Eclipse Child by world_joy_
Eclipse Childby World Joy
There are certain things in life that everyone knows. When asked though, how they came to possess knowledge of this information, a confused look will enter their face...
  • mate
  • luna
  • love
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More Than Gold [Book Two] by jupiterscript
More Than Gold [Book Two]by ⚜️N A Y A⚜️
Highest Ranking #1 in Chicklit Book Two. "Forget what you feel and remember what you deserve" Golden and Jayceon are still together going strong years later. A...
  • streetlit
  • love
  • growth
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More Issues In Aruba by BellaLunaa
More Issues In Arubaby bella.
*Sequel to More Issues Than Vogue* Three years after Haley Monroe interned at Forward magazine, she's now one of the associate writers for the New Yorker. Haley is at th...
  • intern
  • damnitnatechester
  • chicklit
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Shadowed Sun by Darkpetal16
Shadowed Sunby Leah
Life can be a cruel thing, especially when it was never meant to be given to you in the first place. Self-Insert / SI OC. -COMPLETE-
  • angst
  • naruto
  • fanfiction
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Chrysalis (Book 1.5 in the Wolfen Brethren Series) by Layla-A-D
Chrysalis (Book 1.5 in the Layls_
At the age of 13 she found her mate. A wolf who was not quite a wolf and a man not quite grown. He was her mate but she was not his. She was too young, too scarred, too...
  • butterfly
  • selflove
  • strength
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The baby lesson by alexismcm01
The baby lessonby Lexi
(Completed) When there is a assembly that has the teachers scared no one cares. Katherine Burns soon learns that the government is doing an experiment that will determin...
  • pregnancy
  • growth
  • livingtogether
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• Just You • by anikaendlaw
• Just You •by Anika
Don't ever crave for love and fall in it so deep that you're unable to get out of it. Let love crave for you!
  • mylife
  • emotions
  • feelings
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Doom Lord by AlexanderSaridis
Doom Lordby Alexander Saridis
The world had started doomsday, and I struggled for a year, before I died under an enchanted beast's claw. Heaven has given me another chance, back a day before the end...
  • tố
  • growth
  • day
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Doomed to be Cannon Fodder by suher1
Doomed to be Cannon Fodderby suher1
}{offline purpose}{ Written by: Whistling Night Rain (潇潇夜雨) Translated by: etvolare, Eudaimonia, Grace, Grenn, mycyan, Ruyi, timebun, tranzgeek, ying Edited by: Deyna Sh...
  • clever
  • black
  • lead
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Clay & Vinyl | MYG by catchumylife
Clay & Vinyl | MYGby Definitely Angst
"You know what's the most beautiful thing about this recording? The small little cracks and pops. It's the tiny flaws that make the song so perfect." *** A sto...
  • namjoon
  • kpop
  • growth
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A FeMENist's Guide to Feminism by IVEYDOCX
A FeMENist's Guide to Feminismby Ivey
Beckett Carlisle is having a rough time. He's just trying to enjoy senior year, but the Feminism Alliance Club keeps interfering. Specifically, Imogen Takinami, club pre...
  • girls
  • asiansinlit
  • feminism
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his angel (#1) by ardentlies
his angel (#1)by 🦋
he'll catch her before she falls. (inspired by psyche and eros) • Not a moment later did a thump resonate through my room; and instead of light, a foreign presence fill...
  • funny
  • guardian
  • friendship
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Mature by miszDanni
Matureby Dani
The continuation of the story of Adolescent. After three years of living life as usual, Maia Candor runs into her teenage lover Eric Blackman. After years of separation...
  • love
  • erotic
  • bdsmrelationship
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She's Married by Toivo_V
She's Marriedby Toivo_Vertigo
Remi walked deeper into the room but didn't make it any further before hearing "Get on your knees" She simply complied, reaching down to slip off her...
  • wattys2018
  • bwwm
  • steam
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Guardian (Sequel to Fearless) by squigmo
Guardian (Sequel to Fearless)by Haley Netherton
One year. It had been one year since Iris Gwenneth became the first heroine of Eldia --one year since her life took a dramatic turn for the better. And in this one year...
  • discovery
  • oath
  • maturing
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Four Seasons [Shawn Mendes] by pumpkinspiciest
Four Seasons [Shawn Mendes]by pumpkinspiciest
Four Shawn Mendes love stories through four different seasons of the year. Each story is completely separate and distinct from the others.
  • shawnmendes
  • growth
  • seasons
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Brutum Fulmen ; An Empty Thunder by irishloveoftx
Brutum Fulmen ; An Empty Thunderby Morris Whitfeild
First poetry collection Trigger warning
  • poetry
  • youth
  • growth
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The Girl With The Past by AliceW12346
The Girl With The Pastby Alice Wonderland
Sequel To The Boy With The Accent Cannot read without the first book. ================================================================================ Kat...
  • grief
  • hate
  • hope
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Skeletons (Complete ✔) by Lena-Presents
Skeletons (Complete ✔)by Lena Mano
As a kid, Raphael was a homophobic bully. Now, at age 23, he's grown out of the bully act. His homophobia? Still there, but it doesn't show often―after all, there are no...
  • freethelgbt
  • wattys2018
  • growth
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Still Here by wriiten
Still Hereby lo
Audrey Summers is going to kill herself today. She's already thought everything through-even taken the precaution of flipping family photos around so absolutely nothing...
  • death
  • nosmut
  • featured
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