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We went home happy that day.
Mon still insisted on going home.
She is just so stubborn sometimes, but what could I do?
I love spoiling her.

Mon had been the only person I had willingly chosen to concede against

With my grandma, my obedience was a sign of respect and was done as my duty and responsibility in mind

But with Mon, there was never a compulsion to let her win... to follow her desires and wants
I let her win because I simply wanted her happy.
All i knew was that I'm happy when she's happy and I was willing to do anything to keep her happy. I didn't mind anything else

So when Mon asked me to choose between my duty, my pride, my conscience, my goals, and her...

This was the first time I felt compelled.
I was forced, and everything led to a dead end. I was miserable, helpless and trapped.

I couldn't find a way to both make her happy and keep myself sane

I know we're slipping.
I know she's on the brink of leaving me.
Even without her telling me, I could see it.
The way she looked at me was different
Her smile was gone
She was tired, we both were
I just didn't want to fight anymore
It's draining, so I let her win, concealing what it does to me.
I can do it. Mon is all I need.

M: Sam, thank u!
Really, really, thank u!
I'm so excited!
Let's go see Ray tomorrow morning, ok?

S: I have an early morning meeting tomorrow, Mon. I can't

M: ok then, how long will the meeting last?

S: It'll probably last the entire day
We have a lot of loose ends we need to sort out, plus I need to prep the team on what is potentially to come to limit the damages.

M: Sam, I'm sorry if I forced this on you, but love, in time, you would realize that this was the right decision to make
You made the right choice, love!

S: Hmm... I hope I did, Mon

M: Hey, hey... look at me
Of course you did
No matter what people tell you, Sam, you did the right thing!
Choosing yourself was the right thing!

S: Hmm.. thanks Mon

M: Sam, remember what we previously talked about me taking over DIVERSITY US? I was serious about it, Sam

S: Mon... I don't want you to have too much on your plate

U have school and the sessions with me
I want you to concentrate on those for now
Let's discuss DIVERSITY next time, ok?

M: No, Sam
I can do it. Trust that I can handle it.
I want to help you

S: im happy that you want to help me, babe
I'm really happy!
But in due time, ok?
Let me at least set up the foundation for you and pass DIVERSITY to you once it's stable

M: Sam, I am your partner
Your future wife
I am not someone who strays away from hardship
Let me carry some of your burdens for you
You're not alone, u know?

S: Hmm. I know
Thank u for staying with me, Mon

M: I always will, Sam
Now, stop stalling.
Process the turnover of the company to me slowly and clear your schedule on Tuesday for a visit to Ray.
No excuses, Sam. Do u understand?

S: Mon, my schedule is pretty packed this week. I can't just clear it for...

M: Sam, do u really think I don't know you're trying to delay seeing Ray?

S: im not Mon

M: Don't lie to me, Sam
U know it never works
Even when you said yes to me, I also knew you didn't really mean it
What I'm doing now, Sam, is giving u a chance to choose me
I swear, Sam, if u mess this up, no matter how much I love you, I will leave u
Do u understand?

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