Nature's Ally (2)

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Chapter 23

---Damen’s POV---

I drove slowly down the road back home while muttering under my breath. I knew I shouldn’t have been angry or annoyed when she did things like that but that didn’t make what she did any less annoying.

I hated when she took advantage of my animal instincts. She complained about not liking the fact that she lost control and couldn’t do anything about it but how did she think I felt. When she did things like that it wasn’t very easy to resist; my body would simply react to its mate whether I wanted it to or not. It was the same instincts that brought us together and that made me so carelessly take her first time without any regard for how she would have felt after. Luckily I had been able to catch myself before I came off as insensitive to her. Don’t get me wrong I meant everything that I told her that night but just like her I had no control over what was happening. Now she took it as some sport to get me revved up only to pull some kind of immediate brakes that usually left me with a feeling of unease. How was she even able to do that? I thought it was the guys who were easily turned on and off.

I took in a deep breath as a feeling of restlessness climbed unto my chest making it feel heavier than it already was. I gripped the wheel more firmly.

I had to stop complaining. I probably did way worse to her more times than I knew and she had every right to do what she did. I would suck it up. So what if I was feeling uneasy, it would pass eventually or the next time I saw her which wouldn’t be very far away. I would suffer through it; no problem. I could be a man. This wouldn’t affect me.

I hit my foot on the gas and sped down the empty road. The speed helped to take my mind of everything that plagued my mind. In seconds the turn off was clear and I headed down into my settlement.

As I pulled up I was immediately suspicious of the gathering by the lake. I cautiously stepped out of the car and walked over to the area that had been lit by torches. When I got there I realized my mistake. I should have headed straight for my house without looking to either side.

This looked like some kind of pack meeting and those never turned out very good; not for Alex anyway.

“My son, I am glad that you have arrived as we have been waiting quite anxiously for you.” My Dad said as I walked to the front of the gathering. All eyes were on me; some looked so eager that it was unnerving. What could they have possibly been waiting on me for? I hadn’t made any arrangements with them and at the moment I wanted to sleep so even if I did it would have to wait until morning. Waiting on me? No way. I turned to my father and gave him a puzzled look hoping he would explain before things could go any further. He smiled, obviously proud about something. “The harvest moon is fast approaching and that will be the night that we will destroy the Crimson Maire once and for all. For years we have tried but they always seem to hold on by even a thread and bounce back but once we get them there can be no bouncing back. We will destroy them—“


Everyone began mumbling and whispering as if they hadn’t clearly heard my one worded answer. Even my father seemed shocked by my response.

“What?” He whispered as if he thought his ears might have been failing him.

I rolled my eyes. It really annoyed me when I had to speak more than once. “I said no. I personally think that we shouldn’t use the harvest moon to destroy two people that can barely stand on that night let alone defend themselves from all of us. That’s a coward’s game that I refuse to play. I’d rather wait until they have all their strength then—“

“I think you’re being a coward no!” Someone shouted. It was much too dark to see who had but if I had that person wouldn’t still be breathing. After the outburst came many more. Soon they were all shouting and arguing with me.

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