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Mon was tired looking at Sam's depressed mood and had eventually pinched her waist to get her attention

S: oww. That hurt!
What did u do that for Mon?

M: Are you asking because you don't know, or will you continue pretending to be dumb Sam?

S: hmph! (Sam proceeded to pout)

M: You have been scowling the entire night, Sam.
It's our wedding reception!
I know it isn't too formal or grand, but nevertheless, everybody worked hard for this
The least you could do is SMILE!

S: But Mon, they are doing this on purpose!
Especially Jim!!
She was clearly taunting me!
Did you see how slowly she is eating?!
I'm one step away from shoving the spoon down her throat!

M: Sam! That's rude!
They're our friends and they are here to celebrate our wedding!
All of this wouldn't have been possible without them too love so
Can u be a little less grouchy, please?
Even just for today

S: hmph!

M: Sam, look at me...
Love, you have me for the rest of your life. We're married now.
There is no need to rush for anything.
I'm not running away ever again
Do you understand?

(Sam looked deeply into Mon's eyes and hesitantly nodded after a while
Occasionally, Mon would still find Sam scowling, but after a little bit of pleading, Sam stopped glaring at Jim)

It was close to midnight when the party finally came to an end.
This put Sam in an ugly mood, and she didn't even try to hide it much.
Everybody knew she wanted to chase everybody out.

Though she didn't say anything out loud primarily because of Mon and even tried to control her scowling when reminded, it was still quite obvious to everyone that she was unhappy.
People could see dark clouds around her from a mile away, and people found that funny.
In the end, they ate more slowly, wanting to tease Sam a little bit more.

K: Sam, you have so grumpy. We're leaving now, so can you at least try to send us off with a smile?

S: You guys are finally leaving! I'm so happy. (She said this with a wide smile on her face)

K: lol You really are so predictable, Sam
Anyway, here's our gift to you guys. Enjoy!

S: At least you are tactful enough!

M: Saaaam!!!
Don't mind her, Kade!
Thank u so much for your gift!
We'll cherish it!

S: hmph! Who exactly is this gift from?

K: From all of us. Everybody chipped in.

S: Hmmm... so stingy
You definitely could have afforded a gift each.

T: We could have but decided that this gift is better.
Don't judge it too soon.
You will definitely be satisfied

S: What is it?

T: Open it.

(Sam opened it and only found a couple of pictures)

S: I'm confused. Why would you gift us a picture?

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