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Inferior by skydancer0
Inferiorby skydancer0
Jimin has been compared one too many times to his stepbrothers ever since his mother remarried. He finds himself falling into a state of depression as insecurities fill...
  • jin
  • rm
  • inferior
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Howl Silently My Love by dandan101
Howl Silently My Loveby Danielle
On the night of the harvest moon the Crimson Maire Pack was destroyed by the rivalling Cerulean Mist. Or atleast that's what was believed until Damen, the new leader of...
  • beta
  • mate
  • scared
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The Inferior  by jessica_sutton
The Inferior by Jessica Sutton
New Found America- built on intelligence and superiority. With the Final Intelligence Test (FIT), students, once they reach the age of 16, are given various scenarios to...
  • future
  • super-human
  • army
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Superior by SamandShy
Superiorby Sam and Shy
In a world where only those born to the best are given the best, and the poor lie with the dogs, 18 year old Aisa Farrow comes from a wealthy family, raised at the top-n...
  • revolution
  • boyxgirl
  • futuristic
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Penny for My Thoughts (TRANSFERRED FROM OLD ACCOUNT) by yours_proudly_so
Penny for My Thoughts ( Draco Malfoy
  • hatrred
  • forever
  • thoughts
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Oppressivly Superior by Bluepencilblackpen
Oppressivly Superiorby .
"thats just the way it is, nobody really knows what happend" It all started with an unsolved mystery. a murder mystery to be exact. Jayda Hills starts to ques...
  • unsolved
  • choosingsides
  • oppressive
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Suddenly by baconislife
Suddenlyby baconislife
It was a Friday the world ended. Looking back, it seems kind of sad, you know, for the end to be on the one day the humans looked forward to. Of course, they didn't see...
  • aliens
  • inferior
  • armaggeddon
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Reflection by tilercharlotte
Reflectionby tilercharlotte
  • distress
  • emotion
  • inferior
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In Her Eyes  by Basmautopia
In Her Eyes by Basma Mahmoud
Dramatic Romance
  • inferior
  • determination
  • love
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poems by berryberrybroadway
poemsby berry berry broadway
a collection
  • emotions
  • poems
  • anxiety
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On Display by RockinRails01
On Displayby Ray
(This story has nothing to do with race, the main character just happens to be dark-skinned) 500 years ago, a man and a woman thought it would be beneficial to everyone...
  • fighting
  • action
  • action-ish
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Inside The Spiral  by justbytheway
Inside The Spiral by justbytheway
Let me tell you I am an average writer. I write to escape. And hence a collection of poems, which are nothing but a creative way to express one's inner feelings.
  • inferior
  • deep
  • gone
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Along These Towering Dreams by AquaticSuperior48722
Along These Towering Dreamsby M.J. Beatty
Hopes. Dreams. Crushed under all the pressure.
  • buisness
  • humor
  • awesome
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Silver Medal by Purrofdoom
Silver Medalby Purrofdoom
  • inferior
  • inferiority
Masked Emotion by BritishMochi
Masked Emotionby BritishMochi
Welcome to a world ruled by the superior race, Geminius. Where normals are considered futile. Where rebellion takes place on a nightly basis. Where war is encouraged. Wh...
  • brokensky
  • inferior
  • superior
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things ill never tell you by youdontcareatalll
things ill never tell youby youdontcareatalll
I'm sorry
  • youdontcare
  • ihatemyself
  • inferior
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BEAUTY by OyeladeAyobami
BEAUTYby Oyelade Ayobami
Bullied for her looks,Kathy decides she wants a fresh start and gets a plastic surgery
  • beauty
  • inferior
  • insecure
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