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Cursed (Zeref X Reader) by mango_gymnast
Cursed (Zeref X Reader)by ❀
(Y/N) has always tried to lock away her past, rejecting her old magic which was forced upon her by one of the darkest figures in history. Then she meets Zeref, cursed by...
Day After Day by masonfitzzy
Day After Dayby Mason FitzGibbon
Each day she wakes up in a different body, not knowing who she is, and each night that body dies. She is the Reaper Syndrome, and she's desperate to know why. ...
Warrior - The Weeping Monk by forever_birlems_babe
Warrior - The Weeping Monkby Cool guy cal
- The Cursed Fanfiction - *spoilers ahead* It was believed that Ash Folk were completely wiped from Britania but that wasn't the case... there were two left. Both on op...
Nyctophobia: (Book 1) A Percy Jackson and Avengers Crossover by SuperSizedMcWriter
Nyctophobia: (Book 1) A Percy SuperSizedMcWriter
A tragedy at camp sends Percy running. After he shows up at his mom's and explains the situation, another disaster ends with Percy unconscious, injured, and sprawled out...
"she found the colors to paint him where the world had left him gray." in which the fey princess and the fey hunter find themselves in a predicament when neith...
Raising Anti by StitchedIvy
Raising Antiby King Sanders
Anti get's turned into a kid by a backfired spell causing him to regress fully. Will the Septics be able to put aside who Anti is to care for the now struggling child or...
Castiel x Reader: Not What You Think by Sofaloofa
Castiel x Reader: Not What You Moose In The Impala
When you started your day, you never would have imagined that you'd be thrust into the world of monsters and demons. Much less would you think that you'd be mistaken for...
FATED | The Weeping Monk by emalefoy
FATED | The Weeping Monkby “ ℰ ”
❝Fate has an unusual way of bringing two people together.❞ cover by @MissLalice
The PUR-fect Curse by RomulusSanders
The PUR-fect Curseby King Creativity
(Temporary Cover~ that's Roman as a cat.) (Written based off a prompt from Vpow4life) In a fit of anger, Roman goes out and get's himself cursed. Now he's stuck being ca...
Cursed By Fate (Taehyung x reader)  by SummerLoveAvB
Cursed By Fate (Taehyung x reader) by 💜
Fire is what me made in what I am today, a monster to be exact. The name my mother gave me when she saw me. Alone that's what I am. In my journey I met a old man who saw...
Cursed with Wings (Thranduil Fanfiction) by spypuppy
Cursed with Wings (Thranduil spypuppy
[Book 1] Belle is a cursed She Elf. Betrayed by her own family, Belle runs for the hills, forced to accept her new life. Taking the form of an owl in the daylight an...
FDA 1: The Doubter's Fortune Teller Bride by WeirdyGurl
FDA 1: The Doubter's Fortune madam shems
I'm Kale Thomas Velez, your husband to be.
Arcana memes by ChippedDip
Arcana memesby Salsa
A bunch of Arcana memes to look at at 3 am
The Unknown Twin  by IizRachael
The Unknown Twin by Rachael_Fanfics
Emma Swan the saviour has a twin named Rachael Lillian Frost Shepherd but Rachael was affected by the curse and Emma does not know she is her twin plus she is only 14...
SYENNA: The Cursed Magic Bearer (Book 2) by LorreignneScarr
SYENNA: The Cursed Magic Bearer ( Lorreignne Scarr
(Book 2 of LUNA: The Invisible Princess) Language: Tagalog & English A newborn planet reveal to all Magic World. It is called De Luna. But in order to live in the plane...
SHYAN ONE SHOTS by Pandoras_Box_122
SHYAN ONE SHOTSby Pandoras_Box_122
Shyan one shots, will try to post once a month, but I also have stuff to do, sorry ^ - ^
Cursed || blackpink x bts [Horror] by Tyche__
Cursed || blackpink x bts [Horror]by Tyche
How can a group of 4 girls and 7 guys deal with the curse? Started: October 20, 2017 Rankings: Horror: 191/215K
Forsaken (TWD Fanfiction) by Krazy_Kupid
Forsaken (TWD Fanfiction)by Krazy_Kupid
"Some of us think holding on makes us stronger but sometimes it is letting go." -Herman Hesse "This world has gone to complete c...
SebaClaude| My Kitten by FloofyAlastor
SebaClaude| My Kittenby Floofy Alastor
Claude didn't actually die atvthe hands of the demon sword, he was put on trial in the bottomless pits if hell. What will his punishment be? And how is Sebastian tied in...