Good News

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Chapter 17

Damen ended up staying for dinner as I had anticipated and of course, mom was thrilled. It had something to do with her finding out exactly what made me attracted to him but she could have looked from now to eternity because I was sure that she would never see it. Hell I couldn’t see it but there was no denying it because unfortunately I could feel it. I guess now I understood what they meant when they said that love is blind.

I leaned against the arch leading into the kitchen and watched as my mother had fun setting the table with the guy who probably hadn’t done any form of chores in his entire life.

“Aren’t you planning to help Alex?’ Mom asked, distracted by the placing of utensils.

“Oh but you two seem to be having so much fun alone, I wouldn’t want to ruin it.” I mused sarcastically.

She glared over at me and I took that as my cue to start helping. Damen chuckled. I rolled my eyes then grabbed the extra plates from his hand and chucked them back in the cupboard. I cringed when they made a shattering sound and held my breath until I was sure that none of them had broken. Mom would have killed me if she had found even a scratch. I saw her scrutinizing my every move until I was able to assure her that her grandmother’s Chinas where still intact. I couldn’t tell you how many family gatherings we held here that she decided to share the story of how she got them; by now everyone else stopped caring but she never lost her pride in them.

“Sweetheart pass the pasta.” Mom said, distracting herself once more. I placed it on the table next to Damen and felt a subtle blowing against the nape of my neck as I did. I stepped on his toe just as discreetly before standing erect again and walking over to my seat.

“Hey where’s my welcoming committee? Slacking off I see.”

“Dad.” I said with a smile before hurrying to the front door.

“What’s your mom trying to cook in the kitchen this time?” He joked, giving me a hug.

“I heard that.” Mom said walking into the room. “You’re just lucky that e have guest.” She said waving the spoon next to him but he swerved in time to avoid the sauce.

“Guest?” He asked now looking down at me.

Oh boy . . . he may have thought that Damen was a good guy but that didn’t mean that he enjoyed his company very often. I mean he didn’t have a problem with him personally it was just all those summers by the lake hearing him and his hooligan cousins as they filled the night with their idiotic shouts and noises. It also didn’t help that practically the whole town knew about the player living inside each of them. I remember once the all the fathers of girls going to my school marched over there just to have a ‘talk’ with them because they had been going around messing with their daughters. Dad was more than relieved that he didn’t have to march with them that night; back then they didn’t even know that I existed. I smiled up at him.

“Um . . . Damen dropped by.”

Dad’s lips parted but before he could say anything Damen walked into the room. “Good evening sir.” He said extending his hand towards Dad. I stared up at Dad expectantly, he had to be nice. He sighed then took Damen’s hand and gave a firm shake before letting go.

“Well, the dinner’s ready and waiting.” Mom said ushering us all into the dining room. I turned to follow her when I felt Damen’s hand wrap around my waist. A lot of blood rushed to my cheeks and I wondered whether or not I should have removed it before Dad could see. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard Dad clear his throat then I quickly squirmed out of Damen’s hold knowing fully well that he hadn’t planned to remove his hand. He looked down at me, a little puzzled then I used my head to gesture to Dad. Damen rolled his eyes but said nothing. I shook my head; it was going to be a long night, wasn’t it?

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