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M: Ray, I need your help

R: Why so serious, Mon?

M: ithinkiwannaproposetoSam

R: Mon, you're rapping now, haha

M: Ray, I'm already freaking out. I don't need any more of your jokes

R: hahaha I'm just playing with you, Mon
I'm sorry
Okay, let's have a do-over
Can u say it again. Slowly this time, please

M: uhm... I think it's time

R: Time for what exactly?

M: For me to propose to Sam

R: hahahaha I didn't see that coming!
I really didn't expect you to be the one proposing Mon
My gosh, my cousin is really hopeless!
Why u stay with her?
I really don't know

M: Hey! Sam is the most amazing woman I know!
I am lucky to be with her!
You do not get to insult her like this Ray!

R: woah woah now tiger!
Chill! You don't have to go Rambo on me now
What you see in my cousin in your business, but I just want to let u know that she is lucky to have u too

M: Well, I guess we are both lucky to have each other then :)
Now help me please
I want this perfect!

R: Tsk! At the end of the day, I'm just being used with mercy! Sigh my life!

M: Ray... I'm sorry
U know I love u, right?
You're my best friend, and I wouldn't have been able to get through these tough times without u, but...

R: Don't say it, Mon
Let's just end it at you love me
At least leave me something to live by

M: Ray... you are a great guy!
Whoever will have you in the future will be blessed

R: But it won't be me, right?
Tsk Mon, I already said to leave it sigh. Why do u have to do me dirty like this

M: Because I love u Ray and I want what's the best for you
The sooner you accept that, I will only ever love Sam, the sooner you will give up on me
You need to open your eyes, Ray
You are Doctor Raymond Miller
You are hot, handsome, smart, rich, and kind!
If u let people know, u are looking for Mrs. Miller, the line would cross the Pacific

R: Hah! Thanks for boosting up my ego, Mon
Tsk I will find the one for me someday and when that happens I will expect u in my wedding

M: hahaha then we better not tell your wife to be that you were madly in love with me then

R: OH, she will know because I don't believe I will ever stop loving you. Mon

I have never been more jealous of Sam than I am right now

But enough of this drama
I'm a big boy. I'll be okay!

So how can I help you with the whole proposal thing

M: awwww, thank you, Ray!
I just knew I could rely on you!
So, here's the thing...
I am constantly being monitored, and I can't do anything without Sam being notified, and we'll it wouldn't be a surprise if she knew, right?
Ugh! Okay, so I know this is a big, big ask Ray
But I really need you to do me a solid this time

I really want to make this special
It needs to be something that could wow Sam

R: Mon, how many times do I have to tell you that woman loves you to the moon and back
You could practically just say marry me while eating breakfast, and she would be ecstatic

M: Ray, I am being serious over here
I really want to make everything perfect!
Sam deserves everything to be perfect

R: Tsk fine, so what's the plan?

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