Wolf Run

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Chapter 20

---Damen’s POV---

My eyes settled on the pool of vomit for no more than 2 seconds before my eyes shot up to Alex. He skin looked pale and her knees were wobbling. From where I sat I could detect a faint scent of liquor. Had she been drinking and if so just how much—a lot more than likely seeing as how she just spewed her last meal all over the floor. As her head spun to the side I could tell that she was disoriented. She took two steps back then stumbled out of the room whispering something undecipherable, even with my enhanced hearing.

What was wrong with her . . . –oh! It probably wasn’t smart to have her walk in on us, even though the scene was , for the most part. Innocent. Great, she probably assumed the worst and what with her drunk and all there was no telling what she might have done.

I sighed then got up from the bed. I had to find her before things could spiral.

I grabbed my shirt of the study table in the corner and pulled it on. As I did Amber made her way over to me. She looked up at me with sad eyes and wrapped her arms around my neck. I sighed again, this time rolling my eyes.

“Stay for the night, please Damen, don’t leave me . . .”

“Get your hands off me, what did we just discuss a few minutes ago?”

Her lips quivered but she didn’t remove her hands. “Damen please. We—we’re great together, you and me. Are you really going to ruin that?”

Was she trying to convince we or strengthen my convictions. I had already told her that we were over and when she begged for one last time of passion I obliged so why the hell was she acting like I had any more reason to stay? I made it perfectly clear that after this time would was no more, we were through and yet she was trying to grovel. This is why I would have preferred to break up with her in public but no Alex’s damn words about having a conscience just had to get to me. 

“Amber I’m not joking, we had a deal; we would make a clean break afterwards and so far I’m the only one who’s decided to simply walk away.” She looked up at me as if she wasn’t comprehending. I took a deep breath then exhaled before speaking again. “I really don’t have time for you anymore. I tried being nice about it but you’re bringing out the worst side of me with your childish behavior. Get out of my way so  can leave, I don’t want to spend any more time with you—is it that hard to comprehend?”

“I—I just don’t understand why you’re leaving me. . .”

“Because I can’t devote myself to you like I use to anymore; my priorities have shifted. It wouldn’t be fair to keep holding unto you when I know that I have someone else—you understand right?” I had to hurry, God knows how far Alex might have gotten in the time I stood there. “You’re a great girl and I wouldn’t want to hurt you like that; this is for the best.” She gazed up at me but remained silent. “Right, so I’m going to head home now.” I pried her arms from my neck. “Enjoy the rest of the party.” Then I walked out of the room.

When I got downstairs I surveyed the room but couldn’t find her. What made things worse was that someone saw her leave. She didn’t drive here so how the hell did she plan to get home without me?! ‘let’s see . . . knowing her she . . .walked. I shook my head then left the house. This is what happens when people don’t try getting details before jumping to conclusions. As I walked across the lawn there was a flash off lightening—even better! Seconds later I felt a drop of water fall unto my nose. I wiped it off as I slid into my car. With some luck she might not have gotten too far.

---Maia’s POV---

There was nothing but road ahead of me and nothing but trees to the side. It was like my walking would never end. My feet felt heavy and the pain in my head had only slightly gotten better. I guess that was why persons discouraged drinking—and why Nala said NOT to mess with the bond. Ugh! I felt like I could just kill him and face the consequences. To think he had almost convinced me that he was a good mate. It’s a good thing I got to see what he was really capable of tonight before placing my life in his hands. On the night of the Harvest Moon I would be fight by those who wanted to fight with me.

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