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M: Let's go home, love

(Sam smiled and held Mon's hand, but was surprised when Mon unclasped their hands and kissed her cheeks
Sam was frowning, confused, and pissed but was controlling her temper.
Seeing this, Mon smiled and placed a lingering passionate kiss, not caring in the slightest that they were in front of an audience)

M: Wait for me in the car, love.
I just have something to say to Ray. It won't take long

S: Why do I have to go?
Why are you discussing something that can't be said in front of me?!
What are u hiding from me, Mon?!
Tell me!

(Sam's emotions were rising dangerously high
Her body was trembling, and she was on the verge of another breakdown

Her thoughts were full of doubts she was forcibly shutting down

No! No, Sam! Come down!
Mon loves you!
She will never betray you!
Relax, Sam! Breathe!

Mon, seeing something was wrong, immediately held Sam's hands and pulled her to the couch.
She kneeled in front of Sam and tried her best to calm her down)

M: Love... Love, look at me
I'm right here
See? I'm holding your hand right now.
Can u feel it? Hmm...
Follow my voice, baby!
I'm right here
Breathe, baby!
I love you!
I love you!
I love you, Sam... so much!
Come back to me, honey!

(Sam hearing Mon's voice was slowly calming down, but her frown never left her face

No! No! No!
Stop thinking, Sam!
Calm down!
Mon loves you!
She loves you and only you!
She will never leave you!

Sam repeated those words over and over until she passed out.

Sam woke up confused
She was in an unfamiliar room
She searched for Mon desperately but couldn't find her

She was even more frustrated!
How could Mon leave her like this!

She tried recalling what happened, and when she finally calmed down enough, she recalled that she passed out after suffering from a breakdown.

Sigh! Sam! You are so fucking pathetic! Tsk!

Sam, knowing that she was probably still at Raymond's house, stood up and went looking for Mon

She heard some hushed voices from downstairs and she knew it was wrong to snoop around!

She knew she should trust Mon, but her heart just couldn't stay at ease!

So despite her better judgement and despite betraying her own morals, she decided to quietly listen in to Mon and Raymond's conversation)

M: Ray, i'm really worried about Sam
She's getting worse Ray!
I don't know what else to do!

R: Mon, Sam will be alright!
She has you right?
You're all she needs Mon, so you have to be strong for her alright?

M: But what if i can't Ray?
Whatever i'm doing, is obviously not working!
Nothing's working!
She is getting worse Ray!
I'm so tired!

R: there... There Mon...
I'm just here ok?
You know I will always be here Mon... For both u and Sam

Hey, hey, Look at me...
Mon, I promise you Sam will be okay.
Trust me
Let's trust Sam
She never breaks her promises Mon.
U know that...

She promised us she will be taking her meds right?

Just give her time.

You just need to hang in there for her ok?

Just a little bit more Mon!
You'll get ur Sam back soon!

M: i'm trying my best Ray!
I really am, but i'm suffocating!

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