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Howl Silently My Love by dandan101
Howl Silently My Loveby Danielle
On the night of the harvest moon the Crimson Maire Pack was destroyed by the rivalling Cerulean Mist. Or atleast that's what was believed until Damen, the new leader of...
  • ally
  • prophecy
  • choice
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~Unspoken mess~ by kwav666
~Unspoken mess~by kwav666
I write poems/poetry and spoken word poetry and just some thoughts that I have. I hope you enjoy them or feel emotions though them. Some are related to me and some are...
  • lgbt
  • short
  • emotional
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Poems For Souls by lynzalynzforevz
Poems For Soulsby Lynzey Kristarie
A collection of poems dedicated to all who have ever felt unwanted, unloved, and those that struggle every day. These poems talk about real life situations, situations m...
  • family
  • dark
  • mistake
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  • broken
  • azeleia
  • freedom
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drowning in the void.  by scorpiolifegocrazy
drowning in the void. by Brooklynn Paris
a collection of my sick thoughts. my scars, my tears, and my blood.
  • drown
  • journal
  • pointless
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Catastrophe  by GauriVyas
Catastrophe by Gauri Vyas
The thing is sometimes people put you in situations that don't just leave wounds or tear you apart but they can cause damages that will leave you simply indifferent. An...
  • blues
  • mistress
  • suffocating
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Intellect by GillLord
Intellectby Scrunchy Artist.
"He's a intellect, he reads my mind and I can't help but fall for him." "But Kristen he's a-" "Yes -yes-.. I know..I know he's a assassin."...
  • secrets
  • storytelling
  • lying
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Rants by Le_Epic_Potato
Rantsby Liz
This is my rant book. I'll take it down if it offends anyone. <3
  • crushes
  • suffocated
  • happy
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Suffocating//jjk by kyeseul
Suffocating//jjkby lily
"You made flowers grow in my lungs and although they are beautiful, I can't breathe."
  • jeonjungkook
  • bangtan
  • btsagnst
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My Words by BlackPoisonThorns
My Wordsby BlackPoisonThorns
this may or may not be triggering to some readers please take this warning seriously I don't want anyone being triggered by this or being upset. I just want to let som...
  • notperfect
  • evil
  • wings
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A Deadly Secret by LinaA7X
A Deadly Secretby Celina
  • darkness
  • school
  • crash
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S.U memes #2   by _PurpleSteven_
S.U memes #2 by Son of Purple diamond
read da title
  • laughter
  • random
  • suffocating
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Burning Myself by alexanoelle
Burning Myselfby Alexa
Kiera was an adopted daughter into an extremely religious family. She was raised to be "perfect," but that can only last so long... It was her seventeenth birt...
  • changes
  • adopted
  • couple
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Just Listen: A Collection of Songs by dropofbliss
Just Listen: A Collection of Songsby Yessi
A collection of original songs and simple lyrics. I'm not a songwriter, but I have a passion for music. And like my idol, I like to write songs about my feelings and emo...
  • songs
  • liar
  • xsnowkiss
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Satanic poems :) by lukehemmingsgurl12
Satanic poems :)by C A S
Poems about the dark one :) --- i scare myself sometimes idek what the actual hell im doing so uhm yeah read this
  • hell
  • blood
  • devil
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Breath and  Swim by chloeaston_
Breath and Swimby Chloe Aston
A short story about a boy's decision to change his path.
  • pressure
  • 500words
  • short
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Forever rain,, by sobluetoday
Forever rain,,by blue ♡
Hello guys! I'm back on writing after a long long time! I've been extremely busy with uni and i have been facin' some hardships and i've been trying to focus more in mys...
  • moonchild
  • night
  • 247b
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Verses From Mind Palace by TheLearningSpirit
Verses From Mind Palaceby Anarfu
Love | Life | Sunshine | Family | Feelings | Friend | Dear | Gazing at the new light, Admiring the glazing bright, Warmed my heart. Beauty too deared, Before it disappea...
  • feelings
  • hidden
  • poet
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How Could You Forget Me! (Short Story) (watty awards) by MiyukiSawada24
How Could You Forget Me! (Short Shante G.J.G.
This is a story of a battle between two great enemies, Salviar and Rose. Salviar kiddnapped and experimented on poor little Rose. He tried to use her as one of his minio...
  • never-give-up
  • evil
  • boy
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