Far Cry 5 OneShots and Preferences by we_all_have_secrets_
Far Cry 5 OneShots and Preferencesby Daxton Winchester
The second book is up! Far Cry 5 OneShots and Preferences 2!!!! (I do not own any of these characters)
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Far Cry 5 Oneshots and Preferences 2 by we_all_have_secrets_
Far Cry 5 Oneshots and Preferences...by Daxton Winchester
Part 2 of my Far Cry 5 oneshots and preferences book. Comment any requests! (I own none of these characters)
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[Complete] Left Out (Jacob Seed x Reader) by quirkykyimu
[Complete] Left Out (Jacob Seed x...by Kyimu
-Note- This story takes place before the actual Far Cry 5 Game and before Joseph and John found Jacob (from the Book Of Joseph)! I used some content from the book but t...
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Black Horse (John Seed x Reader) by agent-washingtub
Black Horse (John Seed x Reader)by agent-washingtub
When the Deputy reeks havoc on the Project at Eden's Gate, the Seed family will sneer and curse at the unforgivable sins committed by the nonbeliever. The lawyer and fa...
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Devotion (John Seed) by we_all_have_secrets_
Devotion (John Seed)by Daxton Winchester
The Seeds knew that the deputy would be trouble as soon as she landed in Hope County, no matter how innocent she looked. Yet when John first laid his eyes on her, someth...
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Little Red (Jacob Seed) by we_all_have_secrets_
Little Red (Jacob Seed)by Daxton Winchester
Rieka Stone, also known as Red, caught the soldier's attention as soon as she drove into his region. She is quiet, gentle and kind. He is ruthless, strong and rough. Jac...
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right here /teen wolf |far away #2| by puppy-mccall
right here /teen wolf |far away #2|by [ A N A ]
En teoría, la vida de Terra debería de ser más fácil ahora. Su hermano kanima ya no está, tiene a los mejores amigos del mundo e Isaac está enamorado de ella. Sin embarg...
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Far Cry 5 Preferences by JohnsYes
Far Cry 5 Preferencesby Far Cry obsessed🔫
Far Cry 5 Preferences about Jacob, John, Joseph Seed! Have fun with it and if you have any request please text me and I'll try to write them! Thank you! 💕✨
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Too Far by elysemason
Too Farby elyse mason♥️
SEQUEL TO STAY CLOSE All I wanted was her. I just wanted to be with her, to be able to always see her or talk to her. But then, the man I hated most in the world took he...
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RUIN by Triyanti_Fitri
RUINby Triyanti_Fitri
Dunianya hancur, mimpinya pupus dan harapannya sirna begitu saja dengan kalimat panjang yang ia dengar dibalik pintu. Bulir air matanya yang meluruh tersamarkan akan air...
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Blasphemy // FAR CRY 5 // John Seed Fanfiction  by Electric-Heart
Blasphemy // FAR CRY 5 // John See...by ❁
*FULL DESCRIPTION COMING SOON* *DISCLAIMER* I do not own Far Cry 5 or any of the characters or settings. I only own my story and the original characters. Story will co...
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Have A Little Faith (Faith Seed) by we_all_have_secrets_
Have A Little Faith (Faith Seed)by Daxton Winchester
It's not uncommon to feel alone in Hope County, not since Eden's Gate took control. So many people are alone or at least feel alone, even the people you wouldn't expect...
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An Unexpected Visitor (Abused, Neglected Dead Male Reader x RWBY) by Rugged_Noodle
An Unexpected Visitor (Abused, Neg...by RuggeDelirious
Killed by your family, a miracle was created as you were ressurected from Death. Many do not know how but you were different than before. I do not own Far Cry 5 or RWBY...
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[Paused] Chosen (Joseph Seed x Reader) by quirkykyimu
[Paused] Chosen (Joseph Seed x Rea...by Kyimu
-Story Description- Life is hard with Eden's Gate in your homeland and slowly, your own precious life was sliding out of your hands. To not get captured, you hardly can...
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In Your Head // FAR CRY 5 // Jacob Seed Fanfiction  by Electric-Heart
In Your Head // FAR CRY 5 // Jacob...by ❁
*FULL DESCRIPTION COMING SOON* *DISCLAIMER* I do not own Far Cry 5 or any of the characters or settings. I only own my story and the original characters. Story will co...
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When It Goes Too Far by EdgeOfPurpleGlitter
When It Goes Too Farby Miranda
Raelynn's the type of girl who spends her weekend's knee deep in plaster and fake blood as a Special Effects Artist. You could say her life is a constant rut of work and...
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A closed book (oc story) by wub-a-luba-dub-dub
A closed book (oc story)by Soldier69
Up top the mountains so high a young girl they spy her hair a mess of black and red but it turns out she a closed book waiting to open instead
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Better Believe |On Hold| by ZebaAlmas
Better Believe |On Hold|by Zeba Almas
One wish, and everything changes. Tiara Danvers, age 13, living in a future world, wishes to visit the past and discover why everything in her world was a mess. What wa...
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The Baptist, The Beast, and the Soldier (John Seed x Reader x Jacob Seed) by GageSeed030
The Baptist, The Beast, and the So...by The Power Of Yes
John Seed x Reader x Jacob. What more could you ask for? Lemons? Yes. Love? Yes. Fair warning. I wrote most of this at like, 5am during FC5 loading screens so be warned...
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extraordinary  by _rosesare_red
extraordinary by 🥀
mood swings on crack (Mature Content)
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