Experiment Zero by dangeroustoken
Experiment Zeroby dangeroustoken
There's more out there than you think. Ashley Cartwright works on a secluded island for her father as a secretary. The lab her father works at it planning on discov...
  • secret
  • adventure
  • race
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Male Gogeta reader x naruto by AnthonyBeal
Male Gogeta reader x narutoby AnthonyBeal
He was left after the first fight with Zabuza and he hears his teammates call him names and leaves him to die but what happens when he is found by an angel and a god of...
  • kakashi
  • ultra
  • whis
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Dragon's Star {Nalu} by winteringpages-
Dragon's Star {Nalu}by Sonja Kestal
Every seven years, the kingdom remains silent. When the clock ticks to midnight it begins. Only the roars of dragons are heard as they hunt down their most prized posses...
  • dragon
  • fire
  • defiance
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Loving My Murderous Mate by GlaciaGirl
Loving My Murderous Mateby GlaciaGirl
FORGIVENESS is the best form of love... it takes a strong person to say SORRY and an even stronger person to FORGIVE... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An angry tear sl...
  • trust
  • wolf
  • findlove
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Abused Male Ultra instinct Bardock reader x rwby by AnthonyBeal
Abused Male Ultra instinct AnthonyBeal
He was treated like shit by his mother, sister, and father but he awoken his abilities. He is then approached by Ozpin and asked to be a student at beacon academy. What...
  • rwby
  • jnpr
  • wattys2018
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The Serpent's Caster (ManxBoy) by Lonesome_Fire
The Serpent's Caster (ManxBoy)by Ms. Valdez
[~ BOOK 4 : Caster's Council series ~] After witnessing loved ones die at the hands of vampires then only to be captured by them. Linus is tired of the drama, after esca...
  • inter
  • romance
  • instincts
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Depressed and Abused Male Saiyan Ultra Instinct Reader X RWBY by SykonSSR
Depressed and Abused Male Saiyan SykonSSR
(Y/n) Is a kind hearted Saiyan who lives with his parents, who are also both Saiyans. But one fateful day, the was a knock on the door at their families house. While his...
  • malereader
  • harem
  • depressed
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Solitude  by HarlowThatcher
Solitude by Harlow Thatcher
Hundreds of feet below the ground, the government has set up levels and cells to contain the supernaturally gifted. All of them. Winifred is one of the hundreds of thou...
  • wattys2018
  • fiction
  • relationships
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Some Girls Bite → klaus mikaelson [2]  by -missmischief
Some Girls Bite → klaus ℬrandy ☄
Spencer Stilinski. She's back in Mystic Falls. Both Klaus and her are slowly coming to terms with their feelings. And with her friends trying to kill him and the Origi...
  • hybrids
  • vampire
  • elena
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The Alpha's Pack by queenezice
The Alpha's Packby E.R. Travers
There are few packs that still practice the old ways of the wolf. The world changed, and so like any adaptable race would, the werewolves changed with it; they became th...
  • freedom
  • hunting
  • forest
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The girl with seven blades by dip84406
The girl with seven bladesby Dip84406 Dip
Franklin Green wasn't the most popular kid in school but, he was one of those everyone loved well almost everyone loved. when he was seven his parents were killed by a v...
  • powers
  • dogandcat
  • instincts
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Spark X Male!Reader by OctoWink
Spark X Male!Readerby Clear
Welcome to the world of pokemon! You have been chosen to become a Pokémon Trainer with a special task. You are to help a certain professor collect New Data on these cre...
  • blanche
  • valor
  • boyxboy
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The Black Widow (DBZS Goku x OC Love Story) by thriller5
The Black Widow (DBZS Goku x OC Nina Pierce past, present, fu...
Layla Hollow is a not a human or saiyan which she is in fact a demon. She has an unrevealed history of her life time and later meets the Z-fighters which one particular...
  • saiyan
  • instinct
  • dbs
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World of Wolves(1) by SisCatHorse
World of Wolves(1)by Star
Humans are dead. They killed themselves by a nuclear bomb. That very same bomb evolved all the animals on earth. They all are ruled my animal instincts, act like animals...
  • adventure
  • mates
  • werewolf
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New York Please Go Easy On Me by Shadow-Assassin
New York Please Go Easy On Meby Nyxn
"No, no Peter. You don't have to go on. Let's take a break." Wade said, trying to get Peter to walk out with him. "No I can do it. Just give me a second...
  • doves
  • wings
  • wingfic
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Facing Fear (COMPLETED) by SouthernBelles19
Facing Fear (COMPLETED)by SouthernBelles19
"What's a pretty little girl like you doing in here?" "Wow baby, you looking fine." "You need some help over there, beautiful? I got something t...
  • happiness
  • beauty
  • freedom
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Gold That Appears To Be Silver by Wingspreadreamset
Gold That Appears To Be Silverby Amber
~Where others see silver through their glasses of eyes, does gold blind my bare eyes The world is a peaceful place that is made cruel by people. Where one is bullied bec...
  • instinct
  • personality
  • yinandyang
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1 coeur, 2 vies by with-wings
1 coeur, 2 viesby with-wings
On m'a dit un jour que pour soigner un coeur il faut en extirper les pensées envenimées. J. [Toutes les images sont prises d'internet et les dr...
  • injustice
  • amour
  • laisserpartir
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An handsome light by Nais_White
An handsome lightby Nais_White
'' There is light even in the darkest places''(#961 in Mystery 2018-10-08) Clara Rivera Del Rosario, a beautiful 17 years old girl living in Philippines is slowly broug...
  • police
  • brain
  • sad
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The Big Bad Wolf Male reader x Judy hopps by nightlord27
The Big Bad Wolf Male reader x nightlord27
Note none of the pic belong to me so keep that in mind You don't start off bad until you become a cop. I just love making fanfics
  • goodcop
  • fear
  • love
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