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Sweet Bastard by sweetdreamer33
Sweet Bastardby Neilani Alejandrino
Lisa and her boss, Alessandro, agree to spite their exes by pretending to date, but things begin to backfire when fake feelings become real along the way. ...
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Verum by ktk446
Verumby Hi
"You are the sacrifice to keep the pack safe, Evelyn Freeman. Your life will keep ours intact for yet another year, and for that you should be honored. We thank you...
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The Hound by TLBodine
The Houndby T.L. Bodine
Antique store owner Liz brings home a Victorian taxidermy hound from auction, unwittingly unleashing dark forces on her wife and son. ...
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His Innocent Mate☑️ ~ Complete by LuckyCharm007
His Innocent Mate☑️ ~ Completeby Sowjanya
"I, Magnar Sullivan Black, Alpha of the Silver Crest pack, Reject you, Catlyn Ava Smith, as my mate and future Luna of this pack." His rejection was the last...
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Hide and Seek by Ms_Horrendous
Hide and Seekby Jakayla Toney 🏳️‍🌈
How does your night go from a game of Hide and Seek with your best friend, to your parents being murdered the same night? On top of that, you're sent to live with your m...
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Enchanted by the Sheikh by xPizzaLava
Enchanted by the Sheikhby Sereana Daubulu
After being left stranded in the sand, Katrina was rescued and taken back to a luxury desert camp. Despite the attraction that sparked between them, the Sheikh thought K...
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Mondragon Series 1: It's His Mistress (COMPLETED) by iipa2115
Mondragon Series 1: It's His M A D A M
"I saw him.. with his mistress.." - Faith Elliana Mondragon-Montemayor
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Must Date The PLAYBOY! (PUBLISHED) by notjustarandomgirl
Must Date The PLAYBOY! (PUBLISHED)by Shorty ❤
When Victoria 'Tori' Peige found out that Zachary Anderson was the reason for all of her bestfriend's past break-ups, she knew she had to step in and make a move. Even i...
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Lunar Noctis by EscapeYourMisery
Lunar Noctisby MJ
He was her mate. They wanted her to reject him. She chose to disobey. - extended summary inside - __________ Cover by @Lazybrew
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Angel Meets Sin (BWWM) 18+ by Queen_AngelAce
Angel Meets Sin (BWWM) 18+by Angel Ace
I turned around to walk out the bathroom but I froze. There, stood in the doorway was Caleb. He stared at me. He looked down at my hands. "Angel....what is that?&qu...
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Mr. Walton , please control your love by xxgurlonfirexx
Mr. Walton , please control your Yazmine
She had never expected that she would sleep with her deadly enemy, but it turned out to be a good match for both of them. While after marriage, his indifference finally...
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Imperfectly Perfect (Completed) by Meraki18
Imperfectly Perfect (Completed)by user08911564
He is Strong because he has known weakness She is beautiful because she is aware of her flaws He is fearless because he has learnt to recognise illusions from real She i...
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Her by NightFarren
Herby Bunni
Her smoky charcoal eyes met his coffee-colored ones. And just like that an obsession was born.
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She's The Gang Princess [ COMPLETED ] by Kwiniex
She's The Gang Princess [ AnonymousWriter
Meet Russ Abigail De Leon, A selfless person. she didn't care about Risking herself, she will do everything she can to protect you. Story started: August 10 2019 Story F...
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CHAOS ||✓||•Unedited•|| by August_BlackHeart
CHAOS ||✓||•Unedited•||by ✨Naa_Ami✨
Underestimated... That is what I have been almost all my life just because I am a female, a woman, a lady... but I understand... this world is filled with egotistic and...
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The Girl I Never Loved. by kiranhafeez
The Girl I Never Kiran Hafeez
#35 in spiritual on 18 March 2018 unawareness . . silence . . Feel . . Love . . Tears . . Pain . . the moment . . Hearts . . connected. That's all I could say about the...
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Forcefully Paired Up(#wattys2017) by TrendCaszie
Forcefully Paired Up(#wattys2017)by Zombie♥Lover
(Highest rank #3 in general fiction on 27-10-17)He neither loved her nor he wanted to leave her. He wanted her to be in front of his eyes for no reason. She loves being...
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Reincarnation: Villainess' Chosen Path by WhiteSunflowerS2
Reincarnation: Villainess' WhiteSunflowerS2
Life was hard and... Cruel. That is how Rue Sweet Lee saw the world. From young age, she already faced death... Once. But, now? It's coming to take her again. 'Truthful...
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Secretly Married by Yoonworks
Secretly Marriedby Yoon
Secret Series - Book 1 Park Chaeyoung, a rookie who just debut under one of Korea's top agency, has a little secret. When everybody knew that all four of BLACKPINK isn't...
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SidNaaz- From My Heart To Yours by Ash7220
SidNaaz- From My Heart To Yoursby Ash
When Bollywood scriptwriter Sidharth Shukla shifts to a modest one room apartment in a middle class suburb.. He gets more than he bargained for in the form of a young an...
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