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Sam had a sleepless night that day
She hugged Mon tightly in her arms and kissed her head over and over possessively

Her mind was constantly trying to piece the puzzle but is coming up blank

Just what is Mon and Raymond hiding from me?

I trust them!
I trust them both!
I know they wouldn't betray me!
They wouldn't, right?

No! Definitely not!
Based on their conversation, it was obvious that they were not cheating on me!
Mon said she loved me, and I believe she meant it!
Ugh, I can't believe I ever doubted her!
But... just what are they planning?

Mon said I shouldn't find out

She also said it wasn't convenient for her to do personally because she knows she is being trailed

Those idiots!!! I told them to make sure Mon doesn't see them! Ugh!!! This is so frustrating!!!

Just why can't I find out?!

She was excited about it too, hmmm...

While Sam was deep in thought, Mon woke up energetically and faced her before hugging her again

M: Good morning, love!
How was your sleep?

S: uhmm, great, Mon. How was yours?

M: Really love? Is that why u look like a panda now?

(Sam, who knew she was caught red-handed, held her nape, and smiled awkwardly)

M: Come on, love. Tell me
What's bothering you?

(Sam was still contemplating whether to say it or not

She wanted to respect Mon, but then again, eavesdropping on their conversation last night was already countering the whole, I respect you thing

That was just messed up! So messed up, Sam! Ugh!

But do I regret it? Ugh! I don't know either!

I want to confront Mon about all the sneaky hiding and cheating, but I know if I would, it may just start another argument

So now I don't know what to do!
I want to figure it out!
Being in the dark is causing me paranoia, and that's not good!
I don't want to stop trusting Mon!
So I better ask, right?

Sam has almost reached her breaking point and, with a heavy heart, made a decision

Sam closed her eyes, breathed deeply, and held Mon's hand
With her most sincere emotions, she said)

S: Mon. I promise to always believe in you

I promise to always trust you

I promise to always listen to your explanation first. Mon

So please tell me

What is it that you're hiding from me?
Everything Mon.

No more hiding. No more lying.
Whatever it is
We'll get through it together, Mon

Please trust me and tell me

M: Sam...

S: Mon...

M: Sam, I promise to tell u soon, okay?

S: Why can't you tell me now, Mon?

Is it bad?
I can't fix it. If u don't tell me, Mon

please tell me

I promise, no matter what, I won't blame you at all

Please don't let me find out somewhere else or through someone else. Mon

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