THE CONTRACT (Completed) by Deelah_Romeesa
THE CONTRACT (Completed)by Deelah_Romeesa
Amaya Watson is not your everyday girl, she's different, strong and beautiful. She takes the responsibilities of both a mother and sister. Life becomes tough for her whe...
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Diligitis | King Alpha by rainbowzx
Diligitis | King Alphaby ya gurl
"Yes." I heard myself say. I did not even think twice about what he meant with 'it'. In my heart I knew he was talking about the pull I felt towards him. He h...
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Rejected by my pack by tsouschatz
Rejected by my packby Brooke & Margo
Love always comes with a price
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Beast | #Wattys2018  by CarriedAway_
Beast | #Wattys2018 by .Marie.
Aura Fortis was no human, though she believed she was. Until one wintry night she was proven wrong. By a tall, handsome, brooding man claiming that she...
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Howl's moving castle (fanfic) Howl X Reader✔️ by Sameen1212
Howl's moving castle (fanfic) DramaQueen
Second place in ruby awards 2018. Highest Rank#2 in Howl's Moving Castle x reader Highest Rank#2 in Howl's Moving Castle Magic exists, no doubt in that... (Y/N) have bee...
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Creative Heart by Reader_of_Anime
Creative Heartby Erika Bense
I'm going to try and make this the best fan fiction ever... So yeah! Enjoy!
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The Girl Who Changed The Alpha's Life (UNDER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION) by rawrzeez
The Girl Who Changed The Alpha's internet dweller
Avery Bently isn't exactly the type of girl most would evaluate as "typical". Her unusual but striking white hair catches the attention of all; however, the da...
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The Howl of the Alpha (Yandere! Werewolf! x Reader) by BessieMoo
The Howl of the Alpha (Yandere! Bessie
Copper eyes seem to always follow you, no matter where you went. It's been like this ever since you can remember. Living in the woods on your own was peaceful and tranqu...
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The Valley Pack by unicornjudo
The Valley Packby chriselle
Night, the happy soul of the pack. Brightening the day. His life is more than perfect. His pack loves him and he loves them. He has loving parents. Plenty of food. Loads...
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R.I.P  (Twilight) On Hold by ThatMiaGirl
R.I.P (Twilight) On Holdby Lily
A girl name Davina Claire moves to Forks and becomes friends with Bella Swan .What will happen if Davina Claire finds out there is a dangerous supernatural part of the...
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Howl  by pinksoulheart
Howl by pinksoulheart
This is a story about a boy who left town because of a house fire, and moved back to his home town for unknown reasons. Ethan now, aged 18, has to deal with an over pro...
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You & I by thehowler_
You & Iby Ánika Melkiss Miquidade
I have always had an obsession for wolves for some stupid reason. I still am obsessed actually. So going through websites every week, looking for some kind of spell or p...
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Thorns of a Rose #1 (Howl's Moving Castle fanfiction) by lilmisswriter17
Thorns of a Rose #1 (Howl's Katie
It has been almost a year since Howl and Sophie first met, and their lives have been anything but simple. Sophie is questioning Howl's feelings for her while his heart i...
  • howl
  • sophie
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The Waitress and the Wolf by ImmaNarwhal_nbd
The Waitress and the Wolfby B
Venus Skaarsgard "grew up" in a little town, with belittling townspeople with little imagination. Having been a runaway at 16, she makes her living in as a din...
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Special by vanessablack1
Specialby vanessa
Rebecca is a girl that has been abused for many years. Her best friend is the Alpha's 14 year old daughter. She is rejected and decides to leave. West is her biggest to...
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  • pain
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WolfBlood by FallenAngel2o2
WolfBloodby Hey
Raven is a girl with a secret. She runs away the night of her parents murder. Just to arrive in someone else's territory
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Predatory Howl |ON HOLD| by aloeturtle
Predatory Howl |ON HOLD|by ella
When Fae has to treat a critically injured male, the last thing she expects from her patient is for him to shift into a wolf.
  • abuse
  • predatory
  • grayson
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Howl's Twisted Castle by WinryWieldsWrenches
Howl's Twisted Castleby Win
Catching the eye of the most eligible man in Ingary would be a dream come true for most girls, but not for Sophie Hatter. After crossing paths with the mysterious bachel...
  • howl
  • sophie
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Howl's Moving Castle: Tales Of Love by GumLee777
Howl's Moving Castle: Tales Of Loveby Chandler
A group of one shots about Howl and Sophie based off of Howl's Moving Castle, mainly all off of the movie with some elements from the book (will be doing chapters based...
  • hayao
  • hatter
  • fluff
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Still Sane by mohegansun
Still Saneby T
After Lucas had killed Jessie's gorgeous mate, William, she is forced to move back to California with him. She doesn't know what else to do, so she goes. Will a characte...
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