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R: Maybe you're right.
You don't deserve Sam at all

M: I know I don't Ray
She deserves so much better than a coward like me
But what to do?
I can't give her up
I love her too much

R: Where was this love when you kept hesitating to marry her, Mon?
All you've done so far was hurt her and push her away

M: I know, ok!
I know now!
I know I was stupid and insecure!
I know I've hurt her, and if I could take it back, I would Ray!

R: Then do it!
It's not too late, you know?
Don't wait until your indecision leads to irreparable distance between you and Sam, Mon

M: Ok. I know what to do now, Ray
Thank you.
I don't know what I'd do without you

You really are a great guy, Ray.
U know that, right?

R: I do, I just need to master my timing. That's all

Next time, I won't be late in finding my own happiness

M: Ray, I'm really sorry

R: Don't apologize, Mon
It wasn't my choice to fall in love with you, and I know it's wrong to feel this way in so many levels...
but like you, I can't help how I feel too

So Mon, you owe me nothing.
Don't worry, I know what I have gotten myself into, and I'm just happy that you and Sam can still rely on me

M: But aren't I making it hard for you by being so reliant on you?

Do u want me to stay away, Ray? Because I could if you need me to.

R: Nah. It's alright, Mon.
Perhaps when both you and Sam could be okay without me, I'll go away for a while and find myself again.
Until then, Handsome Ray is at your service!

(Mon couldn't help but smile at Ray.
Even at times like this, even when it is so obvious that he is hurting, he is still trying his best to make me smile.
You really do deserve the world, Ray.
I hope you can find the person that could make you happy soon!)

M: Ray... thank you

(Was all Mon managed to say
Her eyes were slightly moist from her gratefulness toward Ray and a small tug of guilt for all the pain she had given him
Yes, she was selfish, but she needed Ray. In the short span of her knowing him, he had become one of her pillars of support, and he will always have a special place in her heart)

R: yeah yeah enough with this sappiness and go get your girl already

If you mess up again, I won't hesitate to take you away for myself. Mon

M: I won't. I promise I won't mess up anymore.

R: Okay. GO!


Mon hurried home and found Sam in her study

Sam was holding a glass of brandy in a dimly lit room looking at the sun rising.

Looking at Sam's back, Mon felt Sam's lonely and desolate mood

At this moment, Mon knew, Sam was in a criss cross of emotions

Sam was back to her cold self, and this signifies that Sam was at a breaking point

If Mon really messed this up, she was sure that there was no turning back from this.

Mon shook her head, resolving her hesitation. She came closer to Sam and took the glass from her hand

She then proceeded to drink all the contents with fervor under the watchful eyes of Sam

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