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Sam gulped hard.
Looking at Mon's face, she knew she had to act fact or else she would suffer...again

S: Mon, you love me, right?

(Mon looked at Sam, confused
Why does this sound like a trap?
She asked herself.

She was hesitant to respond all the more to Sam, knowing it would lead her right where Sam wanted her.

Mon sighed, she lost.

Seeing Sam's expectant face like this, she really didn't have it in her to ignore her
Tsk! So, in the end, she still reluctantly answered in spite of all the alarm bells warning her not to)

M: More than you will ever know, Sam. Why?
What are you up to?

(Mon looked at Sam sharply.
Seeing this, Sam avoided her gaze and then shook her head left and right while simultaneously holding her hands up as a way to show she was innocent

It was quite a sight, actually.
Sam was immediately denying what was undoubtedly a failed scheme

She had to be thankful she wasn't an actress because she couldn't act to save her life! Hah!

Mon knew she was right. She had to be. Otherwise, Sam wouldn't look like a guilty crook trying to escape a sentence.

She was painfully obvious, and Mon just couldn't help but smile at Sam's silliness)

M: Are you sure you don't want anything?

(Mon was testing her, but in truth, she was simply teasing Sam.

Sam is so silly. She could always just ask me directly.

She should know by now that I'm willing to give anything to her

While on Sam's side
When she heard Mon's words, she was hesitating if she should still pursue this.

She judged that the chances of winning this way were quite low, despite that though, she didn't want to give up the chance before she even tried, so after a minute of silence, decided to continue with her plan)

S: Mon, you know I...I spent my birthday alone last year.
You... You were in the hospital, and I....
I was too depressed worrying about you so... I didn't even realize that the day was over.

(Sam was saying this hesitantly
She was gauging Mon's reactions and was stuttering due to her nerves

On the other end,
Mon's heart started to ache hearing Sam's words.

She was extremely guilty
She didn't want to think about all the pain that Sam had gone through because of her, but now she couldn't get it out of her mind even if she tried.

She was imagining Sam alone in their house on her birthday...

Imagining how hurt she was and if she had a bottle of wine for dinner

She was now remembering how Sam looked the first time they met again...

She was sure Sam skipped one to many meals in the past months that they were apart because of how weak and frail she was then.

Mon's heartstrings tightened even more, and now her eyes were starting to become red and teary.

Seeing this, Sam became extremely guilty, too

She messed up. She knew she did!

Of all the things she could've said, she really had to go this low. Tsk!

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