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Miserable Life in DAL by Albababa23
Miserable Life in DALby cracen 569
Ok, so a man died and then he transported into another world. [oc in the cover]
Spirit Of Immortality by Sage_Auger
Spirit Of Immortalityby Aletris
[Date A Live x female reader GxG Fanfiction]
Phantom Izuku (Discontinue) by KenkenSite
Phantom Izuku (Discontinue)by Kenkensite
This fanfic is about Izuku has same powers (quirk) of Mio Takamiya from Date A Live
Hinami Aina's Tale by Aina_Candy10
Hinami Aina's Taleby Mariana
Aina starts off with a would you rather question but suddenly gets transferred to a weird dimension containing different species called spirits. Will she make it out ali...
Mistaken To Be A Spirit by AnRin05
Mistaken To Be A Spiritby AnRin05
"Somehow I'm in this situation right now......for whatever reason I'm in Date A Live universe... And not only that but they thought I'm a spirit..? And to make this...
Time And Fate (Kurumi X Reader) by Relentlezz41
Time And Fate (Kurumi X Reader)by AJ Torres
Even spirits or bad people need a companion. And even though Kurumi or Nightmare as she's known by does kill and devour, she too has good intentions. But what's this gi...
I Remember You - Haku x Spirit!Reader {Spirited Away} (Under Editing)  by Anime_4_Artist
I Remember You - Haku x Spirit!Rea...by Ew... School
The image isn't mine. (y/n), a Fox spirit, met Haku long ago when he first came to the spirit world. Haku became Yubaba's magical assistant, and (y/n) became Zeniba's a...
The Angel of Mercenaries: Date A Live x male reader by GASTLY42957
The Angel of Mercenaries: Date A L...by Rhogar
I've never been normal. I've always had spirit friends, the blu mercenaries. They've been like a family to me and no one knows about them. I've always had their respecti...
WTF an actual Spirit!? (Date a live x OC) by XNeonxyx
WTF an actual Spirit!? (Date a liv...by XNeonxyx
Not to confused with the female warriors that causes spacequakes upon appearing. This son of a b*tch is a literal ghost. You know those spooky entities that can just pos...
Pregnant and Rejected by SlyvinT991
Pregnant and Rejectedby Slyvin
Anna Carey left her mate , quit her studies and went to visit her old pack . After being there for 6 weeks, she realised that she was pregnant with her mate's child . Sh...
Paranormal Case 9 by Califia
Paranormal Case 9by Califia Montalvo
What Valeria Alvarez, a young paranormal activities researcher was to find in the little seaside town of Pacific Grove, was more than shocking. It gave many the notion t...
Devil May Love |  Niklaus Mikaelson by JarrodYouSuck
Devil May Love | Niklaus Mikaelsonby Ashtrology Towers
[Completed] "I could love the devil as long as that devil loves me as much as he loves Hell" Evangeline Salvatore returns to Mystic Falls to see her brothers...
New Spirit: Date a Live by CathySweden
New Spirit: Date a Liveby CathySweden
When a extremely large spacequake created by a unidentified new spirit, It's up to Shido to find out who she is and seal her.
SUBMIT by iwatooshi
SUBMITby vincere
If there was one legend shared in the Jujutsu community, it would be the legend of that one curse. That curse that sat above all in a time before the of King of Curses...
The Hated Lady, Is Innocent! by Karryndellchill
The Hated Lady, Is Innocent!by Karryndell chill
Hated by everyone ever since they're born? A girl named Merrie Claire de Rosalind is. Birth by the infamous evil Duchess, she's the one who try to kill the Protagonist b...
The Cruel Prince  by Jan-Jan2000
The Cruel Prince by Hi!
Highest rank #1 in DarkFantasy Banye smiled. It was a kind of savoring smile admiring a prize. "Hello Fei, little human. It's been a long time." Her mouth drie...
The Psychic Next Door by YvetteRussell
The Psychic Next Doorby Yvette Russell
Rachel Vaughn is being hunted by something... unexplainable. And she can't help but think it has something to do with Luc, the handsome but mysterious guy who lives next...
Rider by D-MOthewiz
Riderby D-MOthewiz
In a world where 80% of the population is born with a superpower called a Quirk Jin Onigawara was not so lucky. After one bad day that left him near death Jin finds hims...
The True Alpha by HappyFairy13
The True Alphaby Cera
#15 in Werewolf on 3 September 2017 Bring this beautiful world of werewolves in our lives and then talk about power clash between cunning humans fueled with manipulation...
[Date A Live] |ㄥ卂爪乇几ㄒ卂ㄒ丨ㄖ几 | (Kurumi X Male Reader) by Bannerherr
[Date A Live] |ㄥ卂爪乇几ㄒ卂ㄒ丨ㄖ几 | (Kuru...by 夜中
[Y/N] seeks salvation, the truth that remained hidden. And if he can not do it himself, then why not a friend of old acquaintance.