Shifting Seasons

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Chapter 3


My ears went into shock. Ryder said that I was Damen's what?! I mean yeah sure I saw him turn into a wolf and all which I guess meant that he was a werewolf but I was his mate now?! I didn't think so, I was no one's mate. Especially not to some self- righteous, manipulative, arrogant,--ugh! Me? His mate?! In what dimension?!  I wasn't even as freaked out about him being a werewolf as I was about being his--his mate! Now I understood why Ryder had been so angry---wait . .. how did Ryder Know that . . .? Was--was he one too? 

My expression dropped. He probably was . . .

"Ryder . . .?"


"It's obvious that Damen's a werewolf, but . . .you're one too aren't you? I mean that would explain why you speak." He stared at me the way he did when he didn't want to answer a question; with that aloof look of his. "Answer me!" I shouted in frustration. 

Suddenly the windows flew open and a strong gust of wind blew in. Crimson Maire. There was that name again, but what did it mean . . . ? There was something flowing into my room with the wind. The translucent glow materialized on the far side of my room in the corner. . . .It was the white that I had seen just last night. It stood staring at us without a word.

"Na. . .la . . ." I heard Ryder whisper in a tone of uncertainty. Who . . .? He continued staring over at her and she just kept staring at us.

"Ryder who is that?"

He didn't answer me but he kept staring. She began to glow paler as she pointed towards the forest with her nose. What was out there . . .? Another breeze blew and she was gone. Immediately after that Ryder jumped through the window, howled then ran into the forest. Where was he going?! Ugh! I sighed in annoyance that he would have run out there again after what had just happened. He was still hurt. I took one more look at the door before going through the window as well. My parents would have flipped if they knew that I was headed back out there. I sucked in a deep breath before entering the trees. Apart of me was afraid that Damen would have shown up but there was no way that I was going to let Ryder run off following something that you could scarcely see.

"Ryder stop!" I shouted when I caught him running in the distance. He just kept running like he was hot on the trail of something.

He finally stopped running when he got back to the very clearing that I was attacked in. I could barely breath by the time I caught up to him. He sat by the water's edge as if waiting for something. I walked over to him but he didn't acknowledge my presence. What had gotten into him?

The water shot up. I jumped back but Ryder just sat there staring up at it. It began going in spirals until I could make out the white wolf again. This was starting to creep me out. . .

"Ryder, well done . . ." The feminine voice confirmed my original speculation. She was female, but where had she come from? And how did she know Ryder? "Maia, you've grown so big." Okay forget the first question, how the hell did she know me?!

"W-Who are you? how do you know me?"

She chuckled, now shaking her head at me. I didn't ask a stupid question and I wanted to be answered. This was getting strange and I needed some answers.

"I've known you since you were first conceived. Ofcourse I wouldn't expect you to remember me . . ." What was she talking about. Sure she was the same wolf that I kept seeing in the pack that kept getting killed but other than that she was a stranger. She slowly made her way over to me. I began stepping back. There was no need for her to come any closer. "Be still child." she said assertively. Just then my feet froze in their place. I looked down but I couldn't see anything. I tried moving them but they were held in place by an invisible force. What the-- "I am your mother."

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