Experiment Zero by dangeroustoken
Experiment Zeroby dangeroustoken
There's more out there than you think. Ashley Cartwright works on a secluded island for her father as a secretary. The lab her father works at it planning on discov...
  • race
  • power
  • subject
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INSTINCTS book guide by Alastor_Horizon
INSTINCTS book guideby DatOneSpoopySpooder
I don't know how you found this but this is about my book INSTINCTS there is a teaser and in case you didn't know the old INSTINCTS chapter one on my old account was jus...
  • whyareyoureadingthis
  • machines
  • mutants
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Depressed and Abused Male Saiyan Ultra Instinct Reader X RWBY by SykonSSR
Depressed and Abused Male Saiyan SykonSSR
(Y/n) Is a kind hearted Saiyan who lives with his parents, who are also both Saiyans. But one fateful day, the was a knock on the door at their families house. While his...
  • dbz
  • saiyan
  • abused
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Spark X Male!Reader by OctoWink
Spark X Male!Readerby Clear
Welcome to the world of pokemon! You have been chosen to become a Pokémon Trainer with a special task. You are to help a certain professor collect New Data on these cre...
  • boyxboy
  • candela
  • malereader
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Newer Days *Spark x Reader* by NevAlphate
Newer Days *Spark x Reader*by Nev.
first story on wattpad! don't kill me yet I felt like writing a spark x reader thing so here's something I puked up from the depths of my soul but to be honest, I'm actu...
  • instinct
  • sparkxreader
  • pokemon
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[ roleplay ] instincts  by hollyhockfang
[ roleplay ] instincts by ‘ k i n g ’
  • individualroleplay
  • tigers
  • instinct
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The Mating Call by little-miss-writer
The Mating Callby Emilie
*CW Fanfic Awards Runner Up* Hope Mikaelson feels an aggressively passionate tug on her soul and it has led her straight to Beacon Hills. When she finds Alpha Derek Hale...
  • sexy
  • werewolf
  • fluff
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Fate of a Twisted Soul by lovethewolfhowl
Fate of a Twisted Soulby lovethewolfhowl
The stories of Hellhounds have haunted the minds of Werewolves for centuries. Tales of death and destruction raining down upon Werewolf packs have put a deep fear in the...
  • death
  • love
  • alpha
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World of Wolves(1) by SisCatHorse
World of Wolves(1)by Star
Humans are dead. They killed themselves by a nuclear bomb. That very same bomb evolved all the animals on earth. They all are ruled my animal instincts, act like animals...
  • humanmind
  • mates
  • choices
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Discovering Stars by Tikct0CK
Discovering Starsby Tick Tock
Joshua was another regular everyday 17 year old. Going to school, hanging out with friends, and going to parties. However, one bonfire in the woods went south when a gro...
  • forest
  • poor
  • sky
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My Ultra Instinct Will Guide The Way by SykonSSR
My Ultra Instinct Will Guide The SykonSSR
Welcome everyone to the sequel of my previous UI book. You all enjoyed it so much and I enjoyed writing it so after the long wait, I give you the second book which I've...
  • dbs
  • harem
  • action
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Trapped by ciarashelley2411
Trappedby ciarashelley2411
12. That's all there are. Twelve teenagers get trapped on an island with no idea how they got there. There are two groups. Boys and girls. Where the girls use their brai...
  • boysvsgirls
  • teenfiction
  • action-romance
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Pokémon GO x Reader by spectre-pursuit
Pokémon GO x Readerby ☭ сука блять ☭
The highest rank for this book was #11 in GO!
  • pokemon
  • valor
  • professor
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The Black Widow (DBZS Goku x OC Love Story) by thriller5
The Black Widow (DBZS Goku x OC Nina Pierce past, present, fu...
Layla Hollow is a not a human or saiyan which she is in fact a demon. She has an unrevealed history of her life time and later meets the Z-fighters which one particular...
  • september
  • 2018
  • goku
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Legend (A Pokemon Fanfiction) by JordanKallo
Legend (A Pokemon Fanfiction)by Jordan Kallo
Lightning. Fire. Ice. Centuries ago these elements ruled the world, in the form of none other than the three legendary bird Pokemon. Zapdos. Moltres. Articuno. Then, one...
  • instinct
  • fanfiction
  • valor
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Ultra Instinct Male Reader X Rwby (Ultra Instinct Shaggy Reference)  by lippothethotpatrol
Ultra Instinct Male Reader X thot patrol
My first story. Don't worry there's no half assed broken English here, smooth reading all around with daily updates.
  • ultra
  • harem
  • male
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Animal Instincts by BlankPet24
Animal Instinctsby Pastel Pet
"Tae? Tae! Taehyung!" I cried while jumping from the bed. His face was pale, deathly pale and his chest wasn't rising or falling. I couldn't hear his deep, smo...
  • bottomtae
  • jimin
  • fighting
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Spark x Reader (read description) (smutty) by ShadsyWolfey4
Spark x Reader (read description) Japan
I noticed not many smutfics about Spark so.. yay. F*ck me.
  • pokemongo
  • pokemon
  • spark
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