Tempting The Bond (1)

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“Alright let’s get you home.” He said lifting me gently. Each step he took towards home was carefully taking. I could tell that he tried to avoid all the unlevel ground and rocks that might have made the trip ore uncomfortable.

“Ryder . . . my head hurts . . .”

“Shh . . . don’t speak, I’ll get you home and have you take something for that.”

I nodded, feeling too weak to say anything else. By h=the time we got back to the house my eyes were fighting to stay open. Mom was on the front porch and as soon as she caught sight of us she ran out to meet us.

“What happened?” She asked frantically.

“Uh she was practicing her routine none stop since this morning. I tried warning her to take a break but she just kept saying that it had to be perfect, she had to keep trying.”

“Oh Alex, I begged you not to overdo it.” She whined. I tried answering but my lips felt heavy and sticky. Every now and then black spots would dance around but as soon as I made an effort to focus they would go away. “Listen I really don’t want to give you much work but her father isn’t here so can I ask you to take her up to her room please?” Mom begged.

“Um sure no problem . . . do you have any dogs I should worry about?”  The last part of that question was more for his entertainment than anything else. I even saw him smirk as mom turned her back to scan the surrounding area.

“Uh . . . yeah . . . sort of.” She turned to us again. “We have a wolf—but don’t worry he’s trained, he’s never rushed anyone. By the looks of it he isn’t even in the yard.” Ryder nodded then made his way to the house. I tried telling him how awful he was but by now I was beginning to lose feeling all over. Cold chills were running through me every few seconds and my fingers were twitching. What was this . . . ? Ryder took me up to our room and placed me on the bed. I watched him pace the room’s length over and over, just as he always did while in wolf form whenever something bothered him. I wanted to ask him to stop; he was making me dizzy but nothing would come out.

Soon my body temperature began fluctuating. I experienced both hot and cold flashed alternately and it made me shake. I wanted it to end. . .

After a while I fell asleep watching him go back and forth. The sleep wasn’t very restful and even in my dreams I could still feel the pain. There was no escaping it . . .

“Maia . . .” Ryder? “Maia, you need to wake up . . .”

My eyes opened slowly and I saw both Ryder and Teri leaning over me. “What . . . ?” Atleast my voice was back—as weak as it sounded. “Teri . . . what’s wrong with me . . . ?”

She stood straight with a sigh. “He—Damen— okay so remember when I said he was losing his mind and everything like that—“

“Get to the point Teri before I self-destruct again.” I said, uninterested in her babbling.

“Okay, um . . . he snapped.” She said after trying to play with words for abit.

“What do you mean by that . . . “ I asked now forcing myself into a sitting position. Ryder helped me up.

She looked at me then sighed again. “He decided he needed a release so . . . um . . . he slept with his girlfriend.”

I literally felt the wind get knocked out of me when I heard that. He did what?! How could he have done such a thing?! I mean sure I had been pushing the boundary just a bit but that gave him no right! Did he even know what he was doing to me when he did that?! This was exactly what Nala had warned me against. That son of a bitch. It was time I really taught him a lesson. I threw myself back and my pillow and decided to take it easy. His time was coming; it was coming really soon.

Teri didn’t bother staying very long and when she left I was ready to put my plan into action. Damen was going to be sorry. The only thing I was going to be sorry for was hurting Ryder and Teri but sometimes sacrifices had to be made.

“Where are you going?” Ryder asked when I climbed off the bed. I looked over at him. He had gone wolf after ‘leaving’ and was now curled up on my bed.

“I going to have a bath, is that a crime now? Follow me please.” I asked before grabbing my towel then exiting the room. I didn’t have to look back to know that he didn’t even so much as take a second look at me. This was going to be difficult . . . “Ryder come on.”


“Because I might faint in the shower then drown because of the running shower. Gosh don’t you think? I could die.”

I heard him sigh before trotting out of the room and down the hallway with me. He layed on the carpet completely lost to the current situation.

A cold shower brought me back to some degree of normality but it left me with that feeling that I had eventually become accustomed to.  It’s weird how in less than a week I had almost forgotten what it felt like. Too bad for Damen, he nightmare was about to begin. “Ow Ryder help I got soap in my eyes!”

“And how did you manage to do that?” He asked without even the slightest bit of concern. I sighed impatiently.

“Obviously it wasn’t intentional so I don’t have a clue now will you help me or not?”

“I can’t, I’ve already ripped my clothes, if I go human I’ll be naked.”

“Does it matter? You’ll be going into a shower with running water.”

“I don’t feel like it.”


“Alright, alright.” He sighed again. There was a shifting sound on the other side of the curtain. My body tensed as I waited for the curtain to be shifted to the side. There would be no turning back after this point. “Move over why don’t you.” He said. I felt his body against mine and almost forgot to breath. For a brief second I could have sworn that that same sharp pain was going to resurface but it didn’t. “Now hold still so I can get it out.” He ordered, taking my face into his hands. When the last bit of soap was washed away my eyes opened slowly and I found myself staring into his dark eyes. “Um . . .”

Before he could speak I wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled him unto me. Now there was no ignoring the pain but I refused to stop because if I was feeling this way then I knew that Damen would have been feeling worst.

“Maia, we can’t . . . “He said with an unsteady breath.

“Why not . . . ?”

“I can’t hurt her . . .”

“Well what about me . . .? He hurt me remember? I just wanted him to know what it felt like to hurt someone who had such a powerful connection with you. He was being selfish and—and I just wanted him to pay. . .”

“But you’ll be hurt too . . .”

“Damn it I don’t care! I—I don’t I really don’t . . .” Before I knew it tears began running down my cheeks. “Do you think that anything after this matters? What hope do we have? A very slim hope. I want to know that even if we don’t win we would still have left a powerful blow but I can’t do that alone.” As I said that another sharp pang of pained zipped through my body shaking me to my core. I clung to him as I waited for it to die down. When it did I looked up at Ryder again and his eyes melted me.

Would I really do this . . .?

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