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Sam woke up alone and immediately went looking for Mon

It didn't take long, and she didn't really have difficulties in finding her

She found Mon in their second bedroom, packing

Sam was momentarily confused and then immediately panicked,

She thought that Mon was leaving her...again

Did she regret marrying her?

Did she really upset her so much last night that she couldn't even stand staying with her for any longer?

Feeling helpless, she hugged Mon from the back and leaned into the younger woman

S: Mon... are you angry?

(Mon was caught by surprise by Sam's sudden hug that she dropped the shirt she was folding)

M: Is there a reason for me to be angry?
(Mon asked amused)

S: uhmmm... about last night...

M: Yes? What about last night?

(Mon was trying to hide her widening smile because the fiddling woman in front of her was just so adorable)

S: I know I had disappointed you, Mon... but I didn't want to hurt I...

M: Then can I hurt you instead? (Mon said teasingly)

(Sam looked at Mon strangely
She was baffled at how candidly Mon had breached the topic

Was she really overthinking this?

Was Mon really fine with the idea of having a foreign object injected in her vagina?

Was she really not scared that it would impale her and would ruin her forever?

Sam shook her head,
She was forcibly trying to throw away those strange thoughts

She looked at Mon again, trying to see if she was serious...

Looking at the hidden mirth in her wife's eyes, she couldn't decide whether Mon was serious or not and was left in a standstill

M: What? Changed your mind so soon, love?

Tell me... Do you want to finish what you've started last night?

(Sam looked at Mon deeply
She saw how the color of her eyes darkened and how her mouth rose up their corners to create a smirk... a sexy and hot smirk

Sam gulped... she could feel the hairs of her arms slowly standing as her lust was rising uncontrollably

Sam quickly nodded her head excitedly

Her cheeks reddening making her too irresistible for Mon

Seeing Sam like this, Mon can already envision how she would look like squirming under her

Mon was also losing herself in her lust
She could feel her legs dripping and immediately caught herself before her daydreams, and her lust-filled thoughts consumed her unknowingly.

She looked at Sam again, suppressing the fire growing on her belly

Mon sighed. Tsk, her wife is really dangerous, and she doesn't even know it...or well knowing Sam, I'm sure she does know, but arrogance doesn't diminish her charm at all)

M: You haven't answered my question yet, Sam...

What do you want?

Do you want to finish what we've started last night?

(Sam gulped again and nodded simply)

M: Then, will you go through with it this time?
Or will you keep me hanging again?

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