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The Howl of the Alpha (Yandere! Werewolf! x Reader) by BessieMoo
The Howl of the Alpha (Yandere! Bessie
Copper eyes seem to always follow you, no matter where you went. It's been like this ever since you can remember. Living in the woods on your own was peaceful and tranqu...
  • alpha
  • action
  • yandere
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The Alpha's Possession by Monstreph
The Alpha's Possessionby Lissa
(Book #1) Nora Myers despises werewolves after they murdered her mother, so what happens when she encounters an Alpha who claims she's his mate?
  • fighter
  • mystery
  • mark
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Howl's moving castle (fanfic) Howl X Reader✔️ by Chocolate_Bubblegum
Howl's moving castle (fanfic) Gossip Queen
Second place in ruby awards 2018. Highest Rank#2 in Howl's Moving Castle x reader Highest Rank#2 in Howl's Moving Castle Magic exists, no doubt in that... (Y/N) have bee...
  • magical
  • markl
  • castle
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The Alpha's Mate by LemonBlast
The Alpha's Mateby Unfortunate Loser
Abuse. That's all Ari knew. Her parents were killed while she was kidnapped by a neighboring pack known for enslaving orphans. After 15 years of torture and being mute...
  • blood
  • vampire
  • action
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DILIGITIS // King Alpha by rainbowzx
DILIGITIS // King Alphaby K
"Yes." I heard myself say. I did not even think twice about what he meant with 'it'. In my heart I knew he was talking about the pull I felt towards him. He h...
  • mate
  • runaway
  • wolf
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THE CONTRACT ✔ by Deelah_Idris
THE CONTRACT ✔by Deelah Idris
{COMPLETED} Amaya Watson is not your everyday girl, she's different, strong and beautiful. She takes the responsibilities of both a mother and sister. Life becomes tough...
  • hot
  • thebilliondollargirl
  • sheswithme
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Howls moving castle 2 (fanfic) by secrethang
Howls moving castle 2 (fanfic)by Havehishearth
It is a fanfic of howls moving castle., the novel as well as the movie.. I just want to have its part two so i wrote on my own version Wish youll enjoy I dont own the m...
  • magic
  • sofie
  • fanfiction
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WolfBlood by FallenAngel2o2
WolfBloodby Hey
Raven is a girl with a secret. She runs away the night of her parents murder. Just to arrive in someone else's territory
  • mate
  • wolf
  • werewolf
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Rejected By My Pack by tsouschatz
Rejected By My Packby Brooke & Margo
the transformation of a powerless Omega to the most powerful Alpha in the world.
  • boy
  • mythical
  • magic
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What's Left of Me (Jacob Black Fan Fiction) by haynich07
What's Left of Me (Jacob Black Hayley
Trying to escape a threat to her life and that of her parents, Danielle is forced to move in with her hot-headed cousin Paul. After a horrible relationship, a boyfriend...
  • alone
  • visions
  • separate
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I Can't Let You Go Back by XxMasterfulSaraXx
I Can't Let You Go Backby Sarafina
Kaylie Jennings is an exchange student from England, ordinary human girl? Ian is the bad boy alpha of one of the most respected werewolf packs in North America. Kaylie e...
  • exchange
  • highschool
  • camera
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Ronan by elysianx_
Ronanby m.j. ❋
"W-what are you doing?" I asked. I knew if he laid one finger on me, I was a goner and I couldn't have that happening. He followed my movements and soon enoug...
  • beta
  • baiter
  • blood
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The Ugly Mate  [EDITING NEEDED] by flourel
The Ugly Mate [EDITING NEEDED]by s a l v a t o r e
I let out a small laugh as nodded my head in confusion. "What do you mean? Of course you need me, I'm your mate." "No, I don't actually," He said as...
  • wattys2016
  • fight
  • rejection
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My Mate, My Enemy by katnisslerman16
My Mate, My Enemyby Abigail Lynne
Lux Freemen is caught in between two opposing forces. Daughter of a anti-werewolf activist and a werewolf, she is conflicted between what is she and what she has been co...
  • katnisslerman
  • right
  • howl
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Stockholm Syndrome  by jaimesoreo
Stockholm Syndrome by jackie
Stockholm Syndrome {Stock·holm syn·drome} noun feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.
  • alternativerock
  • declan
  • indie
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The Girl Who Changed The Alpha's Life (UNDER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION) by rawrzeez
The Girl Who Changed The Alpha's internet dweller
Avery Bently isn't exactly the type of girl most would evaluate as "typical". Her unusual but striking white hair catches the attention of all; however, the da...
  • wolf
  • girl
  • change
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Whispers in the Shadows by DeannaEasley
Whispers in the Shadowsby Smile Dog's Sister
Lilith (Lily) is Markl's older sister. She went to Madame Suliman's and became a pupil for her, just when Howl had done the same thing at the same time. Lilith had help...
  • anime
  • jenkins
  • witchofthewaste
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I Am The Alpha (Part 1/2) by EllaCharlotte
I Am The Alpha (Part 1/2)by Ella Charlotte
Erin Daniels is part of the East Forest Pack, not only that but she's the Alpha. In a male dominant race this makes her one of a kind. She was born with the Alpha imprin...
  • prophercy
  • begginings
  • bite
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Teen Wolf Imagines by dylanthepuppy
Teen Wolf Imaginesby BELLA💗
-"My friends, my pack" I'm excited to introduce my very FIRST book : ^ TEEN WOLF IMAGINES ^ •Awhooooooooo🐺🌕 •I'll do some of : Scott, Stiles, Derek, Theo, Br...
  • fanfiction
  • paranormal
  • teenwolfimagines
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Predatory Howl |ON HOLD| by aloeturtle
Predatory Howl |ON HOLD|by ella
When Fae has to treat a critically injured male, the last thing she expects from her patient is for him to shift into a wolf.
  • romance
  • alpha
  • ptsd
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