Wrongfully His by G_xoxo
Wrongfully Hisby G.M.
Mated to a Beta and marked by his Alpha. A unique twist on the clichéd possessive Alpha stories. "W-what are you doing?" I stuttered helplessly as he stepped c...
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The Bad Guy  by blacknightmare37
The Bad Guy by Nightmare
I never knew it would end like this, to work so hard then never exist. ------------- I have always been seen as the 'bad guy' and it's Always been that way. And I truly...
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SanderSides One-Shots by AnxietyToTheMax8
SanderSides One-Shotsby AnxietyToTheMax8
*All ships included* *Some AUs* *Warnings inside* *Request are welcomed* *Please read all the notes if there are any at the beginning of chapters* *If you don't like any...
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Sanders sides ships (pretty much all of em) (WARNING:LEMON!!!!!) by thecurtisfam
Sanders sides ships (pretty much thecurtisfam
Okay this is rated R stuff, most of it at least so read if you want but that's your warning. Enjoy.
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❤Ask Or Dare The Sanders Sides❤ by Multi_Fandom000
❤Ask Or Dare The Sanders Sides❤by 💙Jasmine💙
Basically, I just LOVE Thomas Sanders YouTube series, Sanders Sides, sooo, I am making an Ask Or Dare! I know, there are probably already some of these books (or maybe I...
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Deceit's Hunger by LazeeBug
Deceit's Hungerby LazeeBug
Deceit isn't doing so well after a surprise confrontation in the kitchen leaves him in fear.
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Shattered Glass || Prinxiety by MintyFrosty
Shattered Glass || Prinxietyby MintyFrosty
That day started like any other; go to school for eight hours but stay an extra three for musical rehearsals. Life was going exactly Roman's way, a young fifteen-year-ol...
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Welcome to the FamILY // Virgil by FaultyLogic
Welcome to the FamILY // Virgilby FaultyLogic
Cover credits to: @blakelouis Virgil was a problematic kid and all of the people at the orphanage knew that. Some would adopt him out of pity and before he knew it, he w...
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Take flight| |sander sides| |prinxity| by little_katten
Take flight| |sander sides| | Alex
A world where superheroes angels and people live together in peace... well they used to. In these angels are Dark Angels or colored wings.. after a while they became the...
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Depressed Anxiety (Sander Sides Fanfic) by LizzyBrine
Depressed Anxiety (Sander Sides Lizzy Brine
⚠️DEPRESSION⚠️ ⚠️SELF-HARM⚠️ ⚠️THOUGHTS OF SUICIDE⚠️ ⚠️GORE⚠️ ⚠️YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED⚠️ Virgil is super depressed and no one notices until they see him in his room. They...
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Sander Sides One Shots by FaultyLogic
Sander Sides One Shotsby FaultyLogic
(Highest #307 in FanFiction, #1 in Ships, #1 in princesanders, #1 in logansanders, #1 in logicsanders, #1 in moralitysanders, #1 in princeysanders, #1 in pattonsanders...
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Best Friends Don't Sleep Together - A.H. Series #1 by TheWritingWolf1
Best Friends Don't Sleep Artemis Wolf
Raking a hand through his hair, I sighed. "I love you, you know" I mumbled in a sigh, eyes half closed. "I've always loved you and I always will", I...
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Rightfully Hers by G_xoxo
Rightfully Hersby G.M.
Sequel to Wrongfully His Having Carter back as one for the two residing Beta's in Paquete de Lune de Sangre brought on just as many problems as it did triumphs. Though...
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Immortal~Prinxiety by StitchedIvy
Immortal~Prinxietyby DeceptivePanic
Virgil Mathews... What is there to say? He's smart. He's strong, agile. He got tight-lips and a sharp-tongue. What else? Oh yeah, He's a two-hundred-year-old vampire. I...
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Logicality Story by FaultyLogic
Logicality Storyby FaultyLogic
• COMPLETED • Everyone knows these two sides are madly in love with each other. Why can't they see it?
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Prinxiety Story by FaultyLogic
Prinxiety Storyby FaultyLogic
• COMPLETE • Sequel to Logicality Story Logan and Patton are finally together, Deceit and Remy (Sleep) are close buddies and do stuff together. So, what about Roman and...
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Blood Wolf by Fictionfreak2016
Blood Wolfby Karina
Jade's already complicated life turns upside down when the Alpha Council orders all rouge wolves to report the nearest pack. Not only has Jade been a rouge wolf from a v...
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Weirdness (Sander Sides x reader) by FriskVanlockster1011
Weirdness (Sander Sides x reader)by Frisk Vanlockster
(Y/N) Is a hidden side. Patton is the Only one who knew about her, she was like a daughter to him. Patton finally trusts the other sides enough to introduce (Y/N) to the...
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An Anxious Mind (Analogical) by Imthatwriter2
An Anxious Mind (Analogical)by Imthatwriter2
It's not exactly the most popular love story, but it is still, indeed, a love story. A love story between a very odd combination of persons, but which love story isn't...
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Damaged~ Broken Book 4 by StitchedIvy
Damaged~ Broken Book 4by DeceptivePanic
PLEASE READ BROKEN BOOK 1, SHATTERED BOOK 2, AND FRAGMENTED BOOK 3 BEFORE READING THIS ONE. ~^@ It's been three years since Virgil died. We're all just starting to get u...
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