The King's Cursed Bride by ElizabethNewsom
The King's Cursed Brideby Elizabeth Newsom
Betrothed to the King. Cursed since birth. All her life, Carissa's been betrothed to a man she's never met and inflicted with a curse she's never seen. Tired of waiting...
  • prince
  • fantasyromance
  • thefaefolk
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The Female Lycan by Raph_rocks01
The Female Lycanby ~Luna of Raven~
It use to be a rare thing. Seeing a female werewolf. It was almost like their were no such thing. But now female werewolves have the same population as males. Except fo...
  • wattys2018
  • romance
  • dark
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The Dangerous Prince by Iamnikki1
The Dangerous Princeby Nikki Hall
#1 in Vampire (22-10-16) #1- THE CRYSTAL AWARDS WINNER 2016 _____ UPDATES: SATURDAY _____ Once, there was a Princess. Princess Anastasia of Valona. The Kind-hearted sou...
  • king
  • princess
  • tristan
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Our Story by Mk1120
Our Storyby ~MK
I curled under the jungle gym and cried my eyes out. Suddenly a shadow hovered over me. I looked up saw a boy about my age staring at me with a Unknown expression. He be...
  • werewolf
  • mates
  • alpha
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Shit I'm falling for a Weasley || George Weasley by Sapphire0258
Shit I'm falling for a Weasley || Sapphire0258
||EDITING|| Lily Fowler, known to the world as Lily Argent, in order to protect her from her dark past, is a fifth year student at Hogwarts. Cursed as a child, Lily pre...
  • harrypotter
  • cute
  • love
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Netvor .::Completed::. by RosesnWater
Netvor RosesnWater
A retelling of Beauty and the Beast There is a story that tells of a monster who can slip into a crowd of people unseen, one that collects the hearts of the tra...
  • beautyandthebeast
  • fairytaleretelling
  • cursed
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Cursed (Zeref X Reader) by mango_gymnast
Cursed (Zeref X Reader)by ❀
(Y/N) has always tried to lock away her past, rejecting her old magic which was forced upon her by one of the darkest figures in history. Then she meets Zeref, cursed by...
  • mango
  • fanfic
  • xreader
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Beauty And The Vampire: It All Started With A Rose  by Princess_arielanne
Beauty And The Vampire: It All Arielanne
A dark mysterious vampire fantasy novel * Everyone has heard of the tale of the Beauty and Beast. About a father who picks up a Rose for his daughter. About a daughter w...
  • dark
  • beast
  • beauty
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Cursed || blackpink x bts [Horror] by PinkyMeloy
Cursed || blackpink x bts [Horror]by ☆ Meloy ☆
How can a group of 4 girls and 7 guys deal with the curse? Started: October 20, 2017
  • yoonnie
  • bts
  • jirose
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Precious Mine🐾 • Meanie by hannieshi__xx
Precious Mine🐾 • Meanieby candy apple
In which Kim Mingyu found out his best friend / crush, Jeon Wonwoo is a catboy after 6 years being together. [ Cat hybrid AU ] Started: 9 September 2018 Finished: - • Fi...
  • yaoi
  • saythename17
  • meanie
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For the love of a Dragon (Thranduil fanfic) by residenthobbit49
For the love of a Dragon ( Mae Sagittarius, at your serv...
Cursed elleth. Dragon. Thranduil. You finish the puzzle. residenthobbit49 :) Note: I am in the midst of editing the final couple of chapters - just in case the writing s...
  • elves
  • cursed
  • thranduil
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Obliterate by Serayna
Obliterateby ashley taylor
[book two] Sophie Brooks is cursed. The spirit of a very ancient, very angry vampire dwells within her and is fighting to break free. As she and her friends struggle to...
  • adventure
  • death
  • teen
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Blue Eyed Beast (#1~ Blue Eyed Luna Series) by BlackDancingShadows
Blue Eyed Beast (#1~ Blue Eyed Samantha Adkins
'And like the moon, she had a side of her so dark, that even the stars couldn't shine on it; she had a side of her so cold, that even the sun couldn't burn it.' 〰 Adelin...
  • mates
  • brujas
  • beast
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Nyctophobia: (Book 1) A Percy Jackson and Avengers Crossover by SuperSizedMcWriter
Nyctophobia: (Book 1) A Percy SuperSizedMcWriter
A tragedy at camp sends Percy running. After he shows up at his mom's and explains the situation, another disaster ends with Percy unconscious, injured, and sprawled out...
  • torture
  • percyjackson
  • tonystark
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The Fallen Angel by Ledgendary_Alt
The Fallen Angelby Ledgendary_Alt
"Words cut deeper than swords. Swords you can pull it out but words are embedded to our souls" I am the Gaurdian Angel of Artemis. I am to gaurd her with all m...
  • cursed
  • betrayed
  • hoo
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ZEUS by Aroha_xox
ZEUSby Aroha_xox
There are three of them They are ruthless They are cursed They are Immortal They are the HellHounds. ****** They were a legend. A story. But all legends are based off of...
  • mates
  • witchcraft
  • time
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Xander's Curse (Book Two in the Cursed Series) by sunnishy
Xander's Curse (Book Two in the Sunni
Upon the attempt on his brother's life, Xander was cursed to remain within the walls of his mansion forever. Damien's cold outer shell has returned, but Cyan's large hea...
  • dominance
  • lovetriangle
  • luna
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Cursed {Prinxiety AU} by PikaGirl_Oshi
Cursed {Prinxiety AU}by Olivie
For generations, a great family heirloom has been passed down, along with mysterious powers. And now, Virgil has both of these things. Being a modern day warlock doesn't...
  • logan
  • trappedinanothertime
  • virgil
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Curse Ed by ShiningDarkness18
Curse Edby YᗩᑎᗪEᖇEEEEE Ω
Peach Toadstool had the perfect life. She was heading into senior year, and her AP psychology class was just another class that she was going to ace. That is, until she...
  • rosalina
  • daisy
  • luigi
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Harry Potter Oneshots and Headcanons by LupinIsMyPatronus
Harry Potter Oneshots and georgia
Oneshots about how the Marauders discovered Remus's furry little problem, rambles about Lily and James, sad headcanons about Ron and Hermione. I even write about Harry s...
  • ron
  • hinny
  • child
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