Older Brothers by JennaMcCall17
Older Brothersby Jenna
→| Highest Ranking: #244 in Teen Fiction COVER BY: @just0another0nobody ♡♡♡ A beautiful girl with gorgeous eyes, W...
  • life
  • love
  • teen
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Promise by Nic_s616
Promiseby Nicole S.
She refused to show mercy. She refused to die in this world of monstrosities. Maybe that's why she became what she was, They call her Seventeen. She was lethal, deadly e...
  • girl
  • gangs
  • forgiven
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Abilene Smith by storygirl003
Abilene Smithby storygirl003
Death and loss is nothing new for those who are left behind. But what of those who are ripped from this world? Follow Abilene Smith as she discovers what has happened t...
  • pain
  • loss
  • death
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three lines. by mmilky_leaf
three lines.by Alien._.addict
i. don't. know.
  • now
  • please
  • none
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The Day He Met Her  by CrossDestiny
The Day He Met Her by Edwin
The Day He Met Her is a Romance Novel of how a guy who came to know of a girl in an occurrence of an accident. The more he trace back, the more he wanted to know what ha...
  • hersuffering
  • hersorrow
  • forever
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Breakdown by emKashman
Breakdownby emKashman
100 years after technology has failed, six groups formed and try to survive. They have always been at war with eachother, and everyone is barely surviving. A woman named...
  • action
  • regret
  • disaster
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Internal Bleedings ( Poems About Depression And Anxiety)  by Umeike
Internal Bleedings ( Poems About D...by #blackgirlmagic
Depression and anxiety are two different and terrible things. These are affecting a lot of teenagers and even adults. It interferes with their everyday lives and causes...
  • emotion
  • understanding
  • help
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Embedded in Ashes by TheBluePoet26
Embedded in Ashesby OceanEyes✨
Expect not the sweet and dainty life. Painted in these walls, it's the life hidden far behind clouds, far away from what you and me know as 'life', with darkness pouring...
  • sad
  • poetry
  • saveme
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The Amazing Grace by Rainysaur
The Amazing Graceby ellalelilolu
Amazing Grace Santiago. Bukod sa kamangha mangha talaga ang pangalan nya ay tinitingala rin sya sa talentong meron sya, marahil dahil na rin sa nagmula sya kilalang pami...
  • rich
  • forgiveness
  • romance
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Chapters of Irrationality by supertanu
Chapters of Irrationalityby Mystic
I write emotional poetry and try to create beautiful imagery as I describe all the situations that people deal with in their lives. This is a collection of my true inne...
  • group
  • beast
  • poem
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You are mine......ONLY mine . by 4hanna
You are mine......ONLY mine .by Hanna
This is the story about How pragya going to make him her only when destiny decided to separate them forever by an accident , with so many tricks and some hidden truth.
  • marriage
  • pragya
  • thriller
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regret [zen x reader] | mystic messenger by bakaah
regret [zen x reader] | mystic mes...by ばか
After a bitter divorce with your now ex-husband Hyun (a.k.a. famous actor 'Zen') your life crumbled into pieces. Despite the terrible divorce, you and Zen wanted to be t...
  • zenxreader
  • xreader
  • mysticmessenger
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Thomas Brodie-Sangster Imagines. by ImMrsSangsterxxx
Thomas Brodie-Sangster Imagines.by Hannah Price-Riley
Dream of life with Mr Thomas Sangster? Get your wish come true here! Loads of Thomas Brodie-Sangster imagines to be made, just for you!
  • love
  • imagine
  • comedy
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Beintehaan- Ishqbaaz ff (Completed) by TrushnaMallipudi
Beintehaan- Ishqbaaz ff (Completed)by HeyYouNotYouYou
One moment, You may feel completely healed And the next moment, The scent of a breeze That reminds you of them Breathes the pain so freshly Back into your flesh And rip...
  • ishqbaaz
  • romance
  • anika
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I'm Stuck Here?! (TVD/The Vampire Diaries FANFICTION) 1/2 by THE0riginalGroupie
I'm Stuck Here?! (TVD/The Vampire...by ❤️
All she wanted was her boxset back, so imagine her shock when in the blink of an eye Adelina enters a different world... ...
  • adelinasalvatore
  • thevampirediaries
  • vampire
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Hiro by pyxvel
Hiroby ophelia
Hiro was Tamaki's nepenthe, and Tamaki was Hiro's own personal genie; always granting his masochistic wishes without hesitation. They were perfect for each other. Maybe...
  • alcoholism
  • firstperson
  • abuse
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The Abused by KaylaShade
The Abusedby Kayla Shade
Hai!! This story is about an abused girl with a terrible past. You'll see how she goes through hell and back.
  • blood
  • pain
  • abused
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Escaping fate by emotion_wizard
Escaping fateby Sylvi greenleaf
A young adult, just recently married, in a predicament that turns her guarded, unable to trust. She finds her self locked away, in pain. Then, it stops. A forest that is...
  • legolas
  • misery
  • thranduil
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darkness within by KaitlinWilkinson6
darkness withinby Ametheyst
darkness is something that we all have inside us all waiting to come out or is it already lukring and waiting
  • imagination
  • misery
  • sorytelling
I'll Wait For Your Return by Aphrodisia_11
I'll Wait For Your Returnby Aphrodisia_11
When will you go home? Ang tagal na rin nung huli tayong nagkita. Ang tagal mo namang umuwi. Nakakapagod nang maghintay. Pero bakit ako naghihintay? Di mo ba namiss ton...
  • promise
  • andromeda
  • dreams
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