The Law Of Equality

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Chapter 7

I watched the sun rise over the mountain from my bedroom. I needed something to distract me from Ryder's scrutiny.

This had gotten worst. He still wasn't talking and once when I walked by him I could have sworn that he growled at me. 

"Ryder . . .?" He didn't answer. I tried again. "Ryder . . .? Hey if you're angry at me then you atleasthave to tell me why; this isn't fair. I haven't done anything--"

"You haven't done anything?! How's about sleeping with the guy whose family wants us dead! Just how long do you think it will take for them to find us now that your scent is probably all over his house?! Maia do you know how reckless what you did was. Our pack is basically gone and you've practically destroyed our hope of survival because of some impulse that you couldn't control!"

Was he serious?! "You don't even know what it feels like! You have no idea how strong that impulse was! I bet if you did then you wouldn't be acting like this so why don't you hurry up and find your mate so you can be less hostile!" The look on his face told me that I had said too much. I wanted to take it back but he turned sharply and left the room. I suddenly felt awful. I knew what I said had hurt him and the worst part is that I didn't know why. . .

The walk to school seemed extra long without Ryder. I spent the silent time trying to find a way ti make it up to him.

I stepped into the school building with a sinking feeling. I walked along the hall and saw Damen's cousins walking down the hall in their jock sweaters and laughing as if the world itself amused them. I stood to the side so I wouldn't be in their way but as they past by with their friends they turned and gave me knowing smiles. My stomach felt like it did a flip. Why were they looking at me like that . . .like they . . .knew . . .

I darted down the hall looking for Damen. If he had told his cousins something as personal as that then I was going to kill him. I mean how could he have let them know about something like that . .. something so intimate. And to think I actually trusted him. I guess I was at fault for that. I knew what type of guy he was but I still let myself go.

I found him talking to a few cheerleaders. He smiled when he saw me approach them. 

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" I said through me teeth before pulling him away. I threw him against the locker closest to us and glared over at him when I saw him smiling. The smile quickly left his face though when he saw just how serious I was.

"What?" He asked as his brows furrowed in confusion.

"You know what you did." I said trying to maintain my composure. "How could you have told your cousins . . .why would you have shared that kind of information, especially with guys I don't know. . .?"

The smile returned to his face. "You think I told them?" He shook his head in amusement and that only made me feel like hurting him. This was important to me and he was joking out the whole thing. I didn't know whether I was more hurt or angry but I did know that I felt sick. I made a mistake the night before; Ryder knew it and now I knew it. His cousins obviously knew what happened and it would be easy for them to track us down if they wanted to. I put us at risk, for no logical reason. What's worse was that for a while I actually thought I could trust him. What was I thinking? I felt a tear come to my eye. Great now I was getting all emotional. He put his hand under my chin and raised my head so I was looking at him. "Hey . . .listen, I didn't tell them anything. This morning they rushed into my room and I yelled for them to get out but by then they had already found your scent. They immediately jumped to that conclusion but I denied it, I swear I did. So they said they would find out on their own and if I'm right they walked by you this morning with a smile to make you think that they knew so they could read your reaction."

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