Death At The Hands Of Love

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Chapter 8

The next morning when I got to school I found Damn leaning against the railing of the front steps while looking out into nothing. I approached him cautiously--but only because he looked really upset. I wondered if something had happened right after they had disappeared back into the forest yesterday . . . What if what Nala said was true and their pack had been . .. shortened. As I got to him I saw his eyes shift to me, as if out of pure reflex.

"She's dying . . ." He said contemplatively as he went back to looking out.

"W-Who's dying . . .?"

He turned his head and looked me straight in the eyes. "Reina, she's dying just like that wolf said. . . Last night when you heard the howling that made us retreat if was a message that disaster had fallen. When we got back Reina had a fever and she couldn't move. What made it worst was that Keith's mother came out crying. . .she said the same thing was wrong with him. Then the pack got angry and Teri because she didn't display the emotions that a wolf about to lose her mate should have. They got to thinking that perhaps she had lied about being his mate in the first place and maybe she two timing him. They were going to kill her if he died." I looked at him with bulging eyes. He couldn't be serious! That would have only made things worse! "Don't worry they changed their minds after we told them what happened in the clearing, it's just that now my father has taken it personally. He wants both you and Ryder dead."

I felt my heart skip a beat as a shiver ran down my spine. The reality had never sunk in quite well as it did now. Someone actually wanted me dead . . ."But I haven't done anything, why? Why does he want me dead?!" I asked in a panicked whisper.

He sighed. He blamed you for the whatever may or may not happen to Reina and Keith. He says your whole pack brought this on us and you need to be removed." He took in my expression then seemed hesitant about saying what he was about to say.

"What . . .?" I asked, not managing more than the whisper. He looked away, clearly deciding to keep that to himself. "Damen please, I have to know. . ."

"No you don't because I won't let him get to you."

"You can't go against your pack, they might kill you."

"And do you know what happens to a werewolf who has lost his mate?" He voice went up a decibel. I shook my head slowly, there was a lot that I didn't know. "They might as well be dead."

"Well if that's what you plan to do then atleast tell me what I might be facing so I can be prepared . . .please." I pleaded.

He sighed. "They plan to use the harvest moon because according to them you have little to no power on that night." He looked over at me hopefully. "Please tell me there's no truth to that."

I shook my head. "I wish I could but that would be the perfect night to attack, I can hardly even move and I get a bad headache every year on that night. Ryder does a bit better but I'm guessing that's because he doesn't turn into a human but he's still affected pretty bad." I looked down as I realized something. "We don't have much time, the harvest moon is in a month."

His eyes went wide. "Are you sure?!"

"I can't afford to forget the lunar cycle; I'm very sure." 

My eyes shifted from him for a moment and that was when I saw Amber walking towards the main entrance which just happened to be where we were standing. I half wanted to bolt before she got close enough but at the moment I felt drained. I was still trying to figure how my life could have changed so drastically in one week. Then I tried to figure out how exaclty I was going to make the Crimson Maire rule again like Nala said. What did nature even want me to do. Ryder and I were just two wolves going against a whole pack of atleast 17, it was a big settlement by the lake, there was no way we would have been able to pull that off.

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