Once bitten, Twice pissed off

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Chapter 2

My alarm went off and I quickly shut it off. I was already awake so it served no purpose.

Last night was horrible. Never had any of my dreams been so vivid. I could have sworn that I was actually there at one point. Looking acorss the room I saw Ryder staring at me. My eyebrows crinkled. "What?"

"Was there another wolf in here last night?" 

Did he mean the white wolf that my mind had conjured up as a method of keeping me away from any further contact with wolves? "I don't think so . . .I mean I saw a white one but that was just my imagination being cruel." I said with a shrug. He walked the length of the room twice before looking at me again. He seemed unsettled.

"Hey Ryder, you wanna follow me to school today? I'll need all the company I can get."

"Hell no, the last thing I need is to have humans staring at me and pointing out the obvious. Oh look it's a bloody wolf---they should try being more original. It's clear I'm a wolf so why can't they move on, plus your principal's a bitch, and not the good kind either."

I sighed. "Fine, leave me to suffer with the cheerleaders today. When I die it will be on your head."

"No it will be my doing." He corrected before walking out of the room. What a loving animal he was.

At school I was constantly reminded of the impending doom I would have to face at the end of the day. Every girl, be she freshmen or senior, was buzzing about the tryouts after school. What was the big fuss about being a cheerleader anyway? You had to wear revealing outfits and smile all the time. That just seemed like too much to ask of anyone. I bet half of them were only going because they knew that Damen would be there. How pathetic. If it weren't for my darling mother I would't have had to go through two hours of girls giggling excessively because they knew some guy would be watching.

Now normally I prayed for the final bell right after I heard the first bell and time would never seem to work for me but today it was like time was sprinting.

I sighed, closing my locker as the last bell of the day rang. Here went nothing.

My eyes nearly fell out of their sockets as I walked into the gym. Girls as far as the eye could see. Half of them didn't even know what they were doing which confirmed my suspicion; they were here for Damen. I rolled my eyes as I walked into the gym and took a seat on the floor by the stands. Maybe if I stayed out of their way they would forget that I was here and simply skip my audition. I loved wishful thinking. 

My eyes glanced to the side and for a split second I could have sworn that the jerk was staring at me. I dismissed the thought almost immediately, afterall, he had no reason to be staring at me and there were like twenty other girls on the floor beside me. He was probably thinking my head was blocking one of them. 

That one glance left a whole image in my mind. I could still see his liquid brown eyes, staring with such intensity. His jaw seemed clenched but that was probably just me over thinking his expression. I never noticed the colour of his hair before today as the dirty blonde colour stained my mind. I guess I never really had an opportunity to before. The image quickly left my mind as Amber, the head cheerleader, and her croonies walked in. They had a particular walk about them that told me they thought they were better than everybody else. Granted they could perform herkies around these wannabes but what ever happened to all being equal?

Damen walked over to her and she gave him a one hell of a long kiss. It was like she was making a statement; he was hers and no one elses. A few of the girls must had felt awkward but I just felt disgusted. They needed to rent a room and get out of my sight as soon as possible. From where I sat it looked like she instructed him to sit at the judges table and like the dog he was he did. However while he walked over to it he didn't take his eyes off me. What the hell was he staring at?! 

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