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How to Get Away With Murder (Analogical) by mothmankickedmyass
How to Get Away With Murder ( Microsoft Nerd
Step One: Get Kidnapped Step Two: Freak Out a Little Step Three: Learn More about Him Step Four: Fall in Love with Kidnapper in Some Shitty Stockholm Syndrome Shit Virg...
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Sanders Sides OneShots  by nexngrxvestxne
Sanders Sides OneShots by yeet
Ships: • Prinxiety (Princey x Anxiety) • Logicality (Logic x Morality) • Moxiety (Morality x Anxiety) • Royality (Princey x Morality) • Logince (Logic x Princey) • L.A.M...
  • moxiety
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Royals (Sanders Sides) [Completed]  by Rain_Drain
Royals (Sanders Sides) [Completed] by Rain
Patton, Roman, Logan, and Virgil are all princes. Patton and Roman are brothers, and Logan and Virgil are brothers. Patton and Roman are never allowed to leave the pal...
  • prinxiety
  • romance
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Deceit's Hunger by LazeeBug
Deceit's Hungerby LazeeBug
Deceit isn't doing so well after a surprise confrontation in the kitchen leaves him in fear.
  • sides
  • deceit
  • virgil
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The Truth Behind The "Falsehood" by StitchedIvy
The Truth Behind The "Falsehood"by StitchedIvy
Yes, this is a Deceit X Logan... Loceit for the win LOL!! Deceit has a massive crush Logan, but can't open up. He losses hope and losses in general. With a part of Thoma...
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Take flight| |sander sides| |prinxity| by little_katten
Take flight| |sander sides| | Alex
A world where superheroes angels and people live together in peace... well they used to. In these angels are Dark Angels or colored wings.. after a while they became the...
  • logan
  • thomassanders
  • logansanders
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Weirdness (Sander Sides x reader) by FriskVanlockster1011
Weirdness (Sander Sides x reader)by Frisk Vanlockster
(Y/N) Is a hidden side. Patton is the Only one who knew about her, she was like a daughter to him. Patton finally trusts the other sides enough to introduce (Y/N) to the...
  • yeetcrew
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One of Us: PattonxVirgil  by EmmaCrazySlytherin
One of Us: PattonxVirgil by It's Em
"Very clever Virgil. But you know you can't hide them or yourself from the truth forever. They will find out." "I'll keep that from happening" &quo...
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  • thomassanders
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Admiration : Soraya's story by GoalDiggerrr
Admiration : Soraya's storyby 𝕊𝕙𝕒𝕖𝕝𝕒 🖤
Soraya Swazel Admire is a 23 year old 8th grade english teacher . She has a 6 year old daughter Lyric Symphony Baldwin. Soraya has family that loves her , family meant e...
  • hood
  • deceit
  • baby
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The Bad Guy  by blacknightmare37
The Bad Guy by Nightmare
I never knew it would end like this, to work so hard then never exist. ------------- I have always been seen as the 'bad guy' and it's Always been that way. And I truly...
  • angst
  • prinxiety
  • sandersides
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When The Past Bites Back (Patton x Virgil) by Beth-Star14
When The Past Bites Back (Patton Beth-Star14
Virgil had been a light side for over a year now but when Deceit returns, he is reminded of a past that he'd rather forget. But little does he know that he isn't the onl...
  • patton
  • creativity
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Sanders Sides oneshots by Casualwriter666
Sanders Sides oneshotsby introverting
cause why not! includes prinxiety logicality and some deceit playing with the others... Slow updates though..sorry (FLUFF AND SMUT AHEAD!) BTW sorry if so far the story'...
  • roman
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Sander Sides One Shots by iusedtowrite
Sander Sides One Shotsby 石尊
No more requests My username used to be FaultyLogic. (Highest #307 in FanFiction, #1 in Ships, #1 in princesanders, #1 in logansanders, #1 in logicsanders, #1 in morali...
  • roman
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Wrongfully His by G_xoxo
Wrongfully Hisby G.M.
Mated to a Beta and marked by his Alpha. A unique twist on the clichéd possessive Alpha stories. "W-what are you doing?" I stuttered helplessly as he stepped c...
  • abuse
  • possessive
  • alpha
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Behind the Looks (BWWM) by tybabyp300
Behind the Looks (BWWM)by Ty
(Book #2 in The Color of Love Trilogy) Harmony is finally back on her feet. She just got back from the vacation that was well needed and is ready to start her life witho...
  • lies
  • betrayal
  • deceit
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Anxiety by StitchedIvy
Anxietyby StitchedIvy
The Light Sides have been noticing something going on. Thomas has been feeling off, overly shy and more than a bit anxious. It's just not normal for him. Where is this s...
  • anxceit
  • thomassanders
  • creativity
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Crushed~ BroKen Book 5 by StitchedIvy
Crushed~ BroKen Book 5by StitchedIvy
PLEASE READ BROKEN BOOKS 1-4 BEFORE READING THIS ONE. ~^@ After what happened at the Refuge Virgil and Lucas have been insane. They've been in war mode and fighting non...
  • war
  • prinxiety
  • deceitsanders
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Immortal~Prinxiety by StitchedIvy
Immortal~Prinxietyby StitchedIvy
Virgil Mathews... What is there to say? He's smart. He's strong, agile. He got tight-lips and a sharp-tongue. What else? Oh yeah, He's a two-hundred-year-old vampire. I...
  • police
  • logicsanders
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Best Friends Don't Sleep Together - A.H. Series #1 by TheWritingWolf1
Best Friends Don't Sleep Artemis Wolf
Raking a hand through his hair, I sighed. "I love you, you know" I mumbled in a sigh, eyes half closed. "I've always loved you and I always will", I...
  • lies
  • sorrow
  • inlovewithmybestfriend
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Blood Wolf by Fictionfreak2016
Blood Wolfby Karina
Jade's already complicated life turns upside down when the Alpha Council orders all rouge wolves to report the nearest pack. Not only has Jade been a rouge wolf from a v...
  • blackwolf
  • shewolf
  • romance
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