Fight Fire with Fire

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Chapter 33

No . . .n-no . . . NO!


 I screamed at the night sky with everything left in me. This had gone too far. She wasn’t being fair anymore. Yeah I got that I had to get rid of the ‘evil’ or whatever but Damen and Ryder were innocent. Neither of them had to die but she—she killed them. She had to revoke whatever the hell it was that she just did. I didn’t care that she was pissed anymore because I was beyond pissed. My hand grabbed hold of a stone and I threw it blindly, not sure what I expected it to hit. “Give them back! This isn’t fair! Damn you! I don’t care about what you want—give them back!”

The wind picked up again and in seconds the outline of the Nature stood before me. Her hand was at her hip and she looked down at the two she had stolen as if they were nothing—as if they never mattered.

“Hmph.” She said, more to herself than me. After another minute she looked up at me with indifference in her eyes.

I felt my glare grow darker. “You self-righteous bitch! How the hell do you expect me to do anything for you when this is how you go about your business?! Right now I don’t give a shit what you want but you had better bring them back—now!”

She became livid; I could see it in her eyes. “Insolent child, you have no control over me! I choose who I keep alive and who I killed without a second’s thought. You had better watch your mouth. You’re only an optional pawn that can easily be replaced with the sudden changing of my mind—“

“I don’t care! You don’t know what you want so nothing you do will ever work.” She stared at me incredulously. I laughed in spite of myself. “You don’t get it do you? You want others to do things or you then when they try you grow impatient and get rid of them. Keep that up and see just how many more pawns you’ll have before you actually have to step in and do your own damn bidding! Killing me right now would do nothing to me; you think I care anymore, now that you’ve taken just about everything from me?!” I looked at her in disgust for a moment then I spat at her.

“You will pay for that!” She shrieked.

“And you’ll pay for their lives if you don’t give them back!” I wasn’t afraid of offending her anymore. She had some nerve and I was going to put her in her place.

“We’ll see what a dead wolf can really do.” She said with a menacing smirk before taking a few steps back. I couldn’t help but look puzzled. I wasn’t dead so her sentence wasn’t relevant. Her smirk widened at my confusion then she slowly vanished. I was about to yell in frustration when I heard a low growl.

I flashed around immediately and saw Damen’s grandfather standing to the top of the clearing. Oh great . . .

He didn’t look at me but instead walk up and sniffed Damen. He then nudged him but of course he gave no response.

Suddenly he turned on me, snarling as he did so. I jumped back out of fright and trip over Ryder. There was no hesitation in his step as he lunged again. I only narrowly missed him biting a hole through my neck. I pushed him away and jumped to my feet. With him still trying to get up I bolted for the forest.

Now now, this won’t be affair fight if you’re able to fight back.

Instantly a sharp pang of pain ran through my entire body and had me sprawled out on the forest floor. I felt like I could barely move. My stomach did a flip when I saw Damen’s grandfather rushing towards me.

You’ll see that I always win!

I tried getting up but only managed to turn onto my back. As I steadied myself he jumped forward and had me pinned to the floor. He growled fiercely. My eyes widened in fear. This couldn’t be it. It couldn’t.

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