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Twice As Sexy (BOYxBOY) by Mouki21
Twice As Sexy (BOYxBOY)by ENJOY!
Twin boys figuring out their sexual orientation with the help of a very openly bisexual friend. This story is about love... lust and stilettos! Bow chicka wow wow
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Talk Tonight by AdlerKapranos
Talk Tonightby AdlerKapranos
Hablaba todas las noches con ella, la conoció en el set de "The Night Manager", pero en las grabaciones ella se mostraba un tanto distante. Sin embargo, Tom Hi...
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You want me to marry him? Oh Hell No! UNDER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION! by LondonCityx
You want me to marry him? Oh LondonCityx
Alicia had always lived a hard life but when she finds out that she has to be married she feels as though the world should just swallow her up. Especially when she falls...
  • marriage
  • moan
  • pain
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I'm Already Torn ( A One Direction Love Triangle) by OrignalKerrotLuver
I'm Already Torn ( A One OrignalKerrotLuver
Two weeks in London can change a girl. Especially when you spend it with a cutie you met in a bar... and his four other famous friends. Maggie thinks she's hit the jackp...
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Tonight ▶ JungHope by -sappy-
Tonight ▶ JungHopeby Fujo-ssi
"Alright.. I'll let you stay here but only for TONIGHT, OK?" A One-shot JungHope/HopeKook fanfiction.
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Things change by rnighta
Things changeby r.a
  • mentalhealth
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  • loneliness
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Things Happen For a Reason (One Direction, Niall Horan) by Blink180Luke
Things Happen For a Reason (One Blink180Luke
A trip to London is the experience of a lifetime for Sarah and her friends Haley and Kendall. They knew with all of the site seeing, great food, hot british boys, and no...
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Ghost Never Sleeps (BOYxBOY) by Mouki21
Ghost Never Sleeps (BOYxBOY)by ENJOY!
Benjamin Warner is an insomniac. So when a ghost starts haunting him he thinks he's going insane. What's he going to do if he falls in love with the ghost? Resort to cri...
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Save You Tonight (A Zayn Malik Fanfic) by gallonsofblood
Save You Tonight (A Zayn Malik gallonsofblood
Alex moved in. Lwith her boyfriend after her mother overdosed on drugs. She soon finds out her boyfriend is not as perfect as he seems. After two years of living with...
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Kidnapped by Pierce the Veil by gerardwayshappyplace
Kidnapped by Pierce the Veilby Gerard way
Hi my name is Jenna, let's start things off with a little about myself, first off: my life is ordinary, my job is ordinary, my family is ordinary and even I am somewhat...
  • piercetheveil
  • pierce
  • kidnapped
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Dance Tonight  by meganmooney
Dance Tonight by Megan Dehn
If you had a long day You just wanna wind it down Girl I'm on my way We ain't gotta go downtown If you wanna play your records I know your favorite songs Break out that...
  • dance
  • langston
  • tonight
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messages to the past | bangtan by mani_v
messages to the past | bangtanby mani! ☌
❝ tonight, as we look at this scenery, promise me you'll remember our past. ❞ A collection of messages to the past, where all confessions, memories of heartbreak, and un...
  • messages
  • haneul
  • neuri
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MAP_OF_THE_SOUL:PERSONA (UPDATES) by sugarwithkookies
MAP_OF_THE_SOUL:PERSONA (UPDATES)by lalaine a. villagomez
MAP_OF_THE_SOUL:PERSONA updates for all army's To keep in update with the new album of bts MV songs concept photos teasers comeback schedule Lyrics(Korean/englis...
  • dionysus
  • bts
  • boywithluv
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Skin by clorisgalanis42
Skinby clorisgalanis42
One day together grass Own won't fruitful hath had tree. Fowl. So appear light. Third she'd he you'll. Fish Said be of make. Isn't brought have sixth may she'd us catt...
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My dreams came true (A Jimmy Fallon Fanfic) by Califalpal
My dreams came true (A Jimmy Falpal/Hamiltrash
Brooklyn Gates, a new upcoming tv star of her own show she wrote, is living her dream. She films all day, working with her best friend, aka her co-creator of the show, a...
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Reasons Why  by hiswinterchild
Reasons Why by Razan h
When you feel on the edge of your own world, when you feel the end of the line is just around the corner, just remember you are here for a reason.
  • razi
  • love
  • kuwait
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Poetry Slam Worthy by KaityElisa
Poetry Slam Worthyby Kaity Elisa
From pain, to empowerment to happiness to cruel valentines to broken hearts to suicide and back to encouragement and contentment, take a walk with me as I write these po...
  • world
  • arms
  • looks
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Big City Dreams by falloninlove
Big City Dreamsby falloninlove
Gabby Brooks was a plain, small town girl with big hopes and dreams. Ever since she was a young girl, she's aspired to be a writer for Saturday Night Live. Now, at the a...
  • show
  • thetonightshow
  • jimmy
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The Pieces Left  by lolidkwhatever
The Pieces Left by lolidkwhatever
It's been over 5 years since Stevie and Jimmy broke up. A lot has changed but even though Stevie has a new life, something's missing. Will going back to New York City re...
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  • latenight
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Let's Shine (Sequel to Tonight; Bradley Simpson) by Redpaws0415
Let's Shine (Sequel to Tonight; Elle
Tammy and Brad have finally joined again after Brad's escapade three months ago. She has finally left her singing career behind her and wants to start something new... A...
  • completed
  • romance
  • trilogy
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