Sirina Rose Potter by _likemysoul
Sirina Rose Potterby Missy Hastings
Little Sirina was left at age one, alone in a house where nobody knew she was. For 14 years. Raised by only a house elf. *Harry Potter fanfic. JK Rowling owns all of wha...
  • twins
  • phoenix
  • twin
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Son of Chaos (A PJO/HOO Fanfiction by musicMacK
Son of Chaos (A PJO/HOO Fanfictionby glitterygrunge
Percy Jackson has saved the world two times, from Gaea and from Kronos. He can finally relax. But when his half brother Kurt arrives, he's betrayed by everybody except h...
  • warriors
  • chaos
  • jason
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⠀⠀dignity , mitch rapp.¹ ✓ by dvlob-
⠀⠀dignity , mitch rapp.¹ ✓by ᴅɪᴅᴇɴᴜʀ
she thought home was a place, but it was himself. [ #17 IN DYLAN O'BRIEN ] [ #2 IN MITCH RAPP ] ...
  • order
  • fanfiction
  • vinceflynn
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Emily Potter - Book 5 - Order of the Phoenix by IAmTheChildOfHades
Emily Potter - Book 5 - Order of t...by IAmTheChildOfHades
There is an archway in a dark, melancholic room. And it is haunting Emily Potter's dreams. Why else would she be waking in the middle of the night, screaming in terror? ...
  • adventure
  • witches
  • emilypotter
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Granger Danger ⇗ Fred Weasley by microwavedcoffee
Granger Danger ⇗ Fred Weasleyby badfish
[Book 2 of HT Series] ❝if you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.❞ Mass Murderers, Pink Toads, and Slughorns -- oh my! #198 in Fanfic...
  • danger
  • order
  • weasley
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Silence is Golden (Percy Jackson x Harry Potter Crossover) by BlueJay8779
Silence is Golden (Percy Jackson x...by BlueJay8779
Twins Percy and Harry Potter have always been freaks. Harry had a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead but Percy has it worse. He is a mute. Unable to speak or sin...
  • lukecastelian
  • pao
  • chaos
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All of the Stars (Kylo Ren x Reader Fanfic) by WistfulAuthor
All of the Stars (Kylo Ren x Reade...by WistfulAuthor
Kylo Ren was a monster. A murderer, a beast. This you were sure of. In a world where you had woken up on the cold floor of a First Order ship with no memory apart from...
  • teacher
  • fanfic
  • kylo
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Nico at Hogwarts by JetHerondale
Nico at Hogwartsby Jet Herondale
This is just as any other story about Nico who goes to Hogwarts I just wanted to write something and this popped up in my mind. So yeah, Nico goes to Hogwarts and needs...
  • hogwarts
  • jackson
  • demigods
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PERCY JACKSON,MY PAST[COMPLETE](#YourStoryIndia)(#Watty2017)(#bluebirdaward2017) by bookbreath
Well getting betrayed and then becoming mortal was not in Percy's bucket list . But it happened. And it was horrible. But then again he started his life as mortal and be...
  • mortals
  • annabeth
  • percyjackson
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Prisoner by foodiefrankcastle
Prisonerby foodiefrankcastle
"Comfortable?" "Not really." (WARNING: POSSIBLE STAR WARS TFA SPOILERS AHEAD) After obtaining the map from Lor San Tekka showing the location of Luke...
  • force
  • dameron
  • kyloren
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War Of Vengeance  by MarvinWenzel
War Of Vengeance by Marvin Wenzel
Percy Jackson the son of Poseidon was casted into Tartarus because they thought he is to powerful and just to make it worse the only reason for their act was the request...
  • primordials
  • order
  • void
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⠀⠀dauntless , mitch rapp.² by dvlob-
⠀⠀dauntless , mitch rapp.²by ᴅɪᴅᴇɴᴜʀ
they don't care about, he said, she said! [ #15 IN AMERICAN ASSASSIN ] [ #37 IN MITCH RAPP ] ...
  • michealkeaton
  • americanassassin
  • wattys2018
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Blooming Sunshine Graphics : Open by -starless
Blooming Sunshine Graphics : Openby ˗ˏˋ ᴡʜɪᴛɴᴇʏˎˊ˗
Now accepting NON-COMMITTING requests and COMMISSIONS. In which a girl of the north posts works that she is proud of, as well as some order forms. Check inside for more...
  • graphics
  • graphicshop
  • designer
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under the mask [ a Kylo Ren fanfiction ] by doctortenrose
under the mask [ a Kylo Ren fanfic...by doctortenrose
A Kylo Ren fanfiction. • I don't own any of the rights to Star Wars.
  • starwars
  • force
  • awakens
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Sirius Black has a daughter? (George Weasley) by Theblondedaydreamer
Sirius Black has a daughter? (Geor...by Theblondedaydreamer
Being unknown is what Ariana Black only knows. Well until the Weasleys and the Order of Phoenix come to stay in the house of Black.
  • potter
  • daughter
  • order
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Far from Gone by _Clockworkkat_
Far from Goneby _Clockworkkat_
"Don't worry. I'm far from gone, but you'll never have peace again from the constant memories of your betrayal. They won't ever be gone." these were the last...
  • olympus
  • gods
  • annabeth
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Fate/Grand Order: Masters (Fate/Grand Order x Reader) by rg808guy
Fate/Grand Order: Masters (Fate/Gr...by Clayton Kuhlmann
Note: This is a Fate/Grand Order x Male Reader Description/Summery: (Y/n) was a ordinary Citizen who was chosen to become a magus of Chaldea, a organization whose goal i...
  • olga
  • master
  • action
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Hestia's lover by ppps123
Hestia's loverby ppps123
Perseus, someone who is known as a legend, but were not talking about the son of Zeus, were talking about the original Perseus, who made friends with a maiden goddess, b...
  • nyx
  • reborn
  • hestia
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The Heirs of Chaos and Order by theunhappycamper
The Heirs of Chaos and Orderby happy camper ☀️
Percy is out for a run one night and he rescues a demigod, Jordan. He was an normal seeming 17 year old, maybe a little spoiled. To everyone except for Percy. He made Pe...
  • betrayed
  • percyjackson
  • pjofandom
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 The Darkness Within  by Hhhhhheeeeeelloo1
The Darkness Within by Sky
What happens when the whole Weasley family finds out things about Percy? Find out how hurt and broken he is and how they contributed to that? Will Percy finally feel the...
  • george
  • self-harm
  • charlie
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