Best friends. Baby. D...
  • depression
  • change
  • death
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She's A Victoria's Secret Model(Currently Editing) by AskLinda
She's A Victoria's Secret Model(Cu...by Linda L R
Something I wrote as a child please don't take it too seriously was written poorly and honestly not my best work. At the time I wrote this my eating disorder was startin...
  • star
  • beautiful
  • nerd
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I know, I'm sorry. || Lee Jeno by aichan26
I know, I'm sorry. || Lee Jenoby 니나
"You think that you're the only one who suffered from it?!!" Jinhye yells at Jeno. Jeno can't deny what he just heard. She's right. Highest rank: #3 parent pro...
  • twins
  • nct
  • jeno
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The Fault In Our Stars by BiancaJaeschke
The Fault In Our Starsby Bianca
This was written during school back in 2013... I decided to post it on here and it is still giving me notifications from it and for that I thank you
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✉️ׂׂׂׂૢ🌻࿐ EAT MY SHORTS! ( status ) by onelunged
✉️ׂׂׂׂૢ🌻࿐ EAT MY SHORTS! ( status...by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
" we riot of course "
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The Taste Of Revenge by Baby_Black_Bird
The Taste Of Revengeby Nymphadorable
"I warned you pup. She's tempted you away, and I can't have that." Nymphadora Tonks has gone missing, and of course Remus blames himself. But when the Order...
  • accidents
  • kidnapped
  • remuslupin
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Possessed ~ Her Fate by amanita_verna
Possessed ~ Her Fateby Aady
POSSESSED-HER FATE Guys as it contains mature content in this story is based on a dark story.. i am gonna post it on "Aadyasha Writes" my Facebook page n on Wa...
  • nweauthoraward
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Fault - A Love Story by taqveemRM
Fault - A Love Storyby Taqveem
Sometimes we tried to solve those problems which was not happened because of our FAULT. those problems were the result of some one else faults and because of the situati...
  • justwriteit
  • hero
  • destiny
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The Fault In Our Coffees by pillowane
The Fault In Our Coffeesby ★WANE★
• SLOW UPDATING • "One coffee, please. Yung MATAPANG para kaya akong ipaglaban." -KMG "Isang kape nga, please. Yung MAINIT para maramdaman ko naman ang ma...
  • fault
  • mingyu
  • meanie
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Not The Baby's Fault by HatanoHata
Not The Baby's Faultby HatanoHata
Vina yang baru saja bertemu orang yang mengisi hatinya setelah dua tahun berpisah harus dihadapkan dengan kesalahan masa lalunya sendiri.
  • baby
  • fault
Please just let me go by Midnight_Darkness_
Please just let me goby Midnight Darkness
A young girl no older then 15 laying down in her room wondering when it all went wrong how it got this far. She wonders how she can possibly live anymore. She just wants...
  • help
  • real
  • fault
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Things that annoy me in HxH fanfics by Yuki1014o
Things that annoy me in HxH fanficsby WO- COIA
Just a bunch of stuff that annoy me in hunter x hunter fanfics. Everything from slight annoyance, to downright 'if I see this I'll drop it on the spot' Irregular updates!
  • reveiw
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  • marysues
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Arachnophobia \\ Homecoming [Peter Parker] [1] #TheHeavenlyAwards2018 by cat_bostick
Arachnophobia \\ Homecoming [Peter...by - Leo -
"You're afraid of spiders, are you afraid of me?" "Well, save me one day, and you'll see." *** In which Bambi is petrified of spiders, but one spider...
  • arachnophobia
  • 15yearsold
  • superhero
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Music and movies by DezzieBlackSnape
Music and moviesby HelenaMcclean
All my favorite song lyrics, and book/movie quotes
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[Longfic][VKOOK] That's my fault by 2Angels_Fanfic
[Longfic][VKOOK] That's my faultby 2Angels
"Nếu trên đời này có phép màu, xin hãy mang người ấy đến bên tôi đi." Năm tháng tuổi trẻ của Tuấn Chung Quốc, vì một nam nhân lại làm chuyện có lỗi với người...
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  • thiên
  • fic
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