Lesson Learnt

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Chapter 16

I finally started to relax after receiving the good news that I hadn’t carelessly ruined my future. That sudden shock reminded me of just how careful I had to be with Damen—not that I planned to do anything with him again. I sighed to myself as I wondered who I was kidding. There was no way that I would have been able to resist if presented with the situation and I hated that. The rush of peace was nothing compared to the great guilt I felt afterwards, especially after seeing my parents’ reactions to the sight this afternoon. Still even if I couldn’t resist I still needed to be careful. I never wanted to have such a scary experience again.

The doctor walked over to the door and let Dad know that he could come inside. I took a deep breath as he crossed over the threshold. I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not he was still angry at me. The doctor glanced over at me once more.

“Um, I’ll give you two a minute.” He whispered encouragingly before he left the room.

I looked over at Dad and found him standing at the door, simply staring over at me.

“Dad . . .”

“Listen Alex, I have to apologize for the way I was acting—“

“It’s okay, you were . . . shocked I guess. I would be shocked too—“

“No—no it’s not okay. I acted way out of line even given the circumstances and I just want you to know that that baby will be loved and taken care of—and I spoke to your mom while you were in here; Sweetheart we are behind you 150%. No matter what, I still love you.”

I smiled. He had no idea how happy I was to hear that; to know that they were still behind me . . . He walked over to me with his own smile then took me into his arms. I could tell that behind all his talk he was still very scared and I thought it was time put him out o his worrying.


“Yes Sweetheart?”

“I’m not pregnant.”

He drew back to get a better look at me. I watched him smile widen in relief. “That’s even better—though as I said you would have had our support 150%”

“Sure Dad.” I said rolling my eyes but so glad that we could have gone back to just being normal. The whole incident hadn’t turned him away from me; I only hope that this wasn’t one of those things that made it hard for people to treat you the same way again because I wanted nothing more than for this to all blow off so we could get back to our regular lives.

“Alright kiddo, let’s get you home before your mom gets a panic attack.”

“Well if she does, you’re the one who’s going to have to calm her down.” I stated as I jumped off the table and poked his stomach. He laughed.

“Is that so, well no promises.” I walked to the door and placed my hand on the knob but Dad stopped me. “Hey um, Alex?”


“Can you promise me that you’ll stop having sex? I mean yeah you’re a teen and believe me those hormones—um but the point is sex can wait. Once you graduate from college and hopefully get married you can have sex just about everywhere in your house for all I care. For now, just cool it on that, can you do that?”

I sighed. If only it were that simple. “Of course Dad; piece of cake.” I wished. “I shouldn’t have started in the first place but now you have my word.” I said, raising my left hand.

“Um Sweetheart, that’s the wrong hand.”

I know.

I laughed it off so he wouldn’t think very much of it then we left the room together. Outside Ryder was still waiting on us, only now he was surrounded by our girls whose interests seemed to go further than ‘hi’s’ and ‘hello’s’. He rose as I got over to him then smiled apologetically at them. I could tell that they were all disappointed that he was leaving and maybe even a little jealous because of whom he was leaving with. If only they knew . . .

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