A Remaining Element

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Chapter 5

---Damen's POV---

That girl was a piece of work. I couldn't believe that she actually bit me. Didn't she know how to treat her mate?

Still I guess I couldn't expect much better seeing as how she hadn't felt the bond as yet. It didn't matter though because she was mine, whether she liked it or not. I chuckled to myself as I tried to imagine what she would do once she could no longer be able to ignore the bond; it was already proving difficult for me. Last night I walked the length of the forest twice and even then I couldn't get rid of the restlessness that had set in right after I left her house. I was considering a second trip there but I figured she would enjoy the present I left on her doorstep instead.

The wretch deserved everything that my cousins gave him. He had some nerve to have gone looking for a fight, especially when he was nothing but a lone wolf without a purpose. I figure they must have taught him a valuable lesson.

"Damen your dad wants to see us." Riley said, walking into my room.

I sighed then followed him. Hopefully dear old dad would remember that we had school so he wouldn't go on with one of his ancient folklore about times gone and times changing again. That was all he could talk about these days and I was beginning to think that he was slowly becoming obsessed or simply paranoid. We found him sitting on the back porch staring out into the forest.

"My son, how long have you been waiting to finally lead this pack to a great victory?" He asked without looking at me.

My eyes went wide. I had heard that the greatest victory was wiping out the Crimson Maire, nothing could outshine that. "How . . .?"

"It seems that not everyone in the Crimson Maire was destroyed, if you can find them and kill them you will be the name of legends . . .will you accept."

"Yes!" That was exactly what I wanted. No matter where I walked within the pack everyone would know who I was and just what I did. "But how will I know how to find them. . .?"

"The harvest moon is coming up, on that night they are rendered weak and powerless. It would even seem that nature itself turns against them, on that night she'll lead you to them. Just follow your instincts and you'll have no trouble."

Hmm . . .that sounded abit coward-like to attack when the other team  had no way of fighting back but if what dad said about them was true then they didn't deserve to have fair play. I would definitely wipe them out . . .on the night of the harvest moon they would die. . .

---Maia's POV---

For the first half of the day I couldn't find an of the bastards who had hurt Ryder. They were smart to avoid me if that was what they were doing because I was definitely pissed.

---Damen's POV---

I walked through the hall looking for Amber. I needed her to change her mind about not allowing Alexandra unto the cheer team, because I needed to have more access to her. She rounded the corner and I pulled her into my arms with a smile.

"Hey babe."

"Hey you." She said with her own smile before pulling me unto her as she leaned against one of the lockers in the almost empty hall. I played along with it, besides I needed to soften her up abit.

"Listen, why don't you let that Alexandra girl join the team?" I mumbled against her lips. She groaned.

"I don't want to talk about her right now, I don't want her on the team, she gives me a bad vibe." She said now wrapping her arms around me tightly. I sighed inwardly as I remembered the days when this use to entice me. Now all I could think about was Alexandra and how she would feel kissing me instead. I had to hurry this up.

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