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The Blonde Archer by petitefirecracker
The Blonde Archerby petitefirecracker
"Trust me babe you will love me."- Violet Mickelson ••••••••••••••••••• ""The gasp around the room was deadly. I stared at Ian who had on a surpris...
  • packwarrior
  • mates
  • problems
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Falling For The Surrogate © by MLHatter
Falling For The Surrogate ©by Made1ineHatter ©
Tess needs money. It's a simple as that. However, it's difficult to find a job that pays enough for housing, food, and other essentials. That is until she finds a coupl...
  • jealousy
  • secrets
  • affair
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The Sinclair Brothers  ✔️ by carolinaw16
The Sinclair Brothers ✔️by carolinaw16
A new (unwelcomed) beginning comes when Makennah is relocated through the foster care system to a new home in a rich suburb with the Sinclair family. Makennah knows righ...
  • newgirl
  • cheating
  • teenromance
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Bye, Bye Virginity by Just-Krissy
Bye, Bye Virginityby Krissy Snifeld
Stasee is your typical shy, quiet teenage girl until the night her brother’s best friend Damen Hurtz decides to finally acknowledge her existence. In a desperate attemp...
  • teenages
  • damen
  • highschool
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Mark me. (Boyxboy) (Werewolf) by laydown_renee
Mark me. (Boyxboy) (Werewolf)by Renee
"Your mine Don't you get it? I live for you. I would die for you...I would kill for you" ************************************************* Oliver has a great l...
  • badboy
  • manxboy
  • problems
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Aliyah (2) by SauceyKitten34
Aliyah (2)by Qu3een
Aliyah is a successful fashion designer and Steve is a well known gang leader and their kids are growing up following in their path
  • kids
  • gắng
  • fastgirls
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"You're The Father" by Anal_phabet_00
"You're The Father"by Anal_phabet_00
Hope u like it.
  • love
  • family
  • daughter
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Teenage lives by Jadelynn0965
Teenage livesby Jade8089
This story is about how 6 best friends, come together to do every thing together, singing and scaring. But then one makes all collapse. She got a boyfriend, and never sp...
  • anime
  • problem
  • awesome
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Big Fat Burden by MNT227
Big Fat Burdenby MNT227
Things We Feel But Never Say.
  • outlet
  • problems
  • sad
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For The Love Of A Daughter (ON HOLD) by ourlittleparadise
For The Love Of A Daughter (ON ourlittleparadise
Alina grew up in a home that had a drugged mother and an alcoholic father. When her parents finally separate, her dad takes Alina away from her mom's side, things become...
  • hate
  • love
  • life
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The Big Book of Bad poems by Bands_4_Life_04
The Big Book of Bad poemsby Bands_4_Life_04
To the people with depression or problems and don't like talking about it I been through it. My family and friends help me get through it. But know that even though I mi...
  • alone
  • hatred
  • suicidal
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A Never-Ending Nightmare: Followed by the Future (English Version) by Debooo
A Never-Ending Nightmare: Debo
After two years abroad, finally back in Germany, back at home, back in Cologne. This seems like a good beginning for Mia. New school, new luck, right? But what happens w...
  • fear
  • discuss
  • vote
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Journal by ihybye
Journalby sher
Just venting my thoughts.
  • vent
  • romantic
  • society
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Who? - short poem by nicanxcs
Who? - short poemby nica
A short poem about a little kid with a disorder
  • love
  • wrist
  • mental
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Holly girl bible  by LOVELY_ANGEL_100
Holly girl bible by A N G E L
Just read it
  • girl
  • life
  • problems
Future of Earth by mrssencorwil
Future of Earthby mrssencorwil
Caless needs to save earth.she will uncover secrets with the help of her siblings.or will the earth parish.
  • future
  • earth
  • problems
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Change, Good or Bad? by amcarie
Change, Good or Bad?by Abbie
What happens when a family moves from New York to Maryland? Passed relationships rehashed. New relationships develop. Jealousy, Love, hurt, and betrayal. And its only th...
  • tree
  • parents
  • relationships
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Woah relatable crush moments/problems by IfConnorWasSalty
Woah relatable crush moments/ Incoherent_Screeching
Having a crush is the toughest experience a person could go through.... So today imma rub it in yall's faces! (yo red riding hood but shes a thot)
  • crush
  • problems
  • relatable
OTAKU PROBLEMS by sweet-Army
this is some of Otaku problems where i relate the most...haha hope you like it...
  • hetalia
  • anime
  • otaku
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