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Little Rich Boy by AimeeSquirrell
Little Rich Boyby AimeeSquirrell
His dad is the CEO of the largest firm in New York. He's the king of the school, girls fall at his feet. He dries his hands with broken hearts and hundred dollar bills. ...
Book 1:Force To Date A Bigshot by shubby1234
Book 1:Force To Date A Bigshotby SG
Xue Xi is forced to fall in love at first sight with this dangerous man on their first meeting. With death being the only other option, she makes the first move: "I...
Academy of Excellence in Academics (School) by JawnLittle
Academy of Excellence in Academics...by JawnLittle
3 little girls sent off to a boarding school to make them "obedient". Will they bend the rules? Or will they be trained?
Close Your Eyes by paperandpen444
Close Your Eyesby ~Samantha~
"My name is Savannah, but he calls me Amber." ________ Savannah Noel is your average teenager. Well, she would be, if she wasn't kidnapped at eleven years old...
I Trusted You by Y____P
I Trusted Youby Yolanda Perez
ENTERED INTO THE 2023 WATTY AWARDS ! Jasleena Lean Miles, a 20 Year old teacher assistant. Who moved away from home for a job oportunity. Trying out a long distance rel...
Learning Korean (한국어 배우기) [COMPLETE] by sae__byuk
Learning Korean (한국어 배우기) [COMPLET...by 오브
COMPLETE I'm 100% Korean. I promise :P I'll try to teach you guys all the basics so you can communicate a little with others. Plz write comments to what you reallyy want...
My Student (Female Teacher/Male Student) by xShawtyx
My Student (Female Teacher/Male St...by Ann
Mae Hemmings, 24, just finished studying English at NYU and is now starting her first job as a teacher at Barkley High, a high school in the suburbs of her hometown New...
Sex Academy by jahsistheauthor
Sex Academyby jahsistheauthor
Growing up, Lily wasn't introduced to A LOT of things. Sex, cursing, bullies, not even boys. She was homeschooled and grew up in a church. But her parents decided to cha...
After School Detention- Rated R Short story (Complete) by Iwanttoreadforever
After School Detention- Rated R Sh...by Nadira
Mrs. Martinez, is the absorption of every mans wet dreams, maybe it's the sway of her hips, or the way that espanol rolls off of her tounge? All we know is that she has...
I Heart You Mister Playboy SERIES 01(COMPLETED) by Tios_Ten
I Heart You Mister Playboy SERIES...by Tentious
LOVE is the Way the Solution the Hope and The Everything EVERY HUMANS HEART IS FRAGILE NA DAPAT INGATAN AT PAHALAGAHAN @official start (february 02 ,2020) (february 22...
Ask me Stuff by AubreyLong5
Ask me Stuffby Ava-Olive
Ask me stuff...
Essays by ReaperWrites
Essaysby Sylvia/Reaper
These are high school and college essays and stories (that were graded as essays) that I have written in the past. This is to be a writing source for students to get ins...
The English Billionaire by silverair
The English Billionaireby em
Forest Johnston is a new up and rising billionaire who wants to make a difference in the world. Emma is a shy girl who hides in the shadows of her school, smart, but n...
Word list by Chibi_Prima
Word listby Janelle
words to use found on tumblr. I have had these saved for over a year, so i can't remember the originals. If you happen to know, please let me know. None of these are min...
Psychology And Knowledge by dablesucidewitme
Psychology And Knowledgeby a very fantastic name
Just a bunch of disorders, phobias, killers, and stuffs you probably don't wanna read. It contains GORE. And oh yea, the contents are messy.
Therian/Otherkin Education and Advice by WildSpirit345
Therian/Otherkin Education and Adv...by ↟ Ralphina ↟
I will be giving some information and advice for all therians/otherkin when they need help with therianthropy/otherkinity c: Please feel free to make any corrections if...
Learn Spanish | Aprende Español by Lord_Lyar
Learn Spanish | Aprende Españolby FindingTheMuse
Hello! Have you ever thought of learning Spanish, but didn't know how to start, or didn't want to pay classes for it? Then, this is your book! I'm going to teach you all...
How to Write a Good Story by JoyCronje
How to Write a Good Storyby Joy Cronjé
This book is a collection of resources and random tips that will help you become a better writer and create stories worth reading. Since I've started the writing journey...
All About Me :) by Faithachu222
All About Me :)by Short Story Central
(Yes, that is me on the cover.) A book about me! Just get to know me a little, like the things that I'm into, or what I don't like as much, idk! I'll just roll with it...
The Prophets Of Allah by Aria08
The Prophets Of Allahby Aria08
Stories of Prophets, teach, inspire and build our faith. Through them we learn how to thank God,to worship God and to ask for His forgiveness in the best manner. "...