Unwanted by MaliaReeds
Unwantedby Malia
Editing and updating at the same time (: NOT ONE OF THOSE TYPICAL 'I MEET MY MATE AND I LOVE HIM INSTANTLY' BOOKS. Malia Pierce is a 19 year old rouge, terrified of the...
  • fiction
  • abused
  • mates
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Yandere Monster/Creature/Urban Legend/Folklore one-shots X Reader by ourcreepypastalover
Yandere Monster/Creature/Urban ourcreepypastalover
They want you. They NEED you. Some have never felt any love aside for the love you have shown them and some felt love at first sight. You will never be free, not if they...
  • chubbyreader
  • yanderexreader
  • myth
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Creatures Of Fate by IndPhoenixGrimm
Creatures Of Fateby IndPhoenixGrimm
Ra'venna, a Fairy assassin cursed with a dark power never believed she would get a chance at revenge at the creatures that killed her family, until she is offered a cont...
  • nether
  • faun
  • world
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the bangtan plants by trashjar
the bangtan plantsby 垃圾
in which a girl who takes care of her seven precious talking plants every day. highest : #92 in humor omg
  • nature
  • humor
  • crap
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Untethered by JessaMartell
Untetheredby Jessa Martell
[COMPLETED] Wattys2018 Shortlist! PROMOTED ON COSMOPOLITAN.COM Highest rank #6 on Chicklit What's Hot List FOLLOW ME FOR EXCLUSIVE UPDATES ❤ ...
  • wattpride
  • ryan
  • grief
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Wolfville (✔) by MadisonTrupp
Wolfville (✔)by Madison Trupp
(NOW A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY) Wolfville, Nova Scotia is a town run by students. Timmory Cross is attending her first semester at Acadia University, but there's a probl...
  • canada
  • wolfville
  • action
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Introverts Perspective  by laratourkey
Introverts Perspective by Lara Tourkey
A brief view of what the introverted urban youth in todays society are going through. REQUESTS ARE OPEN ^_^
  • lgbt
  • introverted
  • introversion
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John Laurens Fan Club: The Sequel by Purple_Ghost_1782
John Laurens Fan Club: The Sequelby My Dear Boy
Hello there my fellow organic beings! In this fanclub you'll find: •Random Facts •Theories •Fanart •Rants •Headcanons •Fangirling •Crying •Other John Laurens related stu...
  • laurens
  • historical
  • americanwar
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Saving Gracie// Nba Youngboy Story (On Hold) by DreamDoll0V0
Saving Gracie// Nba Youngboy Leilani🌺
It's the early 90's where everything is simple and life is great....... well not for 18 year old Gracie Santura Gracie and her boyfriend Darren had every detail of life...
  • throwback
  • hip
  • love
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You're All Mine Preciosa by daily_jess
You're All Mine Preciosaby Jessica Marko
-Previously known as The Girl and a Hollow Tree- "She was nothing but a girl. He was a boy who tried to be a man. She was riddled with secrets and pain...
  • bullied
  • ya
  • love
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Heartfelt (Bunnymund x Reader) by loverelentlessly
Heartfelt (Bunnymund x Reader)by Makenzie
hope. (n.) a person or thing that may help or save someone. It takes a special Bunny to bring that kind of love, and it takes a very special someone to believe that hop...
  • bunnymund
  • xreader
  • sandman
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Apollo's Poetry by Ansh_Thakur
Apollo's Poetryby Ansh Thakur
This is a collection of poems which, I hope you'd like. This is a sequel to VOICE OF MY HEART: A COLLECTION OF POEMS. If you haven't read it, you can find it in my profi...
  • elegy
  • heart
  • adventure
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Regret it, Alpha by Galaxy723
Regret it, Alphaby Silverwind Galax
"You know I'll be back, Alpha. You can't run the pack without your true mate. But when I come back, your pack will be in ruins, and you'll be begging at my feet for...
  • nature
  • wolf
  • revenge
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  • twins
  • fiona
  • snow
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Painted Roses by RenaFreefall
Painted Rosesby Rena Freefall
Rosalia is used to enchantment. With a brother who freed a beast and a friend who slept for over a hundred years, coming across enchantment doesn't phase her much. ...
  • romance
  • tragedy
  • sleepingbeauty
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The Air Howlers Book I ✔ by WinterStars
The Air Howlers Book I ✔by WinterStars
In the Kingdom of Aethorin, gifted people, known as Howlers, help protect the land and its people. In every generation, four are chosen to become part of the King's Spec...
  • friendship
  • evil
  • featured
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Besides Being Werewolves, They're Weird, Rude, Confusing, and Clingy by VersionTwoPointOh
Besides Being Werewolves, They' Alexis Harris
Alicia Lindros just wanted to make it through her Junior year, but never expected a Group--rather Pack--of boys to change her life completely until a twisted story and p...
  • pov
  • confusing
  • weird
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Thy Name is Destiny(Completed) (#Wattys2015) by JDHoward_Official
Thy Name is Destiny(Completed) ( J. D. Howard
Wolf pack laws are strict and always followed, no matter what the circumstance. Within these pack laws contains the most important pack law: If the offspring is born wit...
  • wolves
  • runaways
  • special
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Nature's Fury || A Rise of the Guardians Fanfiction|| Book One by dominitra
Nature's Fury || A Rise of the Jay
This continuation of the popular children's movie "Rise of the Guardians," takes on a darker approach when the powerful and unpredictable Mother Nature is ca...
  • rise
  • nature
  • terra
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Half Magic (Wednesday Updates) Book 2 by SabrinaBlackburry
Half Magic (Wednesday Updates) Sabrina Blackburry
Wren has come out of the Wyldes with more questions than answers as to who she is. After escaping DuVarick's clutches, Wren puts as much distance as she can between her...
  • prophecy
  • king
  • femalehero
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